Cults in our Midst - Margaret Thaler Singer

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  1. Happy Days

    Happy Days Silver Meritorious Patron

    You may or may not consider this essential reading however there were certain points in this article that I/we found helpful and somewhat eye opening as we continue to peel back the layers of indoctrination.

    I apologise in advance if this has already been posted :)
  2. LongTimeGone

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    Sounds familiar :eyeroll:
  3. Jquepublic

    Jquepublic Silver Meritorious Patron

    I read the book this article was excerpted on years ago and found it very helpful. If you haven't check out the book. Much of it directly addresses Scientology's indoctrination process.
  4. Idle Morgue

    Idle Morgue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Thank you for posting this. It is VERY helpful. Part of the healing process for me is to understand how this CULT works, L R H's real biography and his affiliation with Aleistar Crowley (quite a different scene than the events shown at the Org's). I needed to understand just how EVIL and destructive the Church of Scientology truly is.

    Anyone that has been in this Cult has had their lives damaged in some way. There is hope that healing can happen. I found "Cults in our Midst" extremely helpful for me! It really validated my experiences once Out of the Cult of Scientology. It helped me understand that I was vulnerable, I trusted and never could conceive it to be as EVIL as it really is!

    I believe it is important that this site helps us all vent and then share information to help heal the pain caused by the SCAM that is Scientology! Thank you very much!!:heartflower::flowers::flowers2::love11::love8::heartbeat:
  5. Boojuum

    Boojuum Silver Meritorious Patron

    This book was extremely helpful in getting me out. She was a pioneer. And the book is great!

  6. Lermanet_com

    Lermanet_com Banned

    I had the pleasure of meeting, sitting and chatting with Dr Singer for several hours at a conference in 95. (and she was sitting with Dr Jocyln "Jolly" West who was astounding to meet and chat with in his own right). I was totally blown away - (in light of their prior demonization) to find them both to be brilliantly insightful, intensely caring and compassionate human beings...instead of the monsters they were cast as by $cientology..I was honored by Dr singer who had already known of me, and who thanked me, for what I had done to expose scientology... This was shortly after the August 5th 1995 Raid and the resulting media storm LINK

    Dr Margaret Singer PhD, who literally wrote the book on mind control and thought reform, see LINK, in I think 1985, gave a lecture titled

    Coping with Post Cult Trauma

    A copy of that tape from the 15th annual real, original, before the scientology takeover CAN conference is webbed here on Lermanet in the audio directory, in two parts - Part1 Part2

    A mind blowing lecture, by Dr Jolly West who lectures on "Cult Phenomenon - Mental Health, Legal and Religious Implications"
    Audio lecture part ONE - Part TWO

    Both of these tapes were given to by the Bethesda Cult Awareness Network before that local, separately incorporated entity, dissolved the corporation, after the National organization was being taken over by scientology....
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  7. GoNuclear

    GoNuclear Gold Meritorious Patron

    So what's worse ... cults in our midst or gorillas in the mist?

  8. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    That link looks to be broken now.

    The Rick Ross Institute is now the Cult Education Institute and their website is over here:

    And these are all the links at that site having to do with Margaret Singer: (I'm not sure which is the article originally posted in the OP)

    [​IMG] Margaret Singer, a Leading Brainwashing Expert, Dies at 82
    [​IMG] Margaret Singer, 82; Expert on Brainwashing, Cults Testified at 1976 Trial of Patricia Hearst
    [​IMG] Professor Margaret Singer dies at 82
    [​IMG] Margaret Singer -- expert on brainwashing
    [​IMG] Cult expert Margaret Singer dead at 82
    [​IMG] Psych Sleuth
    [​IMG] An interview with Margaret Singer on Undue Influence
    [​IMG] Thought Reform Programs and the
    Production of Psychiatric Casualties

    [​IMG] Mental Health Issues
    [​IMG] Margaret Singer affidavit regarding est
    [​IMG] Brief Amicus Curiae of the American Psychological Association
    [​IMG] Group Psychodynamics and CULTS
    [​IMG] APA Memorandum: Final Draft of Task Force Report
    [​IMG] Report of the APA Task Force on Deceptive and Indirect Techniques of Persuasion and Control
    [​IMG] Coming Out of the Cults
    [​IMG] Coercive Persuasion and the Problems of Ex-Cult Members
    [​IMG] The "Not Me" Myth: Orwell and the Mind
    [​IMG] The Process of Brainwashing, Psychological Coercion, and Thought Reform
    [​IMG] Meditation
    [​IMG] Psychological Persuasion Techniques
    [​IMG] Cults in our Midst: The Threat of Intimidation
    [​IMG] Practical Issues
    [​IMG] Intruding into the Workplace
    [​IMG] How the United States Marine Corps Differs from Cults

  9. the USMC entry is of exceptional interest...

    thanx pitsy...

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