Daily Beast: How Scientology Went After Danny Masterson’s Rape Accusers

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    How Scientology Went After Danny Masterson’s Rape Accusers.

    Daily Beast: How Scientology Went After Danny Masterson’s Rape Accusers


    AMY ZIMMERMAN 07.08.18 12:00 AM ET


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    The Daily Beast has obtained two letters from the mother of one of the actor’s rape accusers sent to Scientology officials that detail what her daughter allegedly went through.

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    Having never seen these letters before, Bixler says she was extremely disturbed after reading the passages pertaining to her alleged sexual assault. “The fact that I now know that David Miscavige knew that Danny Masterson has raped at least two women is just devastating…the Church and the COB David Miscavige KNEW and they did nothing to help Danny or stop him. They should have helped Victim B and me instead of punishing us. They should have driven us to the LAPD and had us report him. Had they done the right thing, he wouldn’t have been able to hurt anyone else.”

    The mother of Victim B ends her January 2004 letter with a desperate plea: “The fate of any young girl going anywhere near Danny lies in our hands, please help me.”

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  2. HelluvaHoax!

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    Tragic situation, how the cult actively attacks rape victims in order to "flow power to" rapists.

    Scientologists have no f*cking idea of how evil Scientology is.

    It's "out reality" and "entheta" and "low toned" to talk about such crimes.

    They are very happy however to ask you (and rape victims for) "your crimes".
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  3. Type4_PTS

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    From a Co$ perspective, two of the biggest crimes in the universe are:

    1) Withholding money from the registrar or other CoS personnel demanding "donations".

    2) Making the Co$ look bad, or what they refer to as an "out-PR" situation. They cover up crimes (by members in good standing) because they believe that ANY criminal act is less destructive then the bad PR created once the police are contacted and the incident becomes public. (As long as they're confident in being able to successfully cover up a crime then this rule applies.)

    This failure to report criminal activity is balanced out though. Per their "scriptures" they manufacture and report crimes which are not real, in order to hurt those who are declared (or undeclared) SP's.

    A celebrity who helps promote Scientology is not going to be reported to the police for rape (or any other crime) by the CoS as long as its clear that the failure to report the incident won't cause bad PR.
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  4. Dave B.

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    The $cientology cult could be viewed as psychotic per their own "scriptures". They usually blame the victim, as they must have done something in the past or a "past life" to "pull it in". According to Hubbard anyone stuck in or on a past incident is psychotic. The cult sure is stuck on blaming the victim, citing past incident(s), etc. So, the $cientology cult is not even in present time regards the crime - in the here and now.

    All they do is attempt to cover it up and say it didn't happen. Delusional.

    Typical of the cult not caring how many people they harm in the here in now in order to achieve their glorious future of a world without war and crime. Odd how declaring war on people and committing crimes against them supposedly will achieve that, uh, you think maybe, just maybe they're full of shit?

    And to put it into the mob/mafia mentality that Miscavige has as the Boss, Danny is a good soldier and a good earner. If you watch the Soprano's or other mob flicks you'll know what that means.
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