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    Hi I am Biz. I am looking for deleted info from this forum on Daniel james Austin Does anyone have evidence this guy was speaking out about Scientology ? He was found deceased in a crab trap in Clearwater after being charged with pedophelia which I know is a tactic sometimes used to discredit outspoken opponents of sviebtology. I am looking to get this info for tony Ortega. It was here at one time. Please help if you can need proof he spoke out against sviebtology before his death
    Hopefully this forum hasn’t been taken over by sviebtology like they grabbed the cult awareness hotline
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    This site's search function is not working correctly at this time, but you can search the site from outside. Open another tab and search like this:

    site: www.forum.exscn.net daniel james austin

    I tried it and it brings up some old threads that look like what you're after. (I didn't read them.)
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    Keep in mind that anyone who has ever been involved in Scientology is fair game to destroy if they find out the truth and disclose to others...that is all Scientology really is - a science of silencing those who know the truth and want to speak out.

    Daniel Austin may have been that type of guy. If anyone knew him and can defend his honor - please post here.

    Keeping that in mind, I found an article:

    ATLANTA—Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Brian D. Lamkin announces, on behalf of the Northwest Georgia Crimes Against Children Task Force, the following arrest:
    Daniel Austin, 56 years old, of Acworth, Georgia, was arrested without incident this afternoon, Friday, August 31, 2012, in Ringgold, Georgia, by the FBI-led Safe Child Task Force agents and officers after he traveled there to meet a minor child for purposes of having sex.
    Austin came to the attention of law enforcement over the Internet, wherein he began a series of “chats” with undercover agents/officers regarding his desire to have sex with a minor child.
    Austin was transported and processed at the Catoosa County Detention Center on state charges of attempted child molestation and violation of the Computer Pornography Act.
    The public should be reminded that the above are merely allegations, and the person is to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    My sources tell me his daughter was Adrian Austin, who worked at Applied Scholastics in Spanish Lake, Missouri for a few years when the Lisa McPherson fiasco was going on....and David Miscavige Miscavige was spending millions and millions of parishoner's money - defending his life for the negligent homicide rap.

    For those of you who do not know - David Miscavige was Lisa McPherson's Case Supervisor.

    Believe it or not, David MIscavige deemed her clear and c/s'd her for the Introspection Rundown - where Scientology was, IMO, after thoroughly reading the Lisa McPherson Trust site and read everything from top to bottom, responsible for her death at the Fort Harrison in Clearwater, FL at the Flag Base. Room 174 at the Fort Harrison.

    Read "Inside Scientology" by Janet Reitman. She did a great job explaining the Lisa McPherson cover up by Scientology Negligent Homicide.

    David Miscavige used the ole Mafia rules and destroyed the Medical Examiner, Joan Wood. He got her to change her opinion from "Negligent Homicide" to died of an embolism. Now - look at her autopsy photos. It looked like the locked her up in the basement at the Fort Harrison in some type of locker where she tried to get out and cock roached bit her little body.

    Lisa McPherson's family wants her autopsy photos out for the public to see so they can know the truth about what Scientology / David Miscavige did to their daughter, neice, sister, friend.

    It is quite a read - HERE: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjygfTkgrDZAhUJsFMKHRt0BeoQFggyMAE&url=http://www.xenu.net/archive/events/lisa_mcpherson/the_trust/&usg=AOvVaw3963eIW8ix4OOzqptaP0ho

    Miscavige was busy destroying and ruining the life of the Medical Examiner - Joan Wood - who cited Scientology with Negligent Homicide. Scientology used "fair game" on Joan Wood and she ended up quiting and fading away into cancer and death - much like Scientologist's used fair game on others who dare speak out.

    This one was going to take Scientology down so Miscavige was successful in his criminal acts to cover up the truth using our money and slave labor.



    David MIscavige had to hide the so called "friends of Lisa" (who worked with her) from the lawsuit...so they hid them out at Apps in Missouri.

    Some of Lisa's friends were Keri Lee, Benetta Slaughter and Craig Burton - according to the Lisa McPherson Trust documents (actual recorded interviews with detectives and police). They were deep in the bowels working and getting paid...at Applied Scholastics - hiding from detectives so they did not have to "tell all".

    I don't know if Adrian Austin was involved with the Lisa McPherson Flap / Murder / Homicide but my sources tell me she worked at Apps with these people and she was quite obnoxiously arrogant, much like her co workers... that are busy clearing the planet of sanity.

    She was working in New York City at that Org until she disappeared from Social Media and the world altogether when Dan Austin's decomposing body was found in Clearwater

    Who knows - maybe Daniel Austin was speaking out from the cult and they made this up to frame him...

    It would not be the first time the cult has manufactured lies to discredit those WHO KNOW the truth about Scientology.
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    Not on the big list (see my sig) so if he indeed spoke out about it that would be news to me. :)
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    I believe his son is Grayson Austin of MGE in Clearwater, on staff.