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    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman

    My name is Howard Dickman and I am the co-author of Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch's on-line biography. I am currently working on David Mayo's on-line biography. The difference, this time, is that I am creating his bio totally off line until I have it finished, at which time I will post it. Yvonne's was found out about prior to our intended announcement.

    Much of David Mayo's life has already been posted here and there on the internet. I have cut and pasted about 95 pages of material from which to draw from. However there are just a few things that I have not found, thus this new thread.

    I am hoping to find the date of his divorce from Merrill and then the date and place of his marriage to Julia.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    Howard Dickman

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