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Discussion in 'Leaving Scientology' started by FizzledReligion, Jan 13, 2017.

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  1. Enthetan

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    Even back in the 1980's, there were people in executive positions who I personally thought were not qualified to manage a McDonald's. And I include myself in that characterization at the time.

    Scientology was not staying afloat BECAUSE of LRH's brilliant management skills, but rather IN SPITE OF management. Scientology was kept running, in spite of enormous waste and mismanagement, because so many people were willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for it, and so the level of waste did not threaten the viability of the operation.
  2. Veda

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    Sounds like you were a "Book One" Dianetic auditor. Did you use a meter?

    In the old days, being a "Dianetic auditor" meant one had completed the "Hubbard Standard Dianetics Course," which was a long course, and was passed after doing a certain amount of auditing on a "pc," and receiving a certain number of "Well Dones" or "Very Well Dones," then taking a 100 question exam and successfully C/Sing - IIRC - three folders.

    This changed when Hubbard introduced "fast flow" and "method four word clearing," which resulted in everyone having a preoccupation with having a floating needle.

    Before this, and after this, Hubbard had ordered all sorts of things to be done, or not done. The overall pattern was the one described by "first real Clear," soon to be declared by Hubbard as an "SP," John McMaster, of creating an "assembly line" where "square ball bearings" could be made into "round ball bearings."

    That said, only just-walked-in-the-door "raw meat" expected that Dianetic auditing was going to do the things claimed in "Book One." Dianetics was mainly about "handling" drug craving and drug "somatics," and maybe a grief engram or that sort of thing, and was mainly just something one needed to do before doing the "Lower Grades," which was something that one needed to do before doing "Power Processing," "R6EW," and the "Clearing Course," which was something that one needed to do before doing the "OT levels."

    With relatively low expectations for Dianetics, it was easy to have "wins."

    And R3R (the Dianetics procedure) was kind of neat. People "ran" some real incidents and a lot of imaginary incidents, and it didn't matter, as the e-meter faithfully responded as we had been told it would, and the "pcs" were happy enough - since they "got to run past lives." They also had to complete their Dianetic auditing before they could move on to Grade Zero, Grade One, etc., etc., etc.

    The basic function of what is called "auditing" is essentially asking a simple question, or giving a simple direction, and watching and listening, and acknowledging. By itself, it can sometimes be helpful.

    The key words are "by itself."

    With Scientologists, this simple action, which is potentially beneficial, but seldom or ever miraculous, is surrounded by abundant significance and the expectation of MORE.

    The person received a little "auditing" and feels pretty good, then looks at the towering "Grade Chart" and goes, "Wow! If this was good, then the rest must be tremendous!"

    Blanket negative statements about an, in and of itself, essentially benign activity, an activity that's used as a kind of neutral medium and also used as a lead-in to a mind-control cult, usually aren't effective in inoculating a person from involvement, or extricating a person who is involved.

    I've "audited" people - without a meter - who had no idea what I was doing, and they did feel better as a result.

    Even elementary Dianetic procedure can sometime be helpful, but it's not so great that one should surrender his mind - or bank account, or credit cards - to receive it.

    And Scientology, by Hubbard's design, is about people surrendering their minds.
  3. PirateAndBum

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    Given the current state of affairs what condition would apply? Non-Existence say?

    Find a comm line -- hmm, well we've got a billion dollars so I imagine we could find a few.

    Find out what is needed and wanted? OTs?

    Do produce/present it? oh, um, hmm.....

    Well let's try a different formula...


    Fuck, we're screwed here.... ok


    Um, no still screwed.

    Enemy, maybe

    Aw hell, never been able to figure that one out..


    OK, let's give it a go. A group that lies, extorts egregious amounts of money and wreaks families for the purported promise of Pie In The Sky, Shit strike that.

    damn it!


    Earth, Teegeeaack, Prison Planet

    TA is now at 6.5 needle stuck. I must be doing something wrong...

    Maybe Amprinistics....
  4. afaceinthecrowd

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    A few years back I put a handful of detailed Posts dissecting "Green Tech" and giving my First Hand take re: Scns "Management" Strata and El Ron's "Leadership".

    One of the points I made at that time was along the lines of your forgoing Post.

    Another point I made--to me the fundamental reason--was that Scn stayed afloat in the "Old Days" and currently because it pays no taxes, uses "Religious Cloaking" to exploit its' members and operates with slave labor.

    Take away those elements and Scn is Toast in short order...Just paying staff Minimum Wage would probably make the whole operation go into negative cash flow.

  5. Enthetan

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    If an org was suddenly required to pay staff what a regular company would have to pay, I doubt the org would survive more than a week or two.
  6. aurabass

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    Still the COB has 3 Billion in assets, 3/4,000 SEA ORG slaves, and at least 20/30 thousand followers. That kind of backup that can never be exposed to Truth through the internet or contact outside the 'church', puts time on DM's side. The current wave of damaging attack led by GOING CLEAR and AFTERMATH as well as the books from disaffected execs all have a shelf life significantly shorter than 3 billion and the SO slaves.

    Attention now shifts to Asia and Russia in the quest for new victims. In 5 to 10 years when the 10 to 15-year-olds of today are approached by the 'faithful' here in the USA who warns them? Is current decline temporary? :nervous:

    ORGS across the US, Europe, and Australia are failing & income is drying up, but 3/4k virtual slaves run the 'church' for $3.00 a day per person for food in housing internally maintained. Return on 3 Billion invested can sustain that core indefinitely, and from what I read here that core cannot be reached with the truth.

    DM the COB/SOB will live in luxury as dictator for as long as he wishes OR until someone comes up with a plan to remove him from power. Until that happens DM is a CLEAR and Present Danger to someone's sons and daughters - good gullible kids seeking direction with a will to do good. How do we free the slaves and protect future victims? DM's capacity to damage lives lives on.:angry: Is there nothing more pro-active to be done?
  7. Dave B.

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    3 Billion in assets? Is that all? Seems a rather paltry amount taking into account all the misery they've caused. Ferpetessake, Ferdinand Marcos reportedly skimmed 5 to 6 billion off his gig as Philippine dictator. You mean $cientology with all it's vaunted "teque" can't top a two-bit dictator. Amateurs.

  8. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    I started reading Caroline link including Part B The War links and found this tidbit:

    Essential Information Every Scientologist Should Know, written Nov 24, 1963

    specifically this:

    The amount of lies from this group is astonishing, and this lie from 1963 b/4 KSW.

  9. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    Let's not forget "Opportunity Cost". It's one thing to focus on how little staff are paid, but the Median Income is between 40 to 75k depending on the state so whatever the lost opportunity is that a staff member transfers to the Church is much more important. I'd also add that it is likely a staff member will take a much longer time to recover lost ground and get their income up to a normal level proportionate with the amount of time spent on staff.
  10. Gib

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    scientology per hubbard is making the able more able, I guess that means more able to make money, afterall, hubbard said once one goes up the bridge, one is able to earn more. Is this true?

    I wonder if Terril Park is able to earn more money? Not just mere explaining success stories?

    What about staff members, why they are apart of the greatest technology know to man as the admin PL's, and even the HCOB's, why if one studies those things, why one should become able beyond able?
  11. This is good food for thought. There's a potential for the co$ to maintain a static balance, if not grow in new geographic areas, despite the forces against it. Hopefully, DM will continue to misplay his evil cards and lose more staff than he can recruit.
  12. Freeminds

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    You have to keep in mind that Miscavige's Scientology cult isn't about clearing the planet. He's not interested in membership, as long as their are enough dupes to fill Sea Org berths in his immediate vicinity.

    The purpose of modern-day Scientology is to extract money from the 'whales'. The whales are schmoozed during visits to celebrity centres where they receive their psychic blow-job ("auditing") and they attend stage-managed events and get sent news of vulture ministers doing silly things in disaster areas.

    Scientology makes its money from donations from the whales. Whether a few thousand publics buy a set of books or pay for an occasional sub-standard psychic blow-job of their own is of no real interest: far too much hassle, compared to simply creating a new level called "Super-dooper Platinum Diamond Humanitarian" and raking in $250,000 for the cost of a certificate in a tacky frame.

    Members keep doing awkward things like getting pregnant, getting cancer, having family members blow, getting arrested... far simpler to keep Scientology small. As long as there's enough members left to make events appear somewhat attended, and to staff celebrity centres, DM's not bothered about the undeniable shrinkage of the Scientology UFO cult.
  13. Thetaman

    Thetaman Patron

    last I saw of Pat he looked like he was on coke and alcohol. Let's let him stay hidden.
  14. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    that sounds like an effort to keep Pat from speaking out. Got any proof of what you say? Namely last you saw him he was on coke and alcohol?
  15. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    I suppose he could do the sweat-out narconon program then come out with a success story under 30 million words. That might give OSA some problems in approving it.
  16. Gizmo

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    The membership of the cult is like the Titanic once it left the surface.

    Even downtown Clearwater has started to look rather devoid of SO uniforms compared to what it was in years past.

    But, hey, look at the bright side : number of dust particles off old films is straight up & vertical !
  17. This sounds reasonable. I just hope the numbers keep going down.
  18. Gizmo

    Gizmo Rabble Rouser

    It would seem as their ranks shrink as drastically have they have that the point will come when they can't really adequately staff the orgs enough to keep the doors open.

    Big printing presses have to have something to print & people to run the joint.

    So internal staff is - or will become - an issue.

    A big deal is - also - that' raw meat' coming through the front door. While there is currently cash in the coffers & whales pop down with big bucks - the hordes are no longer in the orgs buying services.

    Just seems the cash flow has got to be down drastically & there will be a point they can't afford to keep the show on the road.

    How close it ?

    Or am I delusional & things are going just swell to keep the leader in the style of the rich & famous he loves to have ?