Director Paul Haggis pens an open letter to Marty Rathbun after Scientology’s latest smear

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    There is a new post up at the Underground Bunker

    Director Paul Haggis pens an open letter to Marty Rathbun after Scientology’s latest smear

    [Paul Haggis and Leah Remini]

    Yesterday, we received this remarkable piece of writing from Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis. His appearance on this week’s Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath resulted in, predictably, a full-throated attack from the Church of Scientology. But something in that attempt to smear him stunned Haggis.[.......]

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  2. Emma

    Emma Mother of Dragons Administrator

    Wow! Rathbun has again been proven to have handed over personal & sensitive emails to the Church. This time from Paul Haggis. What a piece of shit Marty Rathbun is. Read the article. It's dynamite.
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  3. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor


    That's a whole lotta intrigue! As Paul H. speculated, it might theoretically be possible that:

    a) COS hacked Marty's encrypted e-mails, or:​

    b) Marty went all cyber-thug and volunteered his (former) friends e-mails.
    I'll add one more possibility:

    c) Mosey went all: "I'm-settling-this-insane-bullshit-once-and-for-all-and-I-don't-give-a-shit-about-Scientology-or-your-fucking-Scientologist-friends-so-here's-Marty's-password-now-give-me-a-check-and-I-never-want-to-hear-from-all-you-evil-creeps-again!"
    But, truthfully, if either "a" or "c" were true, then Marty Rathbun would not have (again) become an attack dog for the COS (Crimewave of Scientology) and made all those creepy, lying Fair Game videos against all the good folks who formerly gave him their trust, friendship and help, financial and otherwise.

    Seems Marty is stuck with his "Scientology Warrior" role. All those years he blogged about his integrity and pounded his chest about how he would never be compromised by the COS---well that was all a sad joke by a pathetic cult clown who can't tell right from wrong.

    I am not hoping for it, but I would guess this is about the point in this tragic play's third act where horrific consequences befall the delusionally flawed protagonist--as reality roars and strikes back.
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  4. ILove2Lurk

    ILove2Lurk Lisbeth Salander

    Being I know a thing or two about computers and hacking (e.g., Mikael Blomkvist laptop), I'd speculate Marty's computer could have been hacked and his email account(s) compromised. Sure. Even hushmail. Send a courier to an Eastern European country with a bag of American hundreds, hire a "Russian hacker" with NSA-grade snooping tools, and there you go.

    Could be an ultimately suicidal move though for the 503c non-profit, if discovered and made public. Revealing the hitherto secret names “Collero” and “Lightning” would be too blatant of a clue of a hack having been committed.

    So I put my money on Marty having handed over everything on everybody. Pay for play.

    This is a situation where the word "deplorables" actually fits. :coolwink:
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  5. anonomog

    anonomog Gold Meritorious Patron

    Miscavige has written the third act. He's been honing it for 13 years. There is no way he will let his chance to utterly humiliate and ruin Rathbun as publicly as possible. At the very least he will have no possibility of ever leading a normal, happy family life, at the worst, who knows what long torturous degradation awaits. Miscavige doesn't strike me as a forgive and forget type of guy. I almost feels sorry for him. Almost.

    That is, if we haven't been further duped and find out that Rathbun had never left. Did he purposefully make himself look not too tightly wrapped in Going clear? How much of a moron was he really, did he honestly believe my scientology movie would be about him? Oh, come on. Only new borns and guests on Jerry Springer would be that oblivious.
    What about all those secrets he promised to tell, but never did? Doesn't have to wait for the right time now, does he? Now he spills it all as long as it benefits the church.
    Were the head cam squirrel busters a scripted flash mob?
    Why was there a mass exodus from all things Shack? He went from hero guru to zero guru very fast. it is hard to believe it was simply about philosophical differences.
    Did all the supposed trips to the fbi come to nothing because Rathbun himself, did not make for a credible source?
    Did he have any intention of carrying through with the lawsuit? He wasn't losing anything either way.

    This is complete conjecture. I haven't the slightest idea of what is real or not. Hasn't stopped me wondering though.

    My other thought was he simply went insane. He, the greatest scientology warrior ever, got mocked for his books, humiliated in movies and constantly hammered for his blog. His ego cracked. Scientology can help him with that. Specifically a scientology deal. Would seem ideal. Revenge on everyone who has wronged him and a nest egg. You would have to be insane to believe that a few videos would be the whole deal.
  6. Knows

    Knows Gold Meritorious Patron

    Watch "My Scientology Movie" by Louis Theroux - watch Marty...he "tells all" as Louis poked at him for being "the enforcer".

    Marty says "You know I am unemployable" to Louis after Louis asked Marty if he did terrible things to critics (or something along those lines)

    He just bought a house after he "fired his attorney's"...worth $300,000

    Where is Ray Jeffrey and his suit to make Marty "Show Me the Money"???

    His lawsuit against Marty to get Marty to "show the money" sort of dried up after he filed it incorrectly (Man Whistling in the Air)....and the Judge shut it down....

    Was Ray Jeffrey and his other attorney's part of this too?

    We are, after all, dealing with the Mafia of Religions - Scientology and the thug leader - David Miscavige.
  7. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor


    Marty serves a useful purpose in the decades-old war (Scn vs. Freedom) and the COS' fanatical crusade to conquer the world with its cruel socio-political-economic-religious hoax. I'll digress just for a moment to clarify...

    Scientology is a very unique and bizarre amalgam of Communism & the Free Market System. It grants temporary and conditional rights to certain members to operate in the Free Market System--so long as they "earn" and "kick up" cash to the boss, just like the mafia socioeconomic model. A full 80% of Scientology is full-blown Communist in philosophy and function, where all labor, goods, assets and wealth are coercively owned by the "state" (church). The 20% represents the cult's hypocritical furlough of certain members to exit the system (think "day pass" for prisoners) to go to work in the Free Enterprise portions of the culture, so that they can earn as many dollars as humanly possibly to bring back to their Commisars so that it can be appropriated and kicked up flowed up lines.

    Scientologists are thereby reduced to lap dogs who daily play a game of "fetch" with their owners, money being the object that they are meticulously trained to sniff out and retrieve.

    In this way, and countless others, Scientology is fighting a desperate war to commandeer not only all goods, services and capital, they are effectively plundering individuals' and societal freedoms wherever they exist--whilst proudly carrying Orwellian "Total Freedom" banners in their never-ending parades.

    Phew! Had to get that out of my system, LOL.

    Now, back to sad clown Marty, and where he fits into this deranged ecosystem.

    Radical political movements need "acceptable truths" so that the public doesn't catch on to what they are doing until it is too late. Examples abound throughout history of the stealth strangulation of a culture's or country's freedoms, while supporters cheer and believe that the party only wants to export kindness, equality, justice and human rights to the world. Dare I say it? LOL. The ultra-left-wing portions of the American Democratic party have been hijacking that political instrument in a Kamikaze death dive into socialism--and eventually communism. The "leaders" of the party turn a blind eye to the violent anarchists that do their bidding in the streets under the banner of ANTIFA. Having a militaristic goon squad to silence opposition and intimidate the populace into passivity is standard fare for maniacal dictators on the rise. (Hitler? Brown-Shirts?)

    This is the moment in the play where Rathbun makes his appearance on stage.

    Marty is ANTIFA on behalf of the Church of Scientology. Antifa claims to be "anti-fascist" while employing all manner of violent terrorist fascist tactics on a daily basis. This is identical to Scientology's claim of wanting "Total Freedom", while destroying and/or commandeering any freedoms within their sphere of influence.

    Rathbun remains the cult's deranged propagandist, sociopathic liar du jour, goon and attack dog. Without the "religion" having to ever admit to it publicly. This is the identical role he played within the cult for 3 decades. He does what the party proper cannot afford to do (for PR reasons) but must nevertheless be done if dissenters are to be quietly disposed of without sorrow.

    I don't count on there ever being a satisfactory answer to WHY Rathbun has chosen to disgrace & degrade himself like this. Perhaps it is money, perhaps not. Recall, he voluntarily donated 30 years of his life to cult thuggery without any financial rewards whatsoever. Why do fanatical Jihadis blow themselves up? Not for financial gain.

    The only thing I can confidently state about Rathbun is that he is a known USER and ABUSER of people. He seemed to break the lifelong pattern for a few short blogging years, but even then he never abandoned the dogmatic degradation of any who dared to disagree with him.

    If I was forced to predict how all this Rathbun madness ends, I would bet the house on this. . .


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  8. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor

    [QUOTE="anonomog, post: 1153191--snipped--

    My other thought was he simply went insane. He, the greatest scientology warrior ever, got mocked for his books, humiliated in movies and constantly hammered for his blog. His ego cracked. Scientology can help him with that. Specifically a scientology deal. Would seem ideal. Revenge on everyone who has wronged him and a nest egg. You would have to be insane to believe that a few videos would be the whole deal.[/QUOTE]

    If I was speculating, I'd say the "Scientology Warrior" cracked.

    He was depressed after leaving the COS and his wife loyally stuck with him, helping/facilitating him to undertake a therapeutic purpose (re-connecting with ex-Scientolgists, starting his blog & delivering the "Bridge to Total Freedom" auditing/training to Ex-Scientologists).

    Now he's deranged. Will she stick with him again, in the hopes that he somehow stops lying and harming yet more innocent victims?

    She appears to be a pretty smart and independent individual, so it seems unlikely. (yeah, okay, I know I am going to hell for saying that, but send me a copy of the KR anyways, LOL)
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  9. NoName

    NoName A Girl Has No Name

    Did you get the sense that Paul Haggis made a veiled threat at Buns of Wrath?

    The popcorn futures are at an all time high today. I think you're right, but the real question is how this is going to play out and what collateral damage will be caused.

    This morning, I called everyone I knew who posted their resignation letters on Marty's blog (back when it was in fashion) to tell them they've likely been ratted out. Most of them were out of fucks to give, fortunately.
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  10. clamicide

    clamicide Gold Meritorious Patron

    It really is true that nothing in cultland surprises me any more. I don't have the will or much desire to spend too much time or conjecture how Marty wound up where he is, or how he got there. It seems that with so many of the stories, you can follow the story line and it often winds up with the same result despite the meanderings it may take. Who is fucking with who? Who is fucking who over? It's all parts of cult all in the cluster-fuck that seems to never end.

    If Marty was 'never out', it seems like a weird conspiracy. I'm lucky that I don't just jump down those kind of rabbit holes after being in the cult--because often in the cult, the WEIRDEST stuff and evil crud goes down that seems like sheer lunacy. From different times and tales in OSA--I've talked to folks who knew of other folks who 'thought' that the others were on certain ops, and those were all smoke-screens. Just some of the things I heard were so convoluted and dovetailed with folks at OSA who thought they knew most everything coming out and finding out that there were shore stories thrown about at each other. It was insanity. So--when it comes to cult stuff, when I see something that big and weird I go "Yep. I could see it".... eh?

    Evil cult is evil and they will use whoever or whatever to carry out as much as that evil as possible.

    I do know that in the past operatives infiltrated groups that helped cult victims to get info. They would mostly 'help' by rescuing victims from other cults and when it seemed like they weren't sending any Scios--they would get a person who had only done a little bit and feed them to the group as part of their cover. Scientologists have been given false declares in order to go out and spy and then come back with some false ethics handle (and 'handles' even done at a local org that had no idea this was a person who was actually on an op). Confidential commendations and such then go to ethics files for certain eyes only and part of the promise (I didn't see actual confirmation on whether the promises were fulfilled) that these accolades would be counted and used as pluses for OT Elig.

    It sucks they still do this. Unfortunately, I expect it. I'm always joyful when another one of us finds the tunnel out -- but, damn do those fuckers want to make our lives miserable for eternity.
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  11. ILove2Lurk

    ILove2Lurk Lisbeth Salander

    . . .
    From a Corpus Christi TV station [couple weeks ago]

    According to the local newsman, a fraternal order of seafarers, the Sea Org, sent out a rescue mission from its advanced nautical training facility, curiously referred to as The Hole, to rescue one of its former commanding officers, Mark “Marty” Rathbun of Ingleside on the Bay.

    Captain Norman Starkey, Marc Yager, and Guillaume Lesevre, retired ship’s officers, were recalled into service to risk rising waters to help Marty out of his home. Apparently, Marty had a critical video project he needed to get back to filming in Los Angeles. Marty’s family had left town in advance of the storm and was safe.

    When interviewed, Marty said he expected to be posting many more videos soon and apologized to his legions of fans and followers around the world for the filming interruption. He hoped to back at the SMP Studios in Hollywood in the next few weeks.


    Too soon? :shrug: :innocent:
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  12. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor


    If the Scientology "Experience" is any predictor of events, I would conclude that about 98% of what appears to be true with Rathbun (at the beginning of any given time period) turns out to be 100% false by the end of it.

    Perhaps, in this sense, Rathbun is a true Scientologist--who (like Hubbard) expediently says absolutely anything and then betrays the living shit out of everyone in the end.

    Ergo, if Ron is the Ideal Scientologist, then Marty Rathbun is too!

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  13. ThetanExterior

    ThetanExterior Gold Meritorious Patron

    What I don't understand is why Marty is keeping his blog up and running.

    It can't be an OSA intelligence-gathering operation because there are only a handful of people who post comments there. The vast majority of ex-scientologists now know that Marty isn't trustworthy.

    I also can't imagine he sees it as a way to defend his reputation. His postings just show him to be a vicious thug trying to fight against everyone who crosses his path.

    Maybe DM enjoys having another line of attack open to him so he's contracted Marty to keep it going?
  14. NoName

    NoName A Girl Has No Name

    Maybe he's regging Alanzo for Shitstained Patron Victimorious status?
  15. anonomog

    anonomog Gold Meritorious Patron

    Marty seems a little put out by the open letter at .


    Small snippet from the above link...​
    My highlighting.

    Then a short excerpt from The Shack
    Paul Haggis was calm, precise but very deliberately pushed buttons.

    IMO the entire open letter was to make the following publicly known:​
    My highlight again.
    Little wonder Rathbun had a meltdown.

    Dude, it is GAME OVER. Trying to convince people that the giraffe you have on a leash is a great dane is bizarre. Shouting that you are a victim of rabid anti-dog discrimination when your great dane has just stripped all the leaves off the top branches of the people's thorn tree is unhinged.

    Talking of unhinged.
    Question: How did those emails land up on the cult's websites?
    Nearest thing to an answer:

  16. Lurker5

    Lurker5 Gold Meritorious Patron

    Hey, this is new and I love it :fuckoff:. I wish I could use this on Marty's blog.
  17. tesseract

    tesseract Patron with Horrors

    Or this:


    (Too derogatory to ever use it here anyways, but someone might as well put it to good use somewhere else. :biggrin: )

    Attached Files:

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  18. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor


    ANSWER: Same reason Marty once commanded others to "Lose it!" when illegally tampering with evidence (the Daily Logs) and having same destroyed in the Lisa McPherson criminal/civil actions. To criminally shield & protect his crime syndicate boss and all of the COS (Crimewave of Scientology) black ops and Fair Game terrorism that ensures Scientology "keeps working" towards the achievement of its senior purpose & singular goal:


    Marty, then as now, does not need to directly defend the cruel hoax that is Scientology, he only need muddy the evidential waters sufficiently that civil/criminal justice seeking bloodhounds are thrown off the scent and trail of fleecing, fleeing cowards like Hubbard, Miscavige and their felonious collaborators. Marty's BLOG is now littered by so much toxic contradiction, tortured rhetorical clownery and "provable bullshit" that (like a neutron bomb) all life forms within the ecosystem are destroyed, however the buildings and structures remain undamaged and in place.

    In this way, Rathbun eliminates himself as any threat to the cult's diabolical donor-duping designs. Neither the COS nor the "ASC" dares use his laughably impeachable "testimony" from any point in the past. Ergo, the entire body of everything Rathbun has ever said, blogged, written or testified to (on film or in court) is rendered "uninhabitable" real estate and thereby inert.

    Rathbun, for most of his adult life, has been an obstructionist thug who lies, alters history and/or destroys fact-finding forensics "without remorse". That's how he has always earned his living. Lying and cheating others.

    Nothing has changed, this is how Rathbun and his mentors (Hubbard, Miscavige) make money. Simple! Hey, don't make me come down there and repost "AN ODE TO L. RON HUBBARD" again! LOL
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  19. JackStraw

    JackStraw Silver Meritorious Patron

    Methinks Marty's overt doth speak loudly in accusation...:depressed:


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