Do CoS Use Hypnosis to Make Dianetics and OT Auditing Addictive?

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Demented Hubbatd, Oct 26, 2017.

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  1. Demented Hubbatd

    Demented Hubbatd Patron with Honors

    I have read several stories written by former Scientologists, who complain about being addicted to Scientology auditing. I have no reason to disbelieve their stories, although I have a different auditing experience.

    Personally, I received only 20 minutes of Dianetics auditing, which is, obviously, not enough to develop an addiction. But I had delivered almost 500 hours of Dianetics auditing to my WOG friends. My auditing was based on Volumes I and II of Dianetics Series; public Scientologists rejected my services because I was at the very bottom of the Bridge chart. None of my friends had developed a Dianetics auditing addiction.

    Last year I found some interesting data that could possibly explain the auditing addiction phenomenon.

    A woman, whose name was withheld by the media for privacy reasons, had several meetings with her lawyer, Michael W. Fine. After the meetings she discovered that she couldn't remember parts of their conversation. She brought a recording device to one of the meetings and found out that she was hypnotized and sexually abused by Fine. Eventually, Fine was arrested, plead guilty and received jail term.

    Here is a link to the story

    To me this story was a complete surprise -- before reading it I thought that a person cannot be hypnotized without their consent.

    CoS could have used similar techniques to make auditing an addiction. That would require specially trained auditors, a regular Dianetics auditor doesn't have the required skills. But nothing would stop the cult from harming its members in the name of the money.

    Not all people could be hypnotized, that would explain why not all Scientologists became addicted to Scientology auditing.
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  2. strativarius

    strativarius Comfortably Numb

    I think the idea that the CofS was using hypnosis in the manner you suggest is a little far-fetched IMO. In order to have made any significant effect on the income it would have had to be going on on a large scale, and no mention of anything like this sort of operation has ever been posted here to my knowledge, and there are plenty of people here who would have been in a good position to know all about it if it was going on.
  3. ThetanExterior

    ThetanExterior Gold Meritorious Patron

    I had over 50 hours of Dianetic auditing plus hundreds of hours of Scientology auditing, both metered and unmetered. I was never addicted to it and I think the idea of anyone being addicted to it is a myth.

    I also trained for hundreds of hours to be a Class V auditor and Case Supervisor and I have no idea how to hypnotize anyone.

    This "hypnosis" idea seems to be something that just comes up when there is nothing sensible to discuss.
  4. pineapple

    pineapple Patron Meritorious

    I don't think auditing is addictive, nor do I think auditing uses hypnosis directly in the way you suggest.

    I DO think dianetic auditing is indirectly hypnotic, in that the pc is encouraged to fantasize and these fantasies are then treated by the auditor as if they were reality. After many many hours of this it impairs the pc's ability to distinguish fantasy from reality and makes him more suggestible. I think Hubbard knew what he was doing here and that's why he gradually increased the amount of dianetics required to get up the bridge. From one F/N on secondaries and one on engrams in the late 60's, to Standard Dns in 1969 (with the pc only required to run items he was interested in); then in the early 70's the "full drug r/d," where ALL drug items had to be run regardless of interest, which could go on for hundreds of hours. I believe this is deliberate brainwashing, with the EP of making Hubbard the ultimate Source, the ultimate authority on everything.

    "All men will be my slaves!" Nyah-ha-ha!
  5. Demented Hubbatd

    Demented Hubbatd Patron with Honors

    It could be far-fetched, as you say. When I read the newspaper article about Fine, my thought was that this use of hypnosis could explain why some OTs claim that they recalled being brought to the Earth and thrown into a volcano. Under normal circumstances the content of a hallucination is unpredictable. But if it comes as a result of post-hypnotic suggestion, its content could be preprogrammed. Anyway, this is just a hypothesis, not a theory
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  6. Demented Hubbatd

    Demented Hubbatd Patron with Honors

    A person whose screen name is Wieber, wrote at OCMB post that he was addicted to Dianetics auditing and wasted tons of money on it. At first I thought that he was an oddity. But then I read several posts at WWP whose authors claimed that they were addicted to Scientology auditing. That got my attention, and I thought that there must be a reasonable explanation of this addiction. The other possible explanation is that these people preconditioned themselves in such way that the auditing maked them feel great. Frankly, I don't know which hypothesis is correct.

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