'Don't bring kids into it': CCHR targets NSW schools with drug claims

Discussion in 'Scientology Front Groups and Alliances' started by Free to shine, Jul 20, 2017.

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    This is actually good news. :clap:

    'Don't bring kids into it': Scientologists target NSW schools with drug claims

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    Oooh, they got the same reaction in Victoria too.


  3. Churchill

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    LOL, why? because "psychiatry" caused the Holocaust? and 9/11?
    And Dianetics and Scientology are based upon Hubbard's "pinks and grey" research!
    Ruesday at 2 is coming...
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    They're so disgusting when you know what they're really up to...

    Bring in kids that are on drugs aka already in ruin aka easy to control

    Treating them with niacin aka treating their body thetans to prep them for ot3


    Same thing with psychiatric treatment

    Kids that already have a ruin and need help but they stop them from getting real or medical help

    And they refuse "illegal PC's" and don't offer any solution without begging for more money than most parents can afford, without a mortgage or credit card... But that's ok they'll help you with that
  5. I've had family get put on drugs. They would change the prescription every two months, they seemed pretty normal as kids but became every difficult to handle as they aged. One in particular was so dependent that he had to get completely flushed out more than once, each time he would end up foaming at the mouth and taken to the hospital. Says he's been doing shrooms, mdma, sure looks like it and constantly smells like a skunk.
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    That would be a very strange idea. Think about it "a school being run by psychiatry". A logical consequence of that idea for many people would be that it is a school where you are learning psychiatry. It would be a place where doctors are educated. It is a ridiculous idea to think of that in a public school. Thus I doubt that many people would actually believe that the schools are run by psychiatry.

    Well, I know that that is not what the CCHR propaganda is about. I get the idea that the propaganda seems to be about an idea that psychiatrists are running the show, actually dictating what is going on in public schools or even in the whole society or something like that. I think it is needless to say that psychiatrists have other things to be concerned about than that.

    A Scientology doctrine seems to be a belief that all psychiatrists are united and/or a belief that psychiatry is a big cult of people who all agree to the same doctrines or something of that nature. At least that is how it appears in which case it seems as if CCHR is fighting a generality that doesn't align with reality.

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    Scientology sends M-rated anti-psychiatry DVD to primary schools in Victoria, Australia.

    ABC AU: Scientology sends M-rated anti-psychiatry DVD to primary schools in Victoria, Australia


    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *


    Scientologists send M-rated anti-psychiatry DVD to primary schools

    By Loretta Florance

    Posted 29 minutes ago

    The Victorian Government has advised principals to ignore materials sent from the Church of Scientology, after primary schools received a DVD and pamphlets warning of the dangers of psychiatrists and antidepressants.

    The church sent the "glossy material" and an M-rated DVD titled Psychiatry: Friend or Foe? to schools in Victoria and New South Wales.

    Principal of Glen Park Primary School Tony Shaw told ABC Radio Melbourne it was not immediately clear the material came from the church.

    "You've got to look at the fine print. [The letterhead] says Citizens Committee on Human Rights Inc," he said.

    "Just under there it says 'established 1969 by the Church of Scientology to investigate and expose psychiatric violations of human rights'."

    Victorian Education Minister James Merlino said he was confident the material would be thrown out.

    "Our teachers and principals receive information sent to them from a wide variety of groups and organisations," he said.

    "Principals are education professionals. We trust that they are able to choose correctly what information is useful for their school and I am confident this would be thrown in the bin."

    'Bizarre' to target schools

    Mr Shaw said the letter suggested the DVD be shown to staff and parents.

    "I think it's bizarre that they choose to pursue their feud with psychiatry in the state education system," he said.

    "I've seen documentaries about Scientology ... so I'm aware of their issues with psychiatry, they seem to believe that they have competing interests, although psychiatry is based on centuries of medical and clinical facts and Scientology isn't.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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    This story is making radio news as well - jumped into a bus today to move it and this story was the first in the 11 o'clock bulletin:biggrin:

    Hubbard' superior PR Tehc at work, folks !!!:yes: