Dreams during Scientology

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by guRl, Apr 9, 2014.

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  1. Mimsey Borogrove

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    I think the most consistent dream I had was of a city - it had freeways that I would drive on, or streets to bicycle around in. It had business sections, residential sections, I would frequently start going somewhere and never get there. The dream city was very vivid, and I used to use it as a tool to fall asleep - particularly when at Flag on a 6 mos refersher where I had to get 8 hrs to be sessionable - I normally slept around 6 or 7 hrs. I would start thinking or replaying it in my head to get back to sleep and soon be out. Another one was skiing. Those were always fun but seemed to be of night skiing or the snow would be crapy with a lot of bare spots.

    As I type these words I am struck as to how fitting those dreams were to my Scientology experience. I never thought of it at the time. Then it was an interesting theme that I thought may have had whole track origins, due to the apparent familiarity of the local though being some place I had never been this life time.

  2. guRl

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    Amazing, Mimsey!
    Those dreams of driving through a complex city scape, and skiing through less than optimum snow, really do sound like a sort of metaphor to how you (maybe) processed your experience.
  3. Dilettante

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    Mild public here, my dreams during scio definitely had a flavor. A few had me toothless! Teeth falling out and soft and some just broken and useless. In one toothless dream i got in trouble for wanting to fix it. Another recurring dream would invovle me losing or missplacing my car...i felt constantly behind or lost and left behind and annoyed because if I had just stayed near my car I would have been fine. One nightmare at the end had me on a freeway with two OTs highjacking me and my car! I said no no no and got out of the car still moving. That one freaked me out.
  4. Dilettante

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    The figurative dream of getting out one day was always present..I wondered if I would have the balls to up and leave eventually. Turns out I did. I don't have those dreams anymore.
    My wildest dreams never came close to the actual nightmare of life in scio.
  5. EZ Linus

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    Whelp, I have a doozy. It's detailed, sorry.

    It was THE worst nightmare I have ever had and it came after I was engrossed in listening to a set of lectures, although I would have to try hard to remember which (whole track, Phil. Doc?..Can't recall), but anyway I was 27 or thereabouts. I went to meet the parents of the guy I was dating. We got in late, they were still sleeping, so it would have to wait until morning. Perfect timing to wake up in the middle of the night screaming my head off, right?

    I dreamed some crazy shit. I'll do my best to describe. The people (I can liken them to the Gestapo) that controlled the universe found out that I knew the whole game and that the trick to getting through it was really inside out, and they were after me. What existed beyond the spiritual universe--there was something even beyond that, and the people on that plain were trying to help me, but they were so faint, they couldn't. The Gestapo people were chasing me into a black hole. Someone I loved (I didn't know who it was but I suspect it was my brother), was also being chased but only I could help him and I lost him, and I almost fell into the black hole myself in the process of trying to stop it. I then thought I woke up from this horrible nightmare, but I didn't (one of those!), instead, these people were running up the stairs like storm troopers coming to get me out of my boyfriend's bedroom, so I screamed.

    I will never forget this. It still haunts me unfortunately.
  6. Lurker5

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    :wow: :console: :hug:
  7. Mimsey Borogrove

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    I haven't had nightmares in a long while but a couple times this summer I dreamed I was falling - which startles the hell out of me - so mid-dream I jerk my hands out to grab onto something to save myself ( and the first time knocked the light off the nightstand with my flailing arms making a hell of a loud crash - it was an antique solid brass 3 bulb lamp with the green painted metal shade)

    Those were accompanied with an adrenalin rush as well. So realistic and so sudden. Amazing.

  8. EZ Linus

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    Thank you for the huggins' Lurker. I appreciate it. :) This "scene" is in my book, but not in the detail I just mentioned. It was nice to explain the actual dream. Thank for listening.

    I finished my book yesterday. I'm looking to have it proofed it now.
  9. Lurker5

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    I look forward to your book, Linus :) Good work. :yes: