Elisabeth Moss talks Scientology and “The Handmaids Tale”

Discussion in 'Scientology Celebrities' started by Free to shine, Aug 18, 2017.

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    She was really good in Girl Interrupted. She played Polly, the burn victim.
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    I finished watching The Handmaid's Tale last night. It was brilliant but also very frightening.

    The main thought that kept crossing my mind was - This show is described as 'near future dystopian America', however if you changed the costumes slightly you'd have a 'present accurate Afghanistan' (or insert any 3rd world Muslim country).

    Feminists are right to fight for equal rights (I'm not talking about the crazy left campus nonsense) and for the most part I believe we now have them. They are also right to be concerned as Donald Trump cosies up to the Religious right. Those guys would reverse Roe Vs Wade in a heartbeat.

    However, I have a question for the radical leftists.

    How can you be so concerned about losing your own hard fought rights, yet support the patriarchal, misogynistic ideology of Islam?

    It makes no sense to me.
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    Because it is simply theater.

    Radical leftists do NOT care at all about "patriarchal, misognynistic ideology of Islam". They do NOT care at all about "gay rights" or "LGBT" rights or any rights. They are anarchists who (holding NO VALUE dear, important, helpful or even necessary) are only using BLM and the other alphabet interest groups/movements against both society and the groups themselves!!

    Imagine the loving, heartfelt political and philosophical allegiance felt between gays and ANTIFA or BLM. They march together, they chant together, they have the identical enemies together. But ANTIFA wants no immigration control (open borders) and no vetting of Muslims flooding into a country. That's the exact formula Europe followed and in just 30 or so short months, virtually destroyed the social fabric of most European nations, rapidly leading to their own demise! Th hard leftists and their dupes cheer on Sharia law practitioners.

    I especially like the absurdity of Gays/Transgenders cheering the acceptance of Sharia practictioners, the same folks who murder gays by throwing them off roof-tops. Yet their victims (gays) rejoice in bringing Sharia to their own neighborhoods

    The hard left is a fraud and hoax upon the body politic. They don't have all the "movements" and "beliefs" and "commitments" that they pretend. Thy just have no conscience and will SAY OR DO ANYTHING to aggregate power and money--which can then be used to destroy Western civilization.

    Oops, I gotta leave..I'll check later to see if this post makes sense or even has an ending? LOL
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  4. Emma

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  5. Enthetan

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    One important observation was made by David Horowitz, former radical leftist, where he quoted a member of the radical SDS group:
    This viewpoint also applies to Scientology. Forget the PR, the "shore story", the "acceptable truth" -- it is all about increasing power. They real issue is "What will increase our power? What do we need to say in order to influence people into handing us more power? Who do we need to ally ourselves with in order to obtain more power?"

    Once you understand this one fundamental aspect, then everything they do makes some sort of sense.

    It makes lots of sense, once you accept one premise: the people at the top who are promoting the agenda, are assuming that THEY will be able to escape and evade the things they are trying to impose on the "little people".

    The wealthy supporters of "gun control", who live their lives surrounded by armed bodyguards.

    The wealthy supporters of "the poor" and unlimited immigration, who live their lives in gated communities where where the underclass would never be allowed to enter.

    Etc, etc.
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