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Discussion in 'Life After Scientology' started by Adam7986, Aug 18, 2015.

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  1. JustSheila

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    From the post you just wrote earlier today, you were still trying to figure it out. Link to the post you wrote earlier today is here:

    I can see from that post and your earlier posts on this thread that this is quite a puzzle for you, trying to figure out if you have more than one mental illness and you want to share this information of how puzzling you find it to figure out which mental illness you have or if you have more than one and if you might have them at the same time. You stated something similar about wondering how many mental illnesses you could have at the same time on this post: http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?40216-EMDR-Therapy&p=1137973&viewfull=1#post1137973 and on this post: http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?40216-EMDR-Therapy&p=1138078&viewfull=1#post1138078 last week, which Lotus and I already answered.

    I am sorry you feel that referring you to speak to your own psychiatrist about your diagnosis makes you feel unsafe, but in actual fact, it is for your safety that I urge you to speak to your psychiatrist about your questions or confusions about your diagnosis and treatment. That is who diagnosed you, not anybody here. You said you have been diagnosed with at least one mental illness, maybe more, and are under a professional psychiatrist's care. That is your safest option and you should contact your psychiatrist about your concerns. Your psychiatrist is the licensed professional responsible for your care.
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  2. Free Being Me

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    I've been reading your posts and thanks for sharing. :)
  3. EZ Linus

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  4. JustSheila

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    I'm sorry you feel that way.

    I've never questioned why you were here, EZ Linus. Have a nice day.
  5. Anonycat

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    Hi, Linus!

    I have been busy for the past couple of months, and haven't been posting much.

    I know someone who has Bi-Polar, a narcissistic PD, Schizophrenic tendencies, as well as several neurosis. It's a huge struggle for them.
  6. lotus

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    That's what I got.
    No problem with me about your sharing. :no:
    (I didn't felt you asked for a diagnosis neither got too much into it)

    Sometimes people may feel uncomfortable with such sharing, as we are so powerless when people experience deep (mental or physical) suffering. Also, on internet, it may be difficult to easily get an intend, a motivation, it often happens there are misunderstoods. Please just allow a little time for people to know more about you..and keep going on with posting what you feel for, and other people chose to either read or don't read what we post wether they feel comfortable or not with it.

    It happens that landing on ESMB may be a little rough at the beginning...but if you persevere you may gain from it.
    We are certainly not expert with mental illnesses, but are with $cientology , which I was certainly a topic of concern for you. If you thought you found a nice group to share with, stay, and you will certainly learn to cope with our fails, misunderstoods and you will gain strenght.
  7. Free Being Me

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    This makes me sad. :sad: You're welcome back anytime you feel like it, EZ Linus.

    Congratulations, another newby run off the board. :grouch:
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  8. Free to shine

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    Oh crikey, not again.

    EZ if you read here again, please don't let one loud voice scare you off. There are many caring people here who know exactly how hard it is to talk about such deeply personal stuff. Sorry you were interrogated and scolded by another member instead of just being listened to. Personally I am very interested in knowing more about your book and experiences having had some intense ones myself. Recovery is different for everyone and the telling of our journeys may help someone else in ways we never know.
  9. Free Being Me

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    Well said! It's hard enough to discuss mental illness on a personal level due to stigmas, prejudices, assumptions, and of all places on a public forum for all to read. I see little point in making that much harder for someone to share and be heard. Please come on back EZ.
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  10. JustSheila

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    Are you referring to me? Please provide a quote where ANY member ''interrogated" EZ Linus. I never asked her a single personal question of any kind, nor did anyone else. My posts are still there. She deleted hers, so you cannot read what was actually said for half the conversation. No interrogation or anything remotely close to it ever occurred.

    My opinion is that it was unhealthy for her to keep trying to figure out for herself what her mental illness might be and what was the correct label, which was the majority of what she wrote. I referred her to her own psychiatrist for her worries and concerns about her diagnosis because EZ Linus stated she was already under a professional's care.

    There is also a legal risk to ESMB for saying anything remotely like a diagnosis or for not referring someone in that state to professional care.

    For some reason, you never chatted with her even once through this entire thread. It might have been helpful if you had, rather than showing up afterward to scold me for not saying what you believe would have been the ÇORRECT thing to say.

    And btw, she didn't leave after this thread. She left after another member had a different opinion than hers on another thread.
  11. JustSheila

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    She is certainly welcome back anytime.

    For two weeks, me, Lotus and just a couple of others chatted back and forth with her. You were logged in almost every day and never wrote a word to her on this thread until she left. That's not friendly on your part.

    Maybe if you, FTS and others had been friendly to her while she was here instead of ignoring her completely until after she left, it might have gone differently.

    Maybe not, IDK, but there is no way I could or would represent yours or anyone else's views to a person. I am not you, but at least I was friendly enough to chat with her while she was here instead of ignoring her until she left.

    I am very concerned that she is getting appropriate professional care in her state and hope that is where she went and that she's getting the help she needs.
  12. EZ Linus

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    I will put my post back Sheila, just so you can shut up about what an unhealthy "state" I'm in or how I was here to figure out my diagnosis on this thread, or the forum, or otherwise. I was simply discussing the different diagnoses that surround the treatment for EMDR therapy and my sharing experience, just like others here have done.

    Why reactions to my posts and not others' would be a liability to ESMB, you've got me.

    Yeah, maybe "safe" is not the right word, especially if you are going to throw everything I say about this subject back on me like this during an ongoing process. "Free" is a much better word. I don't have the freedom to share and process my thoughts. Also, as I've said, I was taking some of the the things that were said on this thread into my sessions (as I was taking some of the things that had happened in my sessions here to this thread, i.e.: my first EMDR result) and having an open discussion about them.

    And why are my concerns not to be discussed on this thread but others' allowed? Because I'm under the care of professionals? So are a few others that have been offering up their experiences. And by the way, I am not "into" or getting off on "how many mental illnesses I have" or trying to figure out "a puzzle." You don't know me at all and you don't know my story.

    In any case, I'm not going to argue about what mental illness is or isn't. I don't care anymore. It's hard enough to have it (whatever it's technically labeled) and to be stigmatized, let alone personally accept it in the first place after all I've been through as a Scientologist. I came to the forums in the first place for support and to share my experiences, and also to help where I could, not to be told to go away and shut up, or look stupid. I also have been writing a book and thought that might be exciting an contribution to the community. But what do I know. Sorry for letting any of my doubts or vulnerabilities show, but some people may find what my professional team's treatment of some use now. It was a rocky ride to get here, but it now seems to be working out.

    If anything I've said here sounds harsh, it may because I felt really hurt by your response. It seemed dismissive to me, especially since I reiterated that I was not here to self-diagnose or ask the people on the forum to diagnose me. If you've found things on the forum where I've said otherwise, "Will someone diagnose me?" then I don't know what to tell you. That's not why I'm here. And what about anything else I have to offer the forums? And what about asking me? Maybe this exchange could be friendly instead twisting it all to make me look nuts, or bad, or whatever you trying to make me look like.

    This is unfortunate.

    - - - - - - -

    I would like to go back to lurking here because I have always used this site as a resource and no one thought of me as a nutcase when I thought we were all basically on the same team.

    Also, on the Rachel Bernstein thread, I did not disagree with anyone there, like you are saying here either. I was informed of something -- by one of your friends -- after I shared something about me, and then felt bad that I endorsed her. She helped me many many years ago when I had nowhere to turn and didn't know I was promoting evil into the world. It wasn't my intention and felt mortified. That's all. I didn't realize I was going to then be lectured about what was right and wrong ex-cult psychology, or be judged that just because I went to her, I wasn't helped, or do not know about the nuances about the "good" kind of therapy. I have learned my lesson about how I can NOT speak about my "limited" knowledge of psychology here, or how perhaps how I didn't fully comprehend of my studies of Margaret Singer, Lifton, Michael Langone, Janja Lilich and the rest.

    I obviously respected yours, and other people's viewpoints here or else I wouldn't have brought them up for discussion with my own therapist, (and remember there's a difference between the therapist and the shrink and the therapist can't exactly fully diagnose, so I don't think anyone is liable for me bringing that up). I wasn't trying to figure out ME so much as trying to get a clearer picture on how these newer therapies are used and on what types of cases, and sure, a case such as mine too.

    I just don't see the problem, but I see that the respect doesn't go both ways here. (I've had to repeat myself twice, so you're obviously not even listening.) I don't know about participating anymore (or picking and choosing my battles rather). I just think it's unfortunate they are battles instead of conversations. I'll have to just stay off it for a while and see if I want to try again later when I can steel my feelings a bit better. Or maybe when I can one day figure out which handles/nicks are my actual real life friends. I've found that next to impossible and I don't enjoy puzzles.
  13. JustSheila

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    Alright, EZ, good to see you back!

    I'll leave this thread to FTS and FBM to chat with you.

    I'm sorry if I offended you in any way. Be happy.
  14. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free


    It's not a battle though, or shouldn't be. The idea is to have discussions instead of judgements. I'm glad you came back. :)
  15. Free Being Me

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    I've been reading EZ's posts, whether I comment or not isn't any of your concern how I spend my time. Pro-tip: ESMB is a voluntary activity. You're absolutely right, I should have posted sooner pointing out your pathologizing, assumptions and straw man arguments needlessly upsetting a newby to the point of leaving. Again.

    EZ is back (welcome back!) and that's what matters.
  16. JustSheila

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    These are ad homs.

    It is fair to point out that being friendly to Newbs involves greeting them and chatting with them. Doing so would make them more comfortable and I wish more people would do it.

    At least I tried, even if every single one of my responses wasn't perfectly written or completely thought through. Maybe that's why more people don't interact with Newbs more. Sometimes it's really hard to write the perfect response every single time. More people chatting with the Newb would help a lot.
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  17. Free Being Me

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    Welcome back EZ. Keep on keeping on posting (I enjoy your posts) and appreciate you being here at ESMB. ESMB is supposed to be a haven for people sharing their stories and journeys through life. IMO it's one the best parts of ESMB.

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  18. Free Being Me

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    Pointing out the fallacies in your posts isn't ad homming you. :duh: Your posts towards EZ started out friendly enough however you switched over to heavy handed altitude telling EZ what to do or not to do based on assumptions (pathologizing) even when repeatedly told by EZ (s)he is under professional care. That's argumentative straw manning and I can see from EZ's point that's very insulting and upsetting. Why don't you give it rest please returning to the thread topic conversation.
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  19. JustSheila

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    I agree this discussion between you and I has gone circular and there is nothing to be gained by continuing it. If EZ Linus has something to discuss with me personally, she is welcome to PM me. :) I am not going to continue on this thread unless someone addresses me personally on it, as you have, FBM.

    So, back to thread topic:

    Here is a wonderful post by Dr. Patti Jane about EMDR Therapy:

  20. lotus

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    Okay all of you guys..

    If you are good boys and good girls, right here right now, Auntie lotus will tell about the last EMDR session adressing the ''obscene dog''
    We pulled a long thread there... :duh:
    Kay ????

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