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Discussion in 'Life After Scientology' started by Adam7986, Aug 18, 2015.

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    Was it Vistaril Puppy?

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    Bringing back this quote by Dr. Patty Jane later in the thread is a great idea, especially since I have made a lot of strides around the EMDR model (even though I have not exactly done the lights with the eyes and the buzzies since the the little fiasco). The parts Dr. Patty refers to, i.e.: the "floor" and the "groundwork," meaning the protocol that needs to be set in order for EMDR to take place is exactly the strategy we've been using as of recent months. It is because I've had my nose in my book (memoir) and have been reliving multiple traumas, so the whole concept in EMDR of getting the traumatized dissociative person into the here and NOW hasn't been easy. For now, we have been focusing on the self-soothing, at least until I can hand this manuscript off to the second editor (coming next week in fact).

    Dr. Patty is also right that in the session that went wrong, these grounding steps were missing. My therapist was not yet certified and we just "jumped" into it. I didn't really understand what was going on or how EMDR even worked. I've since read a lot about it, and, many different treatments for trauma that seemed to be based on EMDR idea, especially those that establish nurturing and protective figures to use as an inner resource. Perhaps some time I can talk about "The Conference Room" with you guys if I feel I have the guts for it. That's been very interesting.

    Meanwhile my therapist has deeply studied various books from the Francine Shapiro Library, that specifically focus on trauma cases, and, as I said she is now fully accredited for EMDR, plus continues to do other courses. She's shares with me some of the course descriptions, like this one I found very interesting, written by Paulson:

    Unmodified EMDR can harm dissociative clients if it prematurely breaches dissociative barriers overwhelming the client’s capacity and resources. Practitioners must screen for dissociation and use special procedures to safely use EMDR with these clients. The workshop will cover critical guidelines and techniques to pace and troubleshoot EMDR with dissociative clients within the phased treatment model, for clients ranging from DDNOS to DID. Assessment and stabilization are key to preparing clients for trauma work. The workshop offers methods to increase affect tolerance, establish a two-step containment habit, and orient personalities to person place and time. Other topics include: increasing tolerance of body sensation and affect, and enhancing compassion for self and others, directly working with introjects or other “monstrous” shame-laden parts, essential to reducing internal conflict and resistance to therapy. The workshop instructs in specific ego state strategies and imagery to provide sufficient resources, maintain an observing ego. Rooted in the hypnotic tradition, stabilization methods to pace and fractionate the work within EMDR while interspersing trauma work with sessions that consolidate gains. The workshop also describes the conference room method and means to trouble-shoot stuck processing. Finally, the workshop describes the final phases of therapy, skills building, integration and fusion.

    Participants will be able to : ♦♦ explain why and when to assess every client for degree of dissociation and choose an appropriate protocol. ♦♦ list six tactics for stabilizing clients, prior to doing EMDR for dissociative clients, to increase rapport, contain affect, orient to present circumstances, reduce inner conflict, and build coping resources. ♦♦ structure EMDR sessions using imagery and ego state interventions for pacing, fractionating and trouble-shooting the work.

    Anyway, just interesting stuff. I'm sure I'll get there.
    Thanks for the welcome back.:love2:
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    EZ Linus,

    That was a great post and well written! :goodposting:

    Thank you for taking the time to post a detailed description, as you have. I'm sure it will be helpful to others here, whether lurkers or members.
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    I just read EZ Linus full post too.

    I recognize in these informations the exact protocol we are following.; prepare the ground is very inportant and the client assessment..to establish how the therapist will work.

    My situation being different we work on a short time basis and it must goes quickly.
    Not having any previous mental\emotional issue (apart from a severe trauma a decade ago) there is no vulnerability there to protect.
    So I demanded the therapist we took the big shovell So, we address something on an urgent basis to desintensy it. So we jumped in it ASAP after she prepared the ground.
    But the therapis just told me it is not usually her way to work with people..the assessment and relations (main emotional ties - like attachement to mother) are very important. We are in that in the 4th session. (quite fast though)

    (I am sorry my english is real bad these days...I hope it is readable though) :blush:

    The key concept to retain is that EMDR thereapy, despite being a very powerful technique, is approached a set of tools and the client as a whole to hea while adressing the many parts.

    I have been amazed at the speed of progresses when both, the therapist and client, suddenly stumble upon something that has a string to pull few of them on a time line of similar events connecting the upsets....wow..it arise from deep under as fast as the brain\emotional can process and integrate it. The feeling is not something as being Key out..but a relief of emotional\mental\physical upset and suffering. But the work has to be done with relaxation, meditation, techniques to reinforce \ stabilize the new state of beingness...It too does help the mental\emotional\body into a new path or scheme of thinking and functionning. (I was not given any suggestion stuff though...this I wouldn't do anyway...I remained stubborn with that)

    We had 3 sessions now (half an hour of the emdr - which is 1 1\2..and the results are way more that what I could have imagined. The changes are remarkable. The self (not the ego though) regaining is amazing ..a lot of serenity and ses of recovering own power. But it does requires a lot of energy and a lot of rest. I am dealing with a collapse of adrenaline which had been my main fuel for long time now..so I must rebuild energy reserve.

    (that often happens with people encountering a severe trauma..this is why it is very important to adress it..burning adrenaline is not a way to live a long healthy life)
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    Adam7986 and EZ Linus and of course others. Fascinating subject and so much to learn..

    Since I like to get a number of perspectives from different disciplines even to try to integrate and enhance my understanding I will leave this very interesting link.... I have not read it all and cannot recommend it as all correct it does add a little wider perspective.

    Someone may find it helpful, if not...then okay..



    EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. It is a therapeutic method that was developed by Francine Shapiro back in the late 80’s and advanced by the work of Laurel Parnell with attachment focused EMDR, which is still a bilateral service that has more attunement to the client and less of a procedure-driven treatment. We use this method for healing trauma and to activate the memory network and add bilateral stimulations. We can use eye movements, tapping on neither side of the body, or auditory stimulation. It activates a rapid processing effect so that your brain kicks into gear and it begins to process information that has been frozen.

    Along with EMDR, we use resource installation or resource tapping. We activate only positive resources with this, for example, an image of a peaceful place, kind loving eyes, someone who loves and nurtures us, a protective figure, or spiritual help, and then we pair it with short amounts of bilateral stimulation."


    There are other sites that I visited on which I learnt a lot but one thing at a time until the next time lol.

    Nothing like continuing education..
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    This stuff is such a blessing and brought little miracles within me, in my life (and impacted many outcomes and relationships..because of recovering the true self..) ..and certainly doing the same for so many people..in such a short time.

    I've been told that it is so powerfull, that some psyh give up on many other techniques to treat many issues it can address..actually way more than trauma..(anxiety, depression, panick attacks)

    Blessed and grateful I am!

    Hopefuly, some other people who are in need will give a try and gift themselve with a more comfortable life.