Erika Christensen "Going Clear Has 'No Relevance"

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    London Free Press
    Erika Christensen opens up about her Scientology upbringing

    American Media Inc.
    Updated: June 5, 2018

    Erika Christensen is done keeping quiet about her tied to Scientology. This Monday, the actress spoke to Parenthood costar Dax Shepard on his podcast, Armchair Expert. During their talk, she confessed that she was raised by two scientologists parents.
    “It’s hard to raise someone as a Scientologist because it’s something that you do, it’s not something that you believe,” she explained to Shepard.
    “My parents definitely are Scientologists, approached parenting from a Scientology viewpoint. I know that now as an adult. I can see that in the way that they approached me as a kid and really tried to do what I’m doing now as a parent, which is trying to temper absolutely necessary discipline and rules and structure with fostering independent thought and freedom of personality,” continued Christensen, 35.

    Speaking of the controversial Scientology Documentary Going Clear, Christensen said: “Honestly it doesn’t have anything to do with … anything that I’ve ever learned about the group or organization as a group or organization.” She added that the sources are unreliable and “there’s no relevance in what they’re saying.”



    Erika Christensen Opens Up About Being a Scientologist, Why Going Clear Has 'No Relevance'

    Erika Christensen is opening up about her association with Scientology.
    The actress, who is expecting her second child with husband Cole Maness, spoke with her Parenthood costar and on-screen brother Dax Shepard for an episode of his podcast, Armchair Expert, on Monday, when they discussed the religion.
    “I can justify things in all kinds of different ways, but basically, like, as a Scientologist. And I definitely cannot speak for every Scientologist about anything because everybody has their own beliefs and comes at it from even other religions and all kinds of stuff. However, I don’t believe this is the first time I have lived on this planet and I basically think I’ve probably done absolutely everything before,” said Christensen, 35.

    more @link

    E Online
    Parenthood's Erika Christensen Opens Up About Her Relationship With Scientology
    by Mike Vulpo | Mon., Jun. 4, 2018

    Erika Christensen is opening up to her TV brother about her faith.
    While appearing on the new podcast episode of Armchair Expert With Dax Shepard, the Parenthood star spoke candidly about her personal relationship with the Church of Scientology that began when she was a child.

    "It honestly doesn't have anything to do with…anything that I've ever learned about the group or organization. To be specific about [Going Clear], if somebody has read a book, read Dianetics or some Scientology book and wants to philosophically tell me what they disagree with, cool. That is a totally different thing. But specifically with that documentary, the documentary was based on a book. The book was not even published in some English-speaking countries because the libel laws are stricter than they are here," she shared. "There's so much that is actually…talking about sources. They have proved themselves to be irrelevant…There's no relevance in what they're saying."


    Erika Christensen Defends Scientology Against Recent Criticism
    By Antoinette Bueno‍
    here they have a Jason Lee video..and Leah Remini video link..

    Erika Christensen cult mouthpiece
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    Classic Scientology non-answer, TR-L.

    Oh, and YES, Lawrence Wright’s book “Going Clear” is very much available in England.
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    Yes, exactly!

    Would love to see Erika participate in a discussion amongst some of the participants from that documentary. :thumbsup:
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    Hollywood reporter
    Erika Christensen Takes Issue With "Sources" in Leah Remini's Scientology Docuseries
    by Evan Real

    It honestly doesn't have anything to do with anything that I've ever learned about the group or organization," the actress and practicing Scientologist said in a new interview.

    Erika Christensen has no interest in ever watching Leah Remini's Scientology and the Aftermath or 2015's Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. During a recent interview with Dax Shepard for his Armchair Expert podcast, the actress and practicing Scientologist explained why she steers clear of programs that criticize her faith.

    hasn't/will not watch:yet she claims the sources are dubious

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    Erika Christensen thinks Scientology criticism is ‘irrelevant’

    Fox News
    'Parenthood' star Erika Christensen defends Scientology amid criticism

    Erika Christensen opens up about her Scientology upbringing

    Radar Online
    Erika Christensen Says Scientologist Parents Taught Her ‘Absolutely Necessary’ Rules

    audio of the interview here:
    Armchair expert podcast:

    most of these articles have entheta..heh! Going Clear or Lea Remini Aftermath..

    note to Erika's PR slag,most people will skip reading about what yourclient says and watch the Entheta videos instead.
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    Christensen is a typical Scientologist. No real knowledge about what she's talking about nor even a willingness to look at opposing points of view, but absolute total certainty!

    Zero tolerance to even hear opposing views, she's off the charts of the bigotry scale!
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    I'd like to see some of these celebrities be interviewed by ex-scientologists. A trained auditor should be able to stick them in the issue and make them confront it instead of letting them waffle about it in a general manner.
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    Erika Christensen is no case gain and blowing session. She needs to sit down in that chair and confront the walls of her prison of belief. ....until she goes exterior to scientology and stops her Hubbard trained in lying and finds the real reality. Until she does that she is just complicit in and aiding and abetting harm to anyone who believes her lies.

    "fostering independent thought and freedom of personality" = fostering dependent thought and freedom from her innate personality is more like it.