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  1. R2-45

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    Not if all of the viruses of the thin soup starve.

    It is completely within the domain of possibility for mankind to end its own life completely here on earth. And maybe even to end all life here on earth.

    Ever played around much with Conway's simulation of life?

    This looming potential genetic disaster reminds me of the fairy tale, "the goose that laid the golden egg."
  2. You have a lovely outlook on life.

    Have a nice day.

    The Anabaptist Jacques
  3. Koot

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    Being asked/pressured/coerced/instructed,etc., to marry into your own race/religion/ethnicity/nationality is eugenics too. How long has that been going on????
  4. Teanntás

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    The idea that Eugenics had any significant relation to the deaths of millions is way off base.
  5. guanoloco

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    Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned establishment that has murdered countless millions, was a eugenicist.
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  6. Hatshepsut

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    Trump is going to be accused of Eugenics on this issue. I didn't show the boxes with powdered milk, powdered scrambled eggs, Spam, black beans and dried elbow macaroni. What I grew up eating in the Mojave.

    BLM is going to go nuts if this ever kicks in. Early on in these videos, couples are cooking salmon and sockeye with zuchini. There seems to have been a 5 year trial period with the 'box'. Now some blacks are getting pre-packaged rations to nuke....not cook. We got dangerous times ahead if there's no uniform quality. Makes me wonder if the U.S. might be preparing for some bigger war overseas.


    The Projects probably

    The trial program seems to have declined as the years progressed. This was posted in 2013.


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  7. Hatshepsut

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    I think there has alway been a terror of the consequences of assigning different values for different types of human beings. Looking back at the ancients, there were slave classes under ruling classes forever. Scribes recorded not just the usual economic differences, but those seemingly with evolution itself.

    I read something that shocked me in the form of a letter a Roman soldier sent his wife while away on campaign. He told her nonchalantly to kill the baby if it were a girl. Very permissable with no stigma attached. They did not even regard their own children as a 'complete' human being until a certain age. Infanticide was rife, and not just during bad times. They would pick and choose which infants were worth investing in, even within royal households. Kinda makes the skin on your arms stand up to realize that the helpless didn't have a right to survive past childhood and nobody lobbied for this until well into the common era.

    We live in an age where we are protected from the sight of death all around us. Children don't have to see it and hospital rooms have their private curtains. Hard choices are made when Hospice comes in with the comforts they might be able to give.

    I was saddened when I saw those first releases of the Nazi experiments on children. Identical twins. Siamese twins. The murder of the mentally handicapped. These photos of the gypsies and crippled and poor aren't shared as much as those in the work camps. We wonder how these perverse physcians could go home to their families. Human families. Quite a few Nazis suicided after the war, taking with them their entire family though. Life is cheap when you see too much death or existence is too dark when the dream is lost, I guess.

    It doesn't escape me that LRH was encumbered by a eugenics incident he imagined. And that attempt was at erasing even the soul's nature in case it could come back. We are going thru a psuedo eugenic experiment right now. Erasing the Will and the ability to evaluate for oneself and the the capacity to intelligently 'intend' anything. We're just going to be glommed together into some murky group think based on whatever lies are given us. It pays to remember populations are killed off when they are thought to be countering the bigger plan of the victors. It helps to know what the end game vision is. Things will surely progress in that direction and you'll have a guide.

    I read this on Friday. I was surprised to see that the kabbalists of old regarded some parts of existence to be damned to a permanent LESSER condition; never to be reconciled with the Divine Causal nature that underlies the whole universe. I thought this a rather cruel notion. :oops: Someone had decided what could be 'used' to chaff against in order to develop their own natures more perfectly. To my mind that's a situation where you are permanently projecting a lower role on certian matter so you can walk upon it. Value decisons are obviously made knowingly so a game can be coded.

    I'm keeping in mind that the Old Testament is ALL about genetics!. From cover to cover it speaks of the genetics of tribes, blood lines and the purity and blessings from this God or that. You can't get away from it. I makes one wonder how a Christian movement dedicated to loving one another and sharing things communally successfully emerged at all.
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  8. WhatWall

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    Going to a boxed food program has the advantage (from a big gov't point of view) of using contractors to provide the service. More and more of the federal budget is directed at contractors, which makes it very difficult to end such programs.

    Senators & representatives will do whatever they can to preserve the flow of revenue to gov't contractors in their states. Eventually the gov't and the (formerly) private sector are so entertwined that they can't be separated. The interests of the private sector become more & more aligned with those of our rulers. The people employed by gov't contractors also have an interest in keeping their jobs and will vote for those who can maintain & bring such jobs to their area.

    By redirecting citizens' wealth (taxes) into gov't programs & contractors, the usual economic incentives are replaced with ones that favor the continual growth of unaccountable gov't agencies & contractors. The only products you can't refuse to buy are the ones produced by your government.
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  9. Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut Crusader

    Thankyou, I've seen the pattern. I'm afraid FEAR is going to carry more weight than bureaucratic handshakes in the end. DEATH is big business too, like the FEMA coffin liners and the Huey helicopters. Keerrrr-ching. :( Defense contractors are paid to manufacture all this gear in preparation (which has created jobs), just in case somebody has to say NO to somebody's demands. It's getting circular.

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  10. Teanntás

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    I meant the millions who died in the wars.
  11. Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut Crusader

    Like the definition of genocide?
  12. Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut Crusader

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  13. Hatshepsut

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  14. Teanntás

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  15. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Where's Shelly?

    Listening to the negro woman complain about the food that was delivered to her door by UPS I'm reminded by the slogan "beggars can't be choosers", only to realize that our beggars have become demanding tyrants.
    "You better give me what I want or I'll burn the damn town down" rhetoric.
    That's just too bad as "when you abuse it, you lose it" of the oft abused welfare system of the past.
    The good thing I take from this new program is in knowing that people with welfare coupons cannot outspend my hard earned dollars on the top shelf items like steak, shrimp, lobster etc., driving their prices up and my buying power down.
    I'm sure that statistics will soon prove the lowered incidence of shoplifting spikes when the welfare checks have been coming in as this program will keep them from flooding the stores with all the free cash money of the past when they gets their food delivered right to their door straight from tha man!
    Plus many can get jobs delivering for UPS, win - win.
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