Ex-NXIVM student says: “Scientology terms and concepts were being used daily"

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    Ex-NXIVM student says: “Scientology terms and concepts were being used daily and frequently in the vocabulary and activity, minute by minute.”

    I do not know if the following is accurate. However, as I recall, the Frank Report did a lot of the early reporting on NXIVM.​

    Frank Report: Ex-NXIVM Student: The good in NXIVM was the greatness of Nancy Salzman; when she disintegrated, NXIVM fell to pieces


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    However, I was in a good position to observe danger because I had left Scientology before that, so I recognized many things that had been directly lifted from Scientology.

    I mean right out of it. Scientology terms and concepts were being used daily and frequently in the vocabulary and activity, minute by minute. In fact, at times, it was a constant déjà vu!

    I asked several teachers about this, but in each case the fact that Keith had used Scientology material was denied. I had no idea if the teachers knew that the material wasn’t original or not.

    When the source was lied about, I knew it was all fishy.

    I saw no bad being done with the material that was taken from Scientology, but that it was being passed off as original was absurd. The exact vocabulary, word use and definitions were often word-by-word from the printed materials in Scientology. Not even an attempt to disguise it!

    I observed some Nxivm members raising their children in a manner similar to Scientology also, in which the children were being treated as adults and being demanded to have adult type responsibilities, and not kindly at that; rather with a strict heartlessness.

    Some say Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard also lifted material and claimed it was original too.

    I found it interesting, but surely knew by the end of the first 5-day intensive, that Keith was claiming he invented the “tech” when he patently had not and instead had directly lifted it from my prior cult leader, L Ron Hubbard!


    There were several new cults created from Scientology materials, such as EST, Landmark, primal scream, and relive birth therapy, gestalt, role playing, hospital procedures of silence during operations and on and on.

    To me, Nxivm was just another practice taken from Scientology, but quite intriguing.


    One can see Nancy’s exceptionally high humanity life force in the recordings, something she would no longer be able to do, and something that Keith could NEVER EVER have begun to create.

    I have often wished I could own her recordings, to this day, in particular, I would wish to own Nancy’s recording about Supressives that is given in the first five days of the intensives offered.

    Yes, it is taken directly from Ron Hubbard. But she explains it better than anyone ever has, even better than Ron Hubbard did.

    Both Scientology and Nxivm totally misused the information about Supressives and both groups, Scientology and Nxivm, have used the concept of “Suppressive” terribly destructive litigating ways.


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    If you want to have an organization which specializes in creating subservient, mind-controlled slaves, Scientology tech is the way to go.

    Hubbard had DECADES to perfect his (real) tech.
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    Remind you of anything? Brandon Smith is a conspiracy theorist of the Alex Jones type but recently seems to be getting more philosophical.



    Zealotry And False Narratives
    I view zealotry as a kind of psychological disease that is actually communicable - it spreads like a virus through a culture until everyone is infected. Zealotry happens when a person embraces an ideology to the point that it overrides their personality and their soul, and they are no longer able to think clearly as an individual. This includes considering the possibility that they are on the wrong side of history and morality.
    Zealotry on a mass scale depends on a number of dominoes set in succession. The threat of civil breakdown and economic suffering helps. Ideological opponents must be painted as an imminent and vile threat to the very fabric of society. In some cases they are a real and created threat (controlled opposition); in other cases they are a paper tiger meant to drive another group to support tyrannical measures.
    Tyrants build false narratives. This is what they do best. They encourage people to unknowingly become villains, or they accuse innocent groups of villainy in order to sow division. They need all sides to see everyone else either as an ally or an enemy. There is no in-between. If a person does not conform to the views of the zealot, then he must be immediately treated as a threat. This causes an endless echo chamber which destroys all dissent or disagreement, no matter how rational.
    Zealots operate primarily on fear, making them easy prey for tyrants. And as some nerd somewhere once said, “Fear is the mind killer; fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.”
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