Ex-Scientologists working in the film/media business?

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  1. MattG

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    Dear Message-Bord-Members,

    my name is Matthias Gonser and I work for the German TV channel Pro 7, more precisely the popular documentary-show “Galileo”. It is a TV magazine that is running almost 20 years now and is watched by many people every day – it is the most popular show of its kind in Germany. It features documentary reports from all over the world, dealing with many different topics.

    Right now I am producing a piece on how Scientology and Hollywood are interconnected. What is the importance of celebrities for scientology? How are celebrities attracted to the church? What happens in the celebrity centers?

    To answer those questions I am looking for someone who left scientology and is or was working in the film or TV industry and might be willing to give an interview on this topic.

    Is there anyone who could help me out with some contact details?

    Please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail (Matthias.Gonser@prosiebensat1.com) or let me know here if I can provide you with more information.
  2. ThetanExterior

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    See the book: Escaping Scientology by Karen Schless Pressley.

    "With three decades of knowledge about Scientology beliefs and operations and two decades of experience working for its Celebrity Center International network and at the organization's highest levels .....".
  3. Lulu Belle

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    You might try contacting Jason Beghe or Paul Haggis.
  4. ThetanExterior

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    Or Janis Gillham Grady. She wrote the book Commodore's Messenger. Her mother, Yvonne Gillham-Jentsch created and ran the Celebrity Center.