Ex-Scn Still on Mailing Lists. Close with Scn Family, Haven't been active for years

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    The contractor was an OT7. California's laws are that if you print a mailer for someone that you need to charge sales tax. If you print a mailer for someone including the addresses of the recipients then you need to charge sales tax. However, if you print a mailer, address them, AND take it to the post office for mailing (plus pay for the mailing) then you don't need to charge sales tax.

    Our contractor was extremely anti-government. This was before the IRS settlement and so the COS was too.

    Bulk mailers drive around to the back of the post office, drop off the mail, and then head around to the front to pay for it. Our contractor was dropping off the PAC mail and then was bribing a postal service employee to mark that batch of mail as "paid for" and to route it into the postal service system. Thus the contractor was striking one of his blows against the government by having them do the mailing work without getting paid. It was regarded as a win-win cycle.

    It's not clear how long this bribery arrangement went on but at some point the postal service employee started taking the bribe but not doing the additional steps to have the mail brought into the postal system. Postal service employees would see pallet loads of mail in back but as they were not marked as "paid - okay to intake" they would get thrown out.

    Within PAC (and all orgs) the addresso group keeps the mailing list up to date. Addresso noticed that the number of incoming address unknowns (adunks) had dropped to nearly zero. Addresso also knows that if they mailed 10,000 copies of something that they would get a certain number of adunks. This started an investigation where they determined the postal service was blocking their outflow. They notified the postal service of this which started their own investigation. The postal service investigation identified both the contractor and the postal employee.

    A police plus postal inspector raid was conducted on the contractor's business. They discovered another his schemes to deliver blows against the government was that he had been printing fake social security cards for people. The contractor was sent off to prison and on the COS side was declared an SP.
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    My experience is that if you mark a letter "return to sender", "no longer at this address" plus "forwarding address unknown" (ADUNK) that most orgs will drop you. I am no longer getting mail from PAC, celebrity center, any class 4 org, Freewinds, and the IAS. I still get occasional mail from Flag and CCHR.

    The ADUNK method only works for letters with first class postage. It will not work for non-profit bulk mail. If you try to ADUNK a non-profit mailpiece the postal service just throws it out.

    When I get non-profit bulk mailed stuff that includes a postage-paid envelope then I'll attempt to adunk by sending the stuff with my address back and mark it "adunk". I encourage people to use the postage-paid envelopes as much as possible to get off the mailing lists as the org pays the full first class postage plus an 11 cent per letter Business Reply Mail (BRM) premium. The org pays to send junk to me and pays to get an adunk notice back via a BRM envelope. Eventually they seem to get the hint.

    The other thing you can do is postal service Form 1500 "Application for Listing and/or Prohibitory Order". See the "Prohibitory Order" article on Wikipedia. Mark box number 1. You can also mark box 2 if want. You do not need to explain why you consider mail from the CoS to be "erotically arousing or sexually provocative".
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    Something just occurred to me.
    If you sent "entheta" letters back to who ever is "love bombing" you with their promo diarrhea but signed "love Mom" or some other realistic sounding family member they could conceivably have, wouldn't it result in their getting pounded in ethics doing conditions, getting sec checks, PTS handling and the whole enchilada?
    Might be fun to sick their own monsters upon em like that when your anti Scientology reply letter gets snagged during routine screening which signs off, "Love, your favorite identical twin brother Hank". :cool:
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    Or just send a reply "Save my address. If you ever want to get out, please contact me. I can help".
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    I always read any entheta mail we received at the org. I didn’t believe it was true, but I always read it (unless it looked to be taken from the OT levels).
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    Were you Dir Comm? In theory, Dir Comm is supposed to read all incoming mail and filter it.
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    Edwardo has cute Avatar.
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    Yes they crossed me off their Xmas list," Was it the query about their question ?", that i didn't understand or was it the statement they should do a grammar course,with a excellent referral by the university, I'm person non Grata now , I,m gutted , What about my Eternity?I'.m now tossed to the wolves , Its heartbreaking , I.'m pining for the Fields,Heartless Souls.
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    Welcome to San Francisco!

    Stop by the Haight someday and buy me a cuppacawfee and we'll shoot the shit (metaphorically. we won't actually run R2-45 on Miss Cabbage)