Ex-wife of Jason Lee reveals the inner sanctum of Scientology

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by Kha Khan, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. AngeloV

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    Excellent story and thanks for the post KK!
  2. Kha Khan

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    From WWP:

  3. Kha Khan

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    No way! Really!?! Co$ really helped our her acting career now didn't it?

  5. Kha Khan

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  6. Kha Khan

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  7. Blue Spirit

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    Cool Idea

    You know that is not a bad idea. I like it.

    The suppressive CO$ needs to be out-created.

    We should start by listing all of the celebs that have left.

    It would keep a lot of auditors busy to clean up the upsets, if they even
    would sit down with you. Not likely.
    But skip the meter, just use good and regular two-way comm.
    I think Jason Beghe was smart enough to seek out a real pro to get squared away.
    He is a damn smart guy with true Integrity.
  8. I told you I was trouble

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    Or ... you could stop trying to 'handle everyone' with the 'tech' ... and mind your own sodding business.

    Couldn't you?

  9. erm... does it make me a party pooper to say that I think that article is complete BS?

    She states that lisa marie admitted the reason she divorced michael was because she didn't want him near her kids... but it doesn't make sense that she would say that since her kids lived with their dad whom she was divorced from. Sure she saw her kids, but not as much because of her crazy work schedule so when she saw them it's not like she'd dump em with Jackson or something. Her ex-husband was more the stay at home parent type. Secondly even while they were married MJ & Lisa didn't really live together, so it's not like he would have access to the kids even when they did visit. Doesn't make sense that Lisa Marie would say that.

    There are no details in any of the claims she's making either. She just spews all these general things that anyone reading the internet could regurgitate. The only thing that was different & sortof detailed was the part about Co$ helping the star with the divorce.

    I know I might be wrong, but I think she's making a lot of this up because she's bitter over her ex. I think that's dangerous because if people start lying like that there is less chance that Celebrities will accept the fact that people who say abuses occur are telling the truth! I mean if you're Lisa Marie & you know you never said that, and if you're Tom Cruise & you know you never called Nicole a Scilon in front of this woman- than you're definitely going to believe it when Scientology calls anyone who attacks the church is a liar. Sorry if I'm a party pooper, just my 2 cents.
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