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  1. not_a_co$

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    Here are publicly available photos and a YouTube video of the head of the "Center for Excellence in Higher Education" and board member of several educational nonprofits.

    This New York Times article of 2016 says he was once in California
    "dabbling briefly, he admits with some embarrassment, in Scientology"
    and has two photos of him (he's about 75 years old):

    The next link is to a photo taken from a YouTube video of 2015. (I link to the video in a moment.) The photo is from 1985.
    OCON 2015

    Here is the YouTube video, starting at 49:35. It shows him talking for a couple of minutes in 2015, when he is about 74 yeras old:

    Do you recognize this man? How certain are you?

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  2. dchoiceisalwaysrs

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    just a quick note.....you first link shows it ends in .html but ends up as a 404 as the L doesn't 'transfer'

    Carl B Barney. hmmm is that the same one involved in the Santa Barbara. Ventura county ideal org story? dabbled in scams..or note is the question that I suppose arises out of it all.

    Here is the link the worked for me
  3. not_a_co$

    not_a_co$ Patron

    Thanks dchoiceisalwaysrs, the link is fixed now.
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  4. Teanntás

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  5. RogerB

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    Yes, that is the Carl Barney I knew in Melbourne.

    The NYTimes article states he moved to Oz from London as a teenager.

    He got a girl I knew there pregnant (a fellow Scn) . . . he was married to someone else (whom I had audited 12-18 months earlier) but don't know where wife was at the time, but I believe he and his wife came to St. Hill together later. He actually attended my PE/Intro Lectures in London . . . students used to come up to see how/what I did so they could use the info in their missions back home.

    The bad news on Carlie-baby is that I ended up helping the pregnant girl out with the $$$'s need to get her scene handled . . . Carlie-baby was nowhere to be found
  6. Churchill

    Churchill Gold Meritorious Patron

    The NY Times article clearly states that he"s the same Carl Barney as the longtime Scientologist and mission holder, although he downplays the extent of his Scientology involvement.
  7. not_a_co$

    not_a_co$ Patron

    Yes Teanntás, but was Carl Barney of the Church’s missions in the 1970s the Carl Barney mentioned in the New York Times article? That is the question.

    Churchill, the NYT article says only that he “dabbled briefly” in Scientology. It says nothing more than that.

    RoberB, here are cropped photos from the NYT article (2016) and a photo (1985) from near the beginning of a YouTube video I’ll mention in a moment.


    Here is a video, starting at 49:38, of the “NYT Barney” speaking in 2015

    How certain are you that this is the Barney of Melbourne? And, I'm asking anyone, of the Church missions?
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  8. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    I read both the links. Sounds like Carl Barney to me.
    Sounds like any one of the old Mission Holders.
    The money that they spent helped recruit to their Missions. It could be looked at as good PR for the COS. And it was working bc the Missions were making
    "fucktons" of money for the Orgs ( LRH).
    The Ayn Rand thing sounds like a similar opportunity to *exploit* a belief system ( Objectivism).
  9. not_a_co$

    not_a_co$ Patron

    phenomanon, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately just sounding like Barney isn't a positive ID. Good observation about ARI though.
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  11. dchoiceisalwaysrs

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    But reading the story I did not get this part...." as the longtime Scientologist and mission holder" only that he dabbled in scn during his self improvement searching days.....

    Or am I miss appropriating "clearly states" which I think is the object only "Carl Barney" ?
  12. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    $$$ I am asking myself and don't have time to search and read about it, but a line of inquiry is did $$$ not recovered from the Reed Slatkin ponzi scheme, go into Carl's future ventures? Pure inquiry line at this time. I suppose I will have to find the court documents related to Slatkin.
  13. Churchill

    Churchill Gold Meritorious Patron

    LOL, no - I misspoke.
    My takeaway from the Times piece was that he re-invented himself and felt that he had to mention Scn awhile downplaying the extent of his involvement.
  14. Teanntás

    Teanntás Silver Meritorious Patron

    How certain are you that this is the Barney of Melbourne? And, I'm asking anyone, of the Church missions?[/QUOTE]

    Not certain at all .

    "Carl Barney went psychotic on the Apollo and was guarded by three other people on the ship. Carl Barney had been made to sit for months doing "blinkless TRs." One of the periodic extremes Hubbard took no responsibility for. I heard that at one point he was strapped to his chair.

    Carl Barney was locked up aboard the Apollo after he became psychotic."

  15. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    Yes I saw those pics in the NYTimes . . . they are side on shots of a guy I last saw in London in 1967-8 as a member of my audience . . . to me that is the same guy, and seeing those pictures I see the Carl I knew from 50+ years ago (even though our looks change in 50 years).

    The bottom picture is not the same guy . . . I dunno who he is supposed to me.

    PS: edit, now seeing the video, the guy introduced as Carl in at 49:41 doing the pitch about "seed money" is definitely the Carl I knew in the CofS . . . notice the particular body language and angular carrying of his head and the automatic straining of his neck muscles!!!! This is Carl B all over.


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  16. not_a_co$

    not_a_co$ Patron

    About the man you saw in the audience in London, were you introduced? Did you know him as Carl Barney back in 67/68? I’m puzzled how you can remember a random guy in the audience after all these years, is why I ask.

    The man in the last, bottom, picture is the New York Times Carl Barney only much younger. That bottom picture was taken in 1985 or thereabouts. Its a very “straight on” picture, which might make the subject a little hard to recognize.
  17. not_a_co$

    not_a_co$ Patron

    So would you take a second look at that bottom picture?
    Though the London Barney might be the same as the NYT Barney, how do we know the London Barney is the same as the California missions Barney?
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  18. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    I did not need to be introduced . . . I knew him . . . look at my note above, I audited his wife in Melbourne.
  19. RogerB

    RogerB Crusader

    AS I said, That bottom pic is unknown to me . . . and I would say someone has screwed up in claiming it is the same person as shown above skiing, and in the video.

    AS to your bit in red above . . . search the Scn list of names/completions, also lists of Declared SPs, etc., and see if you come up with more than one Carl Barney :) . . . life is pretty simple . . . but I have a question of you "not_a_co$" . . . what is your agenda in all this??? Why so persistent in trying to verify, verify or otherwise differentiate Barney from Barney?
  20. not_a_co$

    not_a_co$ Patron

    First some terminology. By the “NYT’s Barney” I mean the Barney in the NYT photos and ARI video. By the “Mission Barney” I mean the Barney that headed the California missions at least from the early 70s (possibly the late 60s) until sometime in 1979.

    I read the NYT article and saw that the NYT Barney had “dabbled briefly” in Scientology in California. I soon discovered the Mission Barney. Wow! Was a multimillionaire owner of a large network of colleges a former COS leader? That’s an interesting question.

    You give the following facts (correct me if I misunderstand):
    1. You knew the NYT Barney in Melbourne and he was a Scientologist.
    2. You saw (later ???) the NYT Barney in London in 1967 or 68. He was in the audience of an Introductory lecture about Scientology.
    3. Sometimes Mission leaders attend such lectures, but you don’t know for a fact that the NYT Barney was a mission leader (otherwise I suppose you would have said he was).

    This is very useful information. Still, the NYT Barney and the Mission Barney might be two different people. At this point there’s no sure connection between the two.

    We know they were both in California and were both Scientologists, but the NYT Barney can deny that he is the Mission Barney and we have no witness to disprove it.

    You suggest looking at membership lists. If we had a complete and reliable list then if there were only one Carl Barney, yes, that would be proof that the two are and the same. But there is no such list.

    We need either a witness of the Mission Barney or a photograph of him.