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    For comparison purposes,

  2. SanDiegoMember

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    I can attest that the person making these inquires is on the level and is in no way associated with Scientology or OSA.

    Howard Dickman
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    I found this on the June 5, 1971 copy of the OOD's from the Apollo.
    Carl Barney and Jeff Hawkins were on a TR's course at the same time.
    Maybe Jeff remembers him.

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  6. not_a_co$

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    Thanks for the collage – is that the word? – of photos. Seen together like that you can see the resemblance of the young NYT Barney to the old one.

    The Apollo OOD is very interesting. Where on earth did you get it? A Village Voice (the New York City tabloid) article has the text of the first part, but doesn’t give the full June 5, 1971 date, just 1971.


    Thanks for trying. So you saw Barney in Los Angeles or San Diego?

    It looks like he didn’t mix with the students much otherwise there would be a larger response to this thread.
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  7. phenomanon

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    I dunno. I saw him around. I was Peter Gillhams "Div 6" there for a while, and I set up Peter's seminars, and smhoozed with all the Mission Holders. But it would have been LA. I know that's not very definitive. Also, I think I might have had dinner with Alan Walter and Carl after the 3 of us were out of COS. Sorry I can't be more precise. The practice of Avatar that hit LA keeps poking at my memory. Did Carl have anything to do with Avatar after COS?
  8. cakemaker

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    Here's another old issue where his name appears (#22).
    Maybe some of those guys on the list could identify him or even have photos.
    Phil Spickler's worth asking.

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    Sometimes Google can be your friend. In the links I gave earlier, there are a number of names who worked for SCS and someone from there might be reachable. Another blog such as Mike Rinders or TonyOrtega also have a lot of people who may have or not crossed paths with Carl Barney in fact 'clearly pissed off' a commentor on one of those blogs was on the Apollo for sometime he might be able to provide some details. Then again on one of those blogs was a person who was Apollo mission preps which sent out missions to many of the orgs...more data probably available there. I wonder if the mission crews sent from the Apollo would have taken photos?
  10. RogerB

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    A person still alive from "the old crowd" on the CA area that quite likely is familiar with Carl Barney in California in the period when he ran missions is Hank Levin.

    Try Hank here: http://clearingtech.net/about-hank-levin/

    Also, Janice Grady, Yvonne Gillham's daughter and other former Commodore's Messengers will likely have more recent memory of what Barney looked like when he was on the Apollo . . .

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    Thanks RogerB, I emailed Hank Levin just now. I'll let you know if he answers.

    I just realized something: The “New York Times” Barney has a middle name (though it’s not in the New York Times article) – at least these days he is using a middle intial: Carl B. Barney. The “B” initial is found in three places (1) the website for his “Center for Excellence in Higher Education”, (2) the “Thanks” credits for the movie documentary “Ayn Rand & the Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged”, and (3) the short biography by Stephen B. Friedheim titled “Carl Barney: An Englishman Living the American Dream”.

    Assuming that “Carl B. Barney” is his real name, that is, that the New York Times Barney really has the middle initial “B”, then we have more to go on.

    I say “assuming” because adding a phony initial would be an easy way to obscure his Scientology connection.

    Second best to finding a photograph of the 1970s COS Barney showing him to be the NYT Barney would be finding a document from that period with “Carl B. Barney” on it instead of the usual “Carl Barney”.
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    I found one site that seems to have aliases for him with a 'C' instead of a 'B'.

    The Nevada address and college connections point to it being the same guy.

    It may be tricky, but there may be incorporation records for the missions that he ran. The California Secretary of State office may have those.

    If he is a declared SP, I wonder if asking for his SP declare from the Int Justice Chief could get a response.
  13. RogerB

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    He's on the declared SP/Enemies list simply as Carl Barney.
  14. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman

  15. not_a_co$

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    Same nose, same forehead. Pretty much the same everything, except of course the hair.
    In the left photo he is sitting and leaning on a table, in the right standing. This accounts for the difference in posture. The right photo is a black & white version of a cropped frame from the video mentioned earlier at 51:36.
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  16. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman

    Would anyone have any information, contact or otherwise for the following two people?

    Donald A. Keeler and James W. Leslie

    They were part of Carl Barney's
    Nationwide Acceptance Corporation.


    Howard Dickman
  17. SanDiegoMember

    SanDiegoMember Howard Dickman

    One more name that has come up. Any info would be appreciated.

    Cheryl Sola, the apparent author of the Cheryl S. Story floating around the Internet that discusses Carl Barney and his missions, as well as Nationwide Acceptance Corporation.

  18. cakemaker

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    this link has an email address (don't know if it's current)

    another clue (maiden name)?
    also has a hidden email at the very bottom of this page


    also Tory Christman or Graham Berry may have contact info
  19. AnonyMary

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    Hi, I know how you can contact Cheryl Sola. BTW, I was at Barney's Valley Missionsn for about a year, maybe more... when we all got suckered into that loan scam. Many did. It was a hopping place. Lots of memories... It occured to me today that Arlene Rich, ( sister of Shgaron Rich ) was also there and may be the mother of Nathan Rich, who spoke up on Scientology & The Aftermath. His Aunt Sharon Rich and Arlene are siblings IIRC. We were all so young, Arlene was such a fun person. Anyway, I will PM you on Facebook with details about Cheryl, as it's more convenient for me.

    BTW, I didn't think I would ever hear about this finagler Carl Barney again after Cheryl's Story came out.

    Some easy findings on the guy, for anyone interested.

    Scary to know where his networking skills took him

    For those in doubt, this not-so-up-to-date info shares enough for me to say its him...

    One of probably others: a current lawsuit
    Colorado vs. Carl Barney et al
    "Below the double line is the complete text of the complaint filed by the Colorado Attorney General against Carl Barney, his schools, and his chief executive officer, dated December 1, 2014. [1] The lawsuit is still ongoing and has yet to be adjudicated. (The latest news: On December 30, 2014 the plaintiff requested a preliminary injunction. This was denied on July 16, 2015. On January 9, 2015 the defendant filed a motion to dismiss. On November 17, 2015 the Denver District Court denied practically every claim. [2] )" see the complaint, and related docs

    a 1996 FRAUD lawsuit docket filed in Oregon

    Bet there is more but no time to look and post. Will if I come across anything in my travels on the net
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