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  1. Sorry it took me so long to get back here. Thanks for all the well wishing and advice. Continuing to read and ponder.
    I have a friend who seems to have gone really round the bend with an author named Neville Goddard and the similar viewpoint of The Secret. I see some similarities in the "I Am" concept and what came down the pike from scn. We are gods, we have all the solutions etc. Any opinions how that is a similar mind warp idea? It seems to have a similar concept, and just wondering if there was any opinions about that.
    Christianity seems to have a universal "forgiveness" idea. Not entangled up with all the earlier similars, find the overt at the bottom of the chain solution. Just a "love yourself" kind of doctrine. And you are forgiven.
    This all may sound incredibly simplistic. Just interested in hearing what others might say. Thanks in advance. Appreciate all your thoughtful answers.
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    In the last couple years while I was barely hanging on to Scientology (by a rapidly unraveling rope, down to the last few strings...), I began to notice the frequency with which SCIENTOLOGY STAFF MEMBERS used the word "NEED" in conversations.

    Everyone always NEEDS handling!​

    Everyone always NEEDS to do their next level!​

    Everyone always NEEDS to move more quickly towards​
    securing their entire Bridge and arriving at Mecca/Flag/Freewinds!​

    Everyone always NEEDS to also do more. Even if they​
    are on auditing they need to also be on training. And if they​
    are on training full time, they need to get onto daily auditing!​

    Everyone always NEEDS to contribute more (time/money) to​
    help save the planet and all mankind!​

    Everyone always NEEDS to get all reasonableness, other-Intentionedness​
    and counter-Intentionedness off their lines and join the most dedicated​
    Ideal-OT group on this planet, Ron's Sea Org!​

    Then I left Scientology.

    Then, thankfully, I was no longer listening to staff members tell me what I NEED.

    But, then I was listening to that same harangue continue, but now from the dedicated mouths of SCIENTOLOGY PUBLIC, who indefatigably also told me what I NEED to do.

    example: I ran into a Scientologist OT VIII who I had briefly met a decade earlier because they were friends with some people I knew. I don't really know them. They assume they know me, it appears. I saw them quite randomly on a busy retail street as I was walking by some shops. They called out to me by name, SUPER VGIS to see me. I guess I was a "safe terminal" and fellow planet clearer, they must have thought. They had common "R" with me on the ARC triangle! They were really glad to see me and ask what I was doing. I said: "Oh, I'm just shopping."

    "No, no, no, I mean what are you doing in life these days?", she earnestly clarified.

    "In life? Um, just working, I have some businesses that keep me pretty busy!"

    Only now, I learned, I was fully into a deep conversation, having already DevT'd this woman 15 seconds with meaningless homo sap chatter. She was not a Sea Org member, but she knew Q & A, other-intentionedness when she saw it! "You know what you really NEED to do?" There was that word again. She didn't wait for an answer: "You really NEED to get down to Flag and get back on the level!"

    WHAT I SHOULD HAVE ANSWERED: "By gosh, you're right! But I just discovered the cure for cancer and I am writing up my power hat in order to save hundreds of millions of lives!"

    WHAT HER RESPONSE WOULD HAVE BEEN: "Well, um, that's great, but you really NEED to get those wog handlings off your lines and get hatted on Ron's standard cure for cancer; exponentially increasing the number of cigarettes you smoke so that the cancer 'runs out' ".

    WHAT I PROBABLY ANSWERED: "Wow cool! Hey good to see you again. Thanks for all the pro-survival r-factors so I can align my Dynamics in an ethical way to help Ron clear the planet! You really NEED to let me go now, so I can flow power to Ron." LOL
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  3. HH you are a breath of fresh air. Always entertaining on this board. Thanks
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  4. Thanks Paul. You have a great soothing voice! That alone was worth the click. I think what you did here was interesting and well thought out. Just reading through the list reminded what it was all about. Hadn't looked at that stuff in years.
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    Yeah, but I NEED another beer. Or something like that.

    Man, I sure hope I'm not still a scientologist!
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    freezone is a scam also..dont tell me the freezoners are not making money off of it? some people who never even finished highschool or had a solid career and have a messed up life themselves are auditing people and guiding their life direction? sorry..not buying that either.
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    How are you doing now?
  8. Out Ethics

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    As you are getting off the your O/W about Masturbating, a cardinal sin and High Crime in Scientology

    The Auditor asks you

    "And what did you do there" :cool:
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    I dunno why they can"t either, Stratty.
    Neither of those lists are complicated.
    The other day, Spouse's sister was whining about something, and he said that she needed some Dianetic auditing.
    I said Why don't you audit her?
    He said O! I can't audit!
    Now this is a guy who spent 200/300 hrs on OTIII jut a couple years ago.
    What a Crock!
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    Eh? What? Are you talking to me? Ok, well, I can't remember what an L1C looked like, or a CS 53 for that matter. Perhaps spouse means being trained to audit a PC other than self requires skills he doesn't possess (or he really doesn't want to be bothered with auditing his sister). Just my £0.02 of course.
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    What can I say? Sure, there is a lot in the C of S that sucks, but if you find one little bit of good or usefulness in there somewhere, use it. Even a lowly contact assist can help when you need it.

    Find whatever instructions you need and just do it. Best of all, the price is right.