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  1. Hi,

    I'm doing research for a project and looking for other ex-members who may have fallen on hard times financially because of the excessive payments that were encouraged by the Church to keep money on account.

    Thanks for any help in advance.
  2. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    In my experience with such requests, it might be best if you provide more information, and indeed as much information as you comfortably and safely can. People here are understandably concerned about possible undercover or trojan horse operations by the Church of Scientology. Thus, you may get a better response if you can provide more information.
  3. That's my slippery slope. Unfortunately because the nature of the project, I can't divulge too much...but via private message I can be more upfront. I'm not sure how to let people know more about it without letting people know more about it.

    I can promise that it is a legit project...which without knowing me I'm sure holds as much weight as if I was promising enlightenment.
  4. Glenda

    Glenda Gold Meritorious Patron

    Former scientologists like, and deserve, transparency.

    They've often had more head-games played on them than most people can fathom.
  5. EZ Linus

    EZ Linus Cleared Tomato

    Can you divulge the sort of "project" you are engaged in? A school science project? A book? An expos'e? A NY Times article? A giant bronze of Hubbard running in motion with bags of money clenched in each fist? A new cult?
  6. Type4_PTS

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    Wow, that's a great relief! :coolwink:
  7. Glenda

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    Can't help myself...

    I'd be in if it were the bronze thing. I am (still) a total sucker for bronze busts. :coolwink:
  8. I completely understand. I feel the same way.... hence my hesitation sharing too much. That's why I don't want to post too much on the public part of the forum...but I can reveal more in a private message without the forum members having to say too much about their situation.
  9. Not on the forum...but in a private message.
  10. dchoiceisalwaysrs

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    Off I go now to the store to get a case of Coppertone Bronze suntanning lotion.. oh wait... I gave all my money and more to the cult. Do you think that would qualify me for the financial project.....can I borrow a pen and paper so I can write up my CSW? Quite frankly, I think this project of acompleteunknown is one that can reach back into the 50's as we can see by reading some of the compleat aberee publication of the years between 1954 until I think 1965. The extortion is not a new thing for the cult.:no:
  11. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    I know, right?

    I was going to post a vid of porcupines mating but this is a family friendly forum.
  12. dchoiceisalwaysrs

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    There is a saying something like 'trust but verify'
    the amount of betrayal by the cult has certainly created some amount distrust and I too understand the jaded feeling.

    Perhaps an altered approach is possible where we open the door to more information, enough information to help verify the truth of the matters involved and then consider whether or to trust.

    Something like ' Verify before trusting or distrusting'
  13. Gizmo

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    The responses the OP has thus far posted is making my butt pucker !

    I'm outta this thread & not ever looking back at it.

    God I hope my friends are listening to what the OP offers !
  14. F.Bullbait

    F.Bullbait Oh, a wise guy,eh?

    Doesn't have much to like...

  15. AngeloV

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    Let me save you some time.

    Hypothesis: Scientology causes many people to go into bankruptcy and experience financial ruin.

    Data: Scientology promises to remove all kinds of barriers in a person's life so that they can overcome their own shortcomings which will lead to prosperity. It also promises supernatural powers are obtainable. A person slowly believes this to be true through clever brainwashing techniques employed by the cult. Short-lived good feelings and group love bombing cement the brainwashing into place.

    Hard-sell techniques are used constantly. The person is mercilessly hounded to take more courses and get more auditing. All of the person's cash is consumed and then credit cards are maxed out. Some take second mortgages on their homes.

    In time all of the purported 'gains' and 'abilities' that the person should have obtained do not occur and the only thing the person has left is extreme debt.

    Conclusion: Scientology is a blood-sucking cult full of lies, exaggerations and deceit.

  16. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    Good brief summary. Although there is a lot more that could be expanded upon. And we may get some of that in an upcoming book by and per Kay Marie Rowe in her upcoming publication "Under Pressure; Memoirs of a Sientology Fundraiser". She just recently posted about it on Mike Rinders blog of today or yesterday.
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  17. Knows

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    I love the idea of exposing the Scientology CONTRACTS and the ROUTING FORM.

    This is fraud and deceit and THIS ALONE should take away the cult's Tax Exempt status.

    1 - first, you are "ruined"
    2 - $cientology then $ells you a $ervice delivered to you by a VOLUNTEER who really makes no money. You pay a shit ton of money for these services delivered by SLAVES.
    3 - You will PAY up front - before you see any $cientology 65 years of perfecting the Ponzi Scam - lawyered up contract.
    4 - You will be given a "vague" receipt and your payment is deemed a "DONATION". It goes into the Bank Account of the Organization.

    It sits there until you "route on" to your service. Then you sign your rights away.

    THAT is when they have you sign the lawyered up, "can't get your money back, can't sue Scientology" slick and clever little contract that YOU HAVE TO SIGN WITHOUT LEGAL REPRESENTATION. They won't give you a copy of it either.
    Remember - in Scientology "Trust" is at the top o the Tone Scale:whistling:
    5 - If you ask why they MONEY you paid for a "service" is called a "donation" on the receipt - you will be LIED to. I was told "THE PSYCH's":omg: sent people in that were crazy who ended up committing suicide or going they could sue Scientology. :unsure: I believed them because I had no suspicion I was getting SCAMMED beyond belief. I was also told "because Scientology is a religion - they have to call the money we pay "donations".

    Now - look at a Scientology contract.

    Work it out in clay how easy it is to Rip People Off - RPO!!

    I have a letter from a Scientology attorney I will share with you - showing you how they respond to a refund.

    Scientology Attorney stated that one must cite "fraud or deception" ( Which that is exactly WHAT SCIENTOLOGY IS) and that the government can't get violate the Amendments of getting involved between cherch and State...:whistling:

    This is so easy to prove.

    Let's expose this please!!! :yes:
  18. ThetanExterior

    ThetanExterior Gold Meritorious Patron

    Your post hit me when you mentioned "fraud or deception" with regards to refunds. I have sometimes wondered why I was one of the few people ever to get all of my IAS donations refunded. Well it just occurred to me that I hit them very strongly with the "fraud" angle.

    I pointed out that "scientology" is comprised of the works of L. Ron Hubbard yet the IAS was formed by a Scientology Policy Directive (SPD) which is not Hubbard policy. Therefore the IAS is not a scientology organisation.

    I also hit them with their stated aims of "protecting scientology and scientologists" which I pointed out that they don't do and I gave examples. I also challenged them to produce all of the signed donation forms they are supposed to get for each donation. I knew they couldn't because most of the time they didn't get them signed.

    I pushed fraud, fraud, fraud and I got my money back.
  19. George Layton

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    In ball park figures can you state the time you spent in, your progress ( should it be called progress?) up the bridge and the monies you spent? And NO don't pm me.
  20. EZ Linus

    EZ Linus Cleared Tomato

    I can't remember what words I used to get my refund, but it was an obvious deception on behalf of both regs' Scientology morals, that's for damn sure. I'm pretty sure I wrote this all out in my story about how they ripped $10K from my spouse one night and I got RTC to give it back about a month later -- without being declared an SP. Things were never the same after that though.

    It's not just the routing forms though. The whole thing is a deception! And they try to save their ass wherever they can. I tried to get my mother into the Narconon program to wean her off of her prescription medication and they made her sign a suicide waiver - like a legal document. She was so offended, but she signed it under much duress and kept sarcastically complaining how she was going to sue them from the grave. It was pretty funny actually (in hindsight). Still, no shame I tell ya.