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  1. Anonycat

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  2. I am not an ex-Scientologist. (I am not a current one either for that matter). I'm actually working on a project about what Scientology can do to people's lives. I'm currently looking for stories of ex-members (or even current members) who have hit hard times financially because of the incredulous amounts of money they've had to fork over to the Church.

    I have a few stories from various news articles...but I wanted to get some first hand accounts.
  3. EZ Linus

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  4. phenomanon

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    Do your 'due diligence'.
    Karen offered to help you.
    Is there any thing else you would care to say or ask before you leave?
  5. Knows

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    I asked this person to reveal their identity. They said they could not and only gave me a first name.

    I think they are OSA - and you know what we say to OSA

    FUCK YOU OSA! :yes:
  6. Knows

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    I have a story to share but you would not reveal yourself.

    Go away OSA - oh, and FUCK YOU!! :p
  7. George Layton

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    From your OP;

    I'm doing research for a project and looking for other ex-members...

    Does that not imply that you are an ex-member?
  8. I'm not an ex-member. It wasn't meant to be taken that literally. It's a casual phrasing meant to address a group as a whole...if there's "any other" people out there willing to help out.

  9. I did give you my full name. And I also gave you the company I work for. You then gave me a "1 hour time limit" to further prove who I was (even though I was busy at work and wasn't checking this board every 5 seconds)

    When I asked what else you would need to verify who I was you never responded.

    I am just as worried as everyone, so I need to be cautious, too. Put yourself in my shoes, what should I do?
  10. I'm on this project through next week and may have some further questions. I would appreciate the assistance of ex-members so I'm sure to treat the subject with respect and accuracy. If there's a better way to approach this?
  11. phenomanon

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    Your best 'approach' would be to make yourself known, and your questions precise, to the public faces of scn.
    By this time, you know that an active scn'ist will not talk to you. If a 'spokeshole' from cos does grace you with an interview, they will lie as needed and wanted by their "religion".
    You can glean specific names from Leah Remini's " Aftermath' documentary, and contact the people who have aready bravely revealed their identity as well as their willingness to speak of their abuse in the cherch.
    If you have specific questions, form them up in a professional way and ask them of this Board. You may or may not get answers from esmb members.
    Karen has already offered to help you, so what else could you possibly need?
    Treating the subject of Scientology with Respect is not a popular meme here. In fact, sounds like an Oxymoron, using the words 'scientology' in the same sentence as 'accuracy' and 'respect'.

    good luck. You sure chose a shitty project.
  12. Thank you. I don't know which user is Karen. Would love to reach out.

    What COS is doing is I want to make sure I approach it with respect to the ex-members and what they've gone through. I want to avoid rumors or internet stories but instead true stories of the hardships that people endured because of the fees they had to pay to the Church. I'm very familiar with Leah's show...but I'm looking for people who haven't appeared on the show yet.
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    One week isn't enough time to plumb the depths of this subject and it isn't enough time to establish credibility within the ex-community. If you are an ex and you want to come out with your story or even discuss it anonymously I'd think that you would want to do it in a way where you had some element of control or trust for it's content, use and distribution. Why not just do it on your own blog or through ESMB or the Bunker? So it seems you need to find someone who has already spoken out:

    Scientologists are manipulated into financial ruin through a lot of ways - just about any way feasibly possible. There is also the lost potential income from making decisions that would have been more remunerative than doing things inspired by a loyalty to Scientology. They are taught that by going up the Bridge they will overcome the mental obstacles that prevent them from succeeding financially and gain new abilities to help them earn enough money to pay off the money they give to Scientology plus a significant premium. However, there is never a limit to how much the Church demands so it is an escalating relationship.

    To do the OT levels they vet people in part on the basis of their loyalty and logistical and financial contributions to the organization including IAS donations. It isn't a dollar for dollar cost of services matter. Scientologists are indoctrinated into the concept of "Exchange" which in the Scientology world implies that it is virtually impossible to be "In-Exchange" with the Church due to it's value and benefit to humanity and one's spiritual eternity being of inestimable worth.
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    I'm going to second what pheno said. You have shit-time of a deadline. Then consider which is more compelling/engaging of a read: Random and nameless ex-scientologist just PMed me this! Or, a bit from Leah's show which was produced by the most top-notch (and fact-checked for you), source. It would be more engaging to hear from exes, who held very high positions in the cult. Leah's season two is launching now, and that would mean that the mention of an excerpt, would make it even more relevant. If you only have a few days until your deadline, and you're feeling lucky, I'd reach out to people that appear on the show, and ask for a 5 min. "phoner" interview, about their experience. Advance them your questions and possible follow-up questions, so they can make notes.
  15. If a member wishes to remain anonymous that is their right. If a member wishes to share personal information - or not - in a Private Message that is also their right and is a private matter. Anonymity is respected on ESMB. Let's keep it civil, no demands or abuse.
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    It was a different person that Karen offered to help:
  17. phenomanon

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    Looking for people who haven't spoken out? :lol::goodluck:
  18. phenomanon

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    Using already verified material from valid ex members is the only way to get it done in a week.
    When Janet Reitman did her story, she had Lawyers to get statements sworn to, and so forth.
    You cannot write a single story without fact checking it.
    Anony has given you a program to follow that is prolly your best hope.:yes:

    Why don't you tell us your story, instead of giving yourself a failed purpose?
  19. dchoiceisalwaysrs

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    I would assume you have list of questions. Why not put them in a post and see what kind or response you get? That might get the ball rolling. :unsure: