First Dianetics Murder Suicide 1951

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    OSAOPS Banned

    Hubbard complained of a conspiracy, in a letter to the FBI dated May 14, 1951.

    Details refer to some of the reports that are now posted online (at

    "Their first blast was the San Francisco papers, Sept 1950, quoting the publisher (of Book One) Ceppos being critical of me (he was a communist) followed by the LA papers, pushed then by the Sara Komkovadamanov (alias Northrup) 'divorce' actions, followed by attempted kidnapping of myself. Other details were pushed into it including murder of four and so on. This was a full complete covert operation. At the back of it was Miles Hollister (psychology student), Sara Komkovadamanov (housekeeper at the place nuclear physicist stayed near Caltech)..."

    The other referenced deaths were Dr. Rowland Walker (Dianetics' first Medical Director), and an unnamed applicant who sought Dianetics auditing.
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    I just wasted 5 minutes reading that document. Hubbard is almost incomprehensible in parts of it. Makes me wonder for his sanity. Who writes letters to the FBI? Even in the 1950's.

    Personally I've never thought much of the FBI but their statement regarding Hubbard seems spot on: Appears mental.
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    Website looks better. Good job, dude! :thumbsup:

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    ah yes, thanks for posting that. Just prior in 1949 Hubbard via Campbell letter to Heinlein wrote of a similar thing. I haven't had time lately to find it in the 124 page file of the campbell/heinlein letters, but I will. It's part of the recurring theme tread I started a week or so ago. It's Hubbards use of mystery sandwich/create a conspiracy against hubbard and/or dianetics/scientology gimmick to make his brainchild seem all too valuable, the weenie that everybody is after.
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    Hello! It says here that you have a report on David and Helen. Can you send me the link to it? Helen was my great aunt. Thank you!!