First Independent Church of Scientology Grade Chart and more

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  1. CommunicatorIC

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    First Independent Church of Scientology Grade Chart and more.

    Religious Liberty League: FICofS Grade Chart & Etc.

    PDF for better resolution:

    Excerpt from Religious Liberty League post below the chart.


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    At long last, the Classification & Gradation Chart has been approved by the Technical Standards Committee (TSC) for the First Independent Church of Scientology (FICofS).

    To see the full sized pdf, Click here.

    Feel free to give your thoughts, criticism and praise in the comments below.

    And now to catch up.

    Breaking the Church Monopoly

    The church did not respond to the FICofS request for a license to use Scientology copyrights and incidental trademarks. This means that FICofS has perfected its legal rights to use LRH materials and incidental trademarks and its defenses against a potential infringement lawsuit brought by the church after FICofS openly uses and practices the religion of Scientology.

    Simply stated, FICofS, and any of its missions, churches or affiliated practitioners can safely exercise their First Amendment right to practice the religion. This does not mean that the church will not sue, but FICofS is locked and loaded, and fully prepared to defend and counter any such action.

    FICofS – RLL Distinction

    Religious Liberty League (RLL) is apart and separate from FICofS, and always has been. The line between the two was blurred when RLL assisted in the establishment of FICofS as part of RLL’s project to break the church’s monopoly over the copyrights and trademarks of Scientology. And more so when RLL’s proprietor became a trustee and officer of FICofS.

    Those positions were taken on by request and out of necessity since a legal entity had to be formed and legally constituted in order to retain the law firms and request a license to use Scientology materials. Having satisfied that need, and accomplished that stop-gap purpose those positions have been relinquished, giving a clear break between these two organizations.

    FICofS Website

    FICofS is in the process of building its own website. It owns two domains, one with the name spelled out and the other abbreviated. .org and .com for both.

    For future news about FICofS please visit those web sites.

    CNN Series Believer Scientology Episode


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  2. Karen#1

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    They have threatened for YEARS to sue on their *Intellectual* property usage.
    Lawsuit forthcoming on the Indies on CNN Resa Islam show ?
  3. CommunicatorIC

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    Notice Original OT VII is near the top. Jonathan Burke of the Advanced Organization of the Great Plains has a technical observation.

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    Jonathan burke April 16, 2017 at 7:31 pm Reply

    Nice work!

    If one is going to add the original OT VII at the top, the earlier original OT IV, V, and VI were meant to come prior to that level, as one builds upon another gradiently. The original OT VII perfects a beings intention and was originally used (per reports) to be done prior to NOTS for those who were having trouble doing NOTS in it’s earlier form as a corrective rundown, prior to it’s inception as an actual OT level later to replace the original OT VII. With that in mind, it would make more sense to have this done as an audited action prior to doing the NOTS OT VII level and not after, along with the original OT levels of IV-VI, which are quite literally the only positive gain levels in the OT band created by LRH. The wins are phenomenal and in my opinion would be a glaring omission to the public at large. If they haven’t been done by all, they are truly missing out, IMHO.

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  4. PeterPier

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    I'm afraid that that ain't correct. I'll give a legal example (yes I am VERY trained in this area of law and used to retain an international law firm for $100,000/yr for defense of corp. IP). If I send a request to Redmond to use the TM Microsoft and they don't reply, and I then use it. They CAN sue the crap out of my company. And they will win.

    This was probably written by the same guy that tried going to the Fed gov claiming that Scientology was a generic term and thus unenforceable. That was about a year and a half ago. I didn't follow up but I guarantee that the US gov will reply with a big, NO on that angle.
  5. NoIdea

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    It's like getting out of jail and then decorating your house to look like a prison. My viewpoint. If that's what you're into though, go for it.
  6. CommunicatorIC

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    Important clarification about the new First Independent Church of Scientology Grade Chart.

    From Chris Black on the RLL website:

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    Chris Black April 17, 2017 at 3:10 pm Reply

    Jonathan (and any others reading this), the FICofS Grade Chart does include the earlier original OT IV, V, and VI levels on the Grade Chart. The levels on this Grade Chart are NOT the “New OT Levels” of the CoS, but the original LRH OT Levels. Possibly you’ve mis-read it. As to the the progression of OT Levels, they follow LRH’s intention as outlined in LRH 301 Int, 17 December 1978, and the 1974, 1978 & 1983 grade charts, as indicated at the bottom of the FICoS Grade Chart. One can read those issues for further reference and understanding.

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  7. PeterPier

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    LRH ordered those levels you are talking about removed from the Grade chart and replaced by New OT IV, NOTS & Solo NOTS and to NOT put them back on. Those that worked on the Comp lines at that time know this. Rinder had to verify all this when LRH was still around in order to battle Mayo in court as per LRH's order.

    That's why it is funny to see the first action of those who left the church because of DM's "squirreling" take this squirrel action as their first one.

    Clams are insane. Not much else to say.

    P.S. OT VIII has been released. Another error.
  8. PeterPier

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    Replace jail with Spin Bin. :omg:
  9. Knows

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    Someone send this to the Indies

  10. TheSneakster

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    Please post documentation to support this claim. You will have to do better than merely posting Mike Rinder's say-so.

    LRH ED 301 INT 17 Dec 1978 Ron's Journal 30 "The Year of Lightning Fast New Tech" has the same line-up as this FICoS grade chart.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
  11. This is NOT OK !!!!

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    Who gives a shit?
  12. PeterPier

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    No, I don't have to do better. But I will. See the Grade Chart published where those levels were taken off and replaced by NOTS. It came out as as an HCOB from LRH too. Which was AFTER the LRH ED you quote and thus supplants it. (You DO know that HCOBs trump ED's on tech, derp) If you want to use LRH published references as "proof" then you just lost.


    Clams will be clams.
  13. PeterPier

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    Possibly those who are taking the time to post? :coolwink:
  14. George Layton

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    Wasn't hubbards writings about the mind and it's workings just a long series of say-so's?
  15. PeterPier

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    A LONG series of ramblings, rantings, and stuff pulled out of his blubbery behind. :screwy:
  16. Dulloldfart

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    Since the fickers are trying very hard to be legally correct about all this, what about the demonstrably false items in the "ability gained" column? Are they covered by the same religious hand-waving that allows the cult to get away with so many false claims about promised abilities that never materialise?

  17. Veda

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    Just as it was Hubbard who mangled the middle Grade Chart and downgraded "Clear," it was also Hubbard who discontinued the upper (non body thetan, recycled Rosicrucianism) "OT" levels.

    By the way, now that you mentioned Ron's Journal 30, 'The Year of Lightening Fast New Tech', do you happen to have a link to it? That was one of the things, from Hubbard, that I read, that brought me to the realization that Hubbard was not being honest with Scientologists, and was doing something else other than what he said he was doing.

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  18. PeterPier

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    Replace the "Actual Burger" with cyanide laced dog crap and that meme would be correct
  19. strativarius

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    Well, you haven't been here very long, but you seem to have gotten into the swing of things alright! :biggrin:
  20. PeterPier

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    Thanks. My experience with L Fraud's scam prepared me well..