First Independent Church of Scientology Grade Chart and more

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    I know, mate, I can't even stand to see those gobbledy-goop words anymore, I swear, much less the Cult of Scamology's Chart of Human Acquisition and Evilation.

    I love ESMBers and the raucous conversations, the wit, the philosophy, the variety of subjects, the politics and the humor. It's a shame that nasty cult isn't dead yet and we STILL have to read about the schizophrenic rantings of the weirdo church of Hubbard, ya know? Getting the Scientology off is like trying to clean dirty, dried latex paint off a brush and my computer screen just got slimed.

    Dump the lot, I say! As far as this thread goes, I'm outta here! All these lunatic Hubbard writings are grossing me out. :puke2: :runaway:
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    Probably, but I find that those vulnerable to Scientology are seldom inoculated against its sucking power by being told it's totally and only horrible.

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    I don't doubt you. But, I never claimed to be able to fix stupid. Just point it out.
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    Yeah meh sorry for those triggered by the crap, as a never-in I can relate insofar as I'm triggered by some other seemingly "unkillable", pseudoscience and woo related crap, but just that that guy made a chart doesn't mean they will have any customers. :whistling:
    Some people get out all the way, some keep some of the beliefs and methodology, and these particular "independents" who also want to "disseminate" are living a silly dream and just can't let go of their fantasy roleplay, or can they. :no:
    Like CoS, they'll go on for a while even with zero customers. :eyeroll:
    Okay storytime, at one point in the past, I was pissed and somewhat unsettled about scientology advertise/materials popping up repeatedly at a certain place in a specific way, and the main reason for my strong reaction was that I, not knowing of the full extend of their obstinacy and robotic routines, thought the ads/materials were repeatedly being put there because in the (immediate) past, they might have been actually successful, drawing people in. I mean, that's how it is done, right? Normally, if your advertise doesn't seem to work, you switch methods. :no:
    It's just that this rule doesn't apply to wackyology. They just had the general instruction to advertise/disseminate, maybe specifically at such kinds of places and in such ways, and so they did just that, whether or not ever anyone joined because of that crap.
    So keep your cool and watch the resurrected zombie cults limping by and keep cutting heads off. :coolwink:
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  7. CommunicatorIC

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    I make the following suggestion respectfully and, indeed, gently. You may want to avoid threads with the words "First Independent Church of Scientology" or even just "Independent Scientology" in the title. I am going to cross-post here news about these subjects that I find because I think they are not only interesting, but also important.
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    I meant no offense to you, CommunicatorIC. I get where you're coming from. Keep doing what you're doing, posting news as you see fit. You do a great job and always have. :thumbsup:

    But yes, I'll avoid the First Independent COS threads. Too over-the-top, too much mirroring of the actual cult for me to be supportive.
  9. CommunicatorIC

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    Technical Update: The First Independent Church of Scientology Grade Chart deliberately omits the Scientology Drug Rundown.

    TSC = Technical Standards Committee

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    because April 19, 2017 at 2:53 am Reply
    I appreciate and admire the work you are doing.

    Please disregard if this has already been addressed I didn’t see the Scn. Drug RD listed under Processing and in the Awareness Characteristics column there is a typo just above #21. “Power on All & Dynamics” should be “Power on All Dynamics” .

    Thanks you

    Merrell Vannier April 19, 2017 at 3:39 am Reply
    Thanks for pointing out the typo. On Scn Drug RD, I don’t recall the TSC deliberations on this except generally that the issue was addressed.

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  10. CommunicatorIC

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    "RemoteViewed" at My Scientology Blog has responded to the release of the First Independent Church of Scientology Grade Chart.


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    You can read about it here folks!

    So far it seems the move to form an Independent Church of Scientology is moving along with the release of their Bridge to Total Freedom AKA the Scientology Grade Chart.

    The Chart actually corrects the technical degrade instigated or more accurately perpetrated in the early eighties by the former Senior Case Supervisor International, Scientology’s Technical Tzar at the time, David Mayo.

    Anyone who wonders why OTs like the ones that dazzled the Intelligence Community back in the early seventies were no longer being made can thank David Mayo.

    I can understand why Ron may have overlooked this. First he was somewhat distracted at the time by efforts of our Government to indict as a coconspirator in the so called “Conspiracy” carried out by the Guardian’s office. Not only that there were a number of civil suits directed him by a shyster named Flynn and the pit of snakes he called his “associates” naming MkUltra poster child Ron DeWolf FKA L Ron Hubbard jr AKA Nibs as plaintiff.

    Little Ron as I call him would pop up like a evil little Jack in the Box through out the sixties and the early seventies presenting his case against the Old Man in reputable journals like Penthouse and Hustler then when confronted by dad’s counsel would retract what he said which makes for fun reading in Big Ron’s since released FBI files.

    But I digress.

    The man who was assigned to take over for Dave who was personally “shot from guns” by the Old Man himself when he found out that he was messing around with the tech was Ray Mithoff who seems to have fallen down some memory hole or is in the “hole” according to rumors but who did absolutely nothing about the blatant technical degrade noted earlier.

    In fact he would later conspire with David Miscavige nominal “Chairman of the Board RTC” AKA COB as in corn cob in the late nineties and “developed” using their own words a squirrel “technology” known as the “Golden Age of Tech” which would have made David Mayo squirrel extraordinare up until then green with envy.

    Mayo would merely slip his “new tech” in covertly while RTC would ram it down everybody’s throats using ethics to drive the tech out instead of in.

    I mean with all these alterations being generated by his rodent team members in RTRC under the guise of “assisting” Ron long after he had gone to some other planet in some far off galaxy or moved on to target two or had dropped the body or to put it bluntly deceased. I’m sure poor little Ray didn’t have the time required to pull the original OT Levels out of mothballs somewhere and put them back on the Grade Chart where they belonged.

    Or it could have been that he have suffered from flash backs caused by all the Acid he dropped when he was a freshman at Berserkly.


    So here we are over thirty years later with the original technology to make real operating thetans and it’s a good thing.

    To Merrel and everybody else at the First Independent Church of Scientology. I wish you all the best.

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * *
  11. CommunicatorIC

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    I would think that any indie orgs would have a legal problem with reproducing and disseminating the SCN materials due to copyright.
    Am I wrong?
  13. CommunicatorIC

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    It is my understanding that on the original versions of Hubbard's books, the copyright was lost. This was the primary reason for (the first) rewriting all the "basics" and obtaining new copyrights.
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    This is like getting duped into buying counterfeit goods.
    Then realizing they are fake.
    Then making copies of the fakes.
    Then getting sued for copying them.
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    The sad thing is they think the word "scientology" is something worth fighting for.