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  1. PJSmith

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    We (Fr. Frank Pavone, Victoria Gisondi and myself) are from Priests for Life, Rachel’s Vineyard and Silent No More. We are pro life workers who recognize the lasting damage abortion has on women, but especially forced abortion. Priests for Life/ Silent No More/ Rachel’s Vineyard are part of an international ministry that offers healing after abortion for men and women through activism and through healing retreats.

    We are interested in offering healing and would like your help on the best way to reach them. If you know someone that needs help, please share the websites or contact me via private message.

    Also, our organizations have a wide enough platform where we could mobilize the public. We also have various access to media outlets and could continue to broadcast and interview victims of Scientology.

    We recognize that not everybody shares our convictions about abortion so we come, not as proselytizers, but as friends offering help and resources for those who choose it. Besides our desire to help any families who been victimized by forced abortions , we also share a commitment to help expose human rights violations and abuses committed by church of Scientology.
  2. Free to shine

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    Thankyou for your offer of help! It is a very difficult subject for many to talk about, especially coming from a cult environment and it is good to know that people in the world are willing to see an end to forced abortion. I'm not sure what response you will get as with ex cult members there is a healthy paranoia about sharing personal information, however having a link resource is a good thing.

    You need to have posted twice before you can send or receive private messages. :) Welcome!
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  3. JustSheila

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    Hello PJ Smith, and :welcome2: to ESMB!

    What a wonderful, compassionate post.

    Thank you for caring. Thank you for offering help, counseling and assistance to any who were victims of coerced or forced abortions. Thank you for helping us expose the crimes against humanity of the false "church" of scientology.

    Please post a second time so that others can contact you by private message and you can answer any inquiries.

    As Free to Shine mentioned, only a small percentage of ex-cult members come forward publicly, but I believe you would offer them the confidentiality, care and respect that only those whose with genuine compassion for others can give so I hope some of the victims contact you.
  4. Rmack

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    This is a factor of a very evil aspect of this cult.

    Hubbard taught that a 'thetan' didn't occupy the body until shortly after birth. This justifies abortion. You can guess why he said this.

    I can personally attest to the fact that abortion is a despicable evil. One time I took a girl friend to have one, and I experienced physical pain out of the blue. I've since repented, but I've suffered severe emotional episodes just thinking about what I was conned into doing because of the evil cult of Scientology's teachings.
  5. Type4_PTS

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    I really liked the article from Victoria Gisondi that I saw on Catholic Stand (that since got removed).

    These actions from Scientology are a horrific abuse of human rights and anything your group can do to expose it is very much appreciated. :thumbsup:
  6. dchoiceisalwaysrs

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    Welcome and thank you all for coming forward with offers of assistance
  7. tetloj

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    Welcome PJSmith

    Are you aware of Laura Decrescenzo's suit against the cult?

    This will have more action in 2017.

    It would be a great service if you could mobilise more mainstream reporting of this issue - the LA Times for example has had very little to say on this important lawsuit.

    I think this is the latest item from Tony:-

    some of the evidence revealed after protracted lawyering:-
  8. tetloj

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    p.s. many thanks to Fr. Frank for his tweet during Leah's show
  9. Knows

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    Welcome and thank you.

    What could really help us here is to write to the IRS, Governors, Congressman, Senators, President of the US, Mayors and Alderman in your area and ask them to yank Scientology's Tax Exempt Status.

    It's okay to believe in Xenu, Body Thetan's and Cluster's and that L Ron Hubbard "dropped" his body to go to target two:whistling:

    But it is not okay to abuse people!
  10. Helena Handbasket

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    While I of course consider forced anything to be evil, I don't consider abortion itself to be an evil.

    IMHO that should be shortly before birth. I remember I entered this body one day before being born.

    However, the GE enters the body at around the time of conception. If you consider that aborting a body with a GE in it is evil, then of course it is evil. (And the thetan CAN, later on, copy the GE's charge from an attempted abortion [AA].)

    Perhaps there was AA in your past? If not this lifetime, then a previous one? That would explain that.

  11. CommunicatorIC

    CommunicatorIC @IndieScieNews on Twitter

    Message cross-posted to Why We Protest (WWP), the home of Anonymous on the web concerning Scientology:

  12. Free Being Me

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    Welcome. It's great you're taking a stand against $cientology but after reading your sites I'm not impressed with you using the $cio-cult as an excuse to forward your political-legislatively aimed religious agendas.

    It is a truism that almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so. - Robert A. Heinlein
  13. George Layton

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    Does IMHO stand for "In My hubbard Opinion"?
  14. Enthetan

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    I will take all the allies I can get. Left-wing, right-wing, and radical-middle included.
  15. Helena Handbasket

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    I'm more of a middle-wing person myself. But it's hard for me to find clothes, because I take an extra-medium. :biggrin:

  16. Type4_PTS

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    The abortion issue is usually quite divisive, with people being passionate about either being "pro-life" or "pro-choice", but this issue with the forced and coerced abortions within Scientology is different and already has got the support from people on both sides.

    These women were not given a choice. This is a disgusting violation of human rights by the Co$ and needs to be exposed.

    I'm grateful for any organizations including Priests For Life who help do this.
  17. Victoria

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    And I hope eventually members of the Scientology public who were never staff or sea org but yet had their family life interfered with and were coerced into abortion come forward also.

    There are surely hundreds, maybe thousands?
  18. PJSmith

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    Thank you all for your replies on this post. Please feel free to contact me (once I get cleared to get private messages).

  19. PJSmith

    PJSmith Patron

    Thank you! We are definitely wanting to help in any way we can. I can understand that sharing personal information is something many are reluctant to do. Silent No More website is strictly confidential.

  20. Jump

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    No, no. I have good authority that a pixie did it.