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    The enemy of my enemy isn't necessarily my friend. Cultist $cio coercion and christians trying to impose their beliefs to pass legislation as the legal law of the land both have a commonality. They ($cio's and christians) each have a draconian extremist agenda negating an individual's right to freewill choices.
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    I agree wholeheartedly! Obviously I am devoutly pro-life and Catholic -but my purpose on this thread is not to "convert". It is to share our support and offer help to those victimized. I am very glad the pro-choice community is on board with exposing this travesty. This is one time we need to set aside differences and come together to end these human rights violations! There is no reason we can not all work together on this!

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    Thank you for your response. I have responded to posts - will that allow private messages or do I need to post a new thread? Confidentiality is a priority!!!!!!
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    Thank you for your comment. As I said in my post: We recognize that not everybody shares our convictions about abortion so we come, not as proselytizers, but as friends offering help and resources for those who choose it. "Besides our desire to help any families who been victimized by forced abortions , we also share a commitment to help expose human rights violations and abuses committed by church of Scientology."

    We are not offering assistance to convert or change anyone's political views. We have a large enough platform to expose the human rights violations and offer healing to those who want it....this goes way beyond belief structures and political parties....violation of human rights is something we all need to stand up against.....

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    I am trying to erase a messge. It is much too personal. and does not only hurt me, but another as well.
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    Using PM is possible after you've posted twice. Which you've already done now. :)
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    There is a great deal of emotional turmoil, just not for the woman who aborts but those involved in the abortion (the father, friend who drove them, etc.). You can go to and read testimonies. You are not alone - and there is hope and healing available. I would be more than willing to chat with you on personal message (once I'm allowed to receive them).

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    Not a victim here but I just sent you a test PM. You should have a notification. Or click the private messages button in the menu.
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    Are you sure you want to turn this into a political thread? I'd rather not.
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    On the big list (see my sig) there are "only" 7 or 8 women who have been victims.

    From what I get from Claire (who was on the Leah Remini show) there are a lot more. There are also testimonies from some of the ex-scientologists who organised it, also saying there were lots more.

    That only so few of the women decided to speak out shows how difficult it is for them, and how brave it is to do so.
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    Hi all! Thanks for the warm welcome and to many of you who encouraged me after my article was taken down. Like Patti, I am here to help in any way I can and to offer resources.

    Victoria Gisondi

    "We recognize that not everybody shares our convictions about abortion so we come, not as proselytizers, but as friends offering help and resources for those who choose it. Besides our desire to help any families who been victimized by forced abortions , we also share a commitment to help expose human rights violations and abuses committed by church of Scientology."
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    Welcome and I happen to really like that quote. My bold
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    Greetings PFL! I am a Catholic, and I'm familiar with your organization and what you folks do.

    Finding the people you wish to help will be a tough pursuit. It's not the regular "public" Scientologists, nor the majority of staff members, that are coerced to have abortions. It is the Sea Org members who are so far removed from regular society that even if they did want help they have no way of finding you or even reaching out for help. (They rarely have access to phones, internet, etc.)

    A better tactic for your group would be to stage demonstrations that will be seen by the higher levels of the Scientology empire. I have already heard grapevine rumors, which are now several years old, that when the media first started to run with the forced abortion stories in 2009-10, the Sea Org got freaked out and changed their ways for fear of getting caught. Allegedly, anyone who gets pregnant in the Sea Org nowadays gets kicked out ASAP. So putting pressure on the major Sea Org branches would go a long way to keep them returning to how it was in the past.

    Here are three big suggestions for ideal ways you could mobilize the public to stage a demonstration that would really shake things up:

    1. The Laura DeCrescenzo lawsuit in Los Angeles is largely about the coerced abortion controversy. Having protesters and press coverage at the next hearing at the Stanley Mosk courthouse would be huge. It would hit them when it hurts most.

    2. Having protesters march around the Sea Org headquarter buildings in Clearwater, Florida (their mecca) would rock their world. (Whenever there is more than 2 or 3 protesters, local police make you keep moving. So a sizeable gathering ends up marching around the relevant blocks)

    3. Getting a street closure permit for L. Ron Hubbard Way in Los Angeles and staging a parade of protesters to hit the largest Sea Org buildings on the west coast would leave their busiest centers paralyzed.

    HTH and God Bless.
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    One of the great benefits of no longer being in a cult ditching all things Elcon is the freedom to speak one's mind, which I've done and will continue to do not concerned at all whether you or anyone else likes it or not. After all that's what ESMB is all about, people expressing themselves and I don't give a toss whether people don't like me pointing out the oppressive similarities between christianity and $cientology each having similar agendas at opposite ends of the spectrum limiting an individual's freedom of choice. Out of respect for the O.P. since this is supposed to be a welcoming thread for a newbie and taking into account I've had my say I'll bid everyone a good day.
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    The link works for me, great article, thank you!
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    For one, I can remember my birth. I remembered having my umbilical cord wrapped around my head, because my mother confirmed it. Well, that's what she said. The real problem was that it was choking me. But I got over it.

    For another, I think your theology is dead wrong. The Bible records an instance of someone leaping with joy after receiving the Holy Spirit while only the size of a bean in the womb.

    And finally, if I interpret 'AA' as attempted abortion, do you really think this is a factor? Trust me, the real thing is horrible enough. I'll never participate in it again.
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    It was/is part of the culture. When I was on staff in Melbourne I was one of the few among my peers who had not had an abortion, although I'd had a very close call when I was younger. It was taken for granted by both staff and public that often a new baby wasn't "the greatest good" and the secret heartache that caused so many families is dreadful. I remember sometimes the women would talk together privately, telling each other the reasons why it had to be done and therefore gaining courage to present the required happy face to the rest of the group while weeping inside their own private hell.
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    HH, I also wanted to comment

    If thetans can just bop in and out of bodies right before being born, as you say, why can't they after jumping in that body? If they are fighting over the body, why only one day before, why not much earlier? What is it about battling for bodies that stops after the person is born? Is it a game with rules? who decides the rules?

    It just doesn't make sense.

    I've heard that in China, as long as the baby doesn't take a breath, then it's still merely an abortion, not the despicable murder of a defenseless child. No matter how far along the pregnancy is.

    What's your line you don't want to cross? Two days before birth?