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    It can work for me to but there are some privacy issues that their team should address...calling IT! Firefox filters risks. Just bc you can connect doesn't mean it's okay:}
    Just saying.

    Sorry for the derail but sloppy privacy/Internets concern me.
    And....back to the awesome thread ...
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    Really? This is a group I never knew about before.

  3. Helena Handbasket

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    THANK YOU!!!! I've been waiting for someone to say that.


    EDIT: Sometimes you need to form a temporary alliance with such a person to work against the common enemy. Or as I have occaisionally said, "sometimes you have to make a deal with an enemy to get what you want".
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    I don't claim to know everything in this area but bopping in is definitely easier than bopping out. To be a bit poetic about it, once you enter a body, the GE holds on to it with one arm and you with the other.

    I'm not saying the thetan always jumps in one day before birth; I'm just saying I entered THIS body one day before birth at the beginning of THIS lifetime. (Perhaps it was available that late because it was not a great choice -- "on the discount rack" so to speak.)

    My personal opinion is to allow abortions during the first trimester. Not only does this correspond to the established rules in most jurisdictions that allow abortions, but is well on the side of caution.

    Anyone "needing an abortion" would have plenty of time to arrange it, if they were proactive.

    Of course, if they were really proactive, they wouldn't need an abortion to begin with. This is the better choice.

    Enough for now!! This thread is giving me somatics.

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    This is a great offer an opportunity for women who would need it!

    Thank you! (I took a look at what you do) :coolwink:

    May I suggest you demand the title of the thread be change for somethng like:

    Help, for women who had forced abortion in CO$

    It would make the topic of the thread (help) easier to spot.
    Again, thank you and may $cieno women ,who suffer in silence, get the benefit of this opportunity and be given help to heal.
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    Pebbles is saying that Firefox won't connect because of a security issue with the site, not that it is impossible for a connection to be made. I connected fine with chrome, but will check Firefox to see if there is any security warning...

    Edited to add:
    I got normal and fast connection to the site with Firefox.
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  9. Enthetan

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    I haven't heard of public being pressured to not have children, but would not be surprised if it happened from time to time. For a public, having a baby makes you ineligible for the Sea Org. It also means that you will have much less time for Scientology, and less money to spare.
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    Breaks my heart.....I know the hell they are going through and my abortions weren't forced (one was "advised"). That is why I'm so involved in helping those suffering from abortion regret and getting them into healing....either secular or non-secular.

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    Having been classified as an "Illegal PC"....I certainly was aware and thought of the fact that anyone that I married would, therefore, become "illegal" also....and any children I had would be the eyes and policy of the Cult.

    Being labeled "Illegal PC" by the Cult......for my situation.....would have been an on going label....and would have "tainted" any relationship....and would never be "fixable" or "redeemable"....via any Cult Policy.

    This all, IMO, did greatly affect my life and thoughts of marrying and having a family....during my 27 years in the Cult.

    I certainly was aware of the onerous nature of being an Illegal in the context of the Cult....and passing that burden onto another....was certainly a thought for me...

    So...what I'm saying in regards to this thread is that ....there was "built in" pressure within the Cult System that certainly has bearing on this topic....on many levels.
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    I think it's most unwise to assume that through what you learned in Scientology, you understand what is really going on with babies in the womb. Hubbard was a liar, and very much mistaken about many things.

    To think that as long as you kill a fetus during the first three months, then you are not really killing a person is pretty conceited. I don't believe you really know. And to assume that you know, based on Hubbard's ramblings, or some conclusions you came to while practicing his teachings is foolish. Especially after leaning of the many things he was just flat out wrong about.

    Reading OT III before doing the auditing leading up to it can kill you? Utter bullshit. People only criticize the cult because they have crimes? He probably knew he was lying, and said it for control purposes.

    Have you heard the stories of all the people who decided they were famous personalities in past lives? Including Hubbard himself? How about the stories of multiple people claiming to have been the same person? Happened all the time. Certainty in this cult means fully deluded.

    I could go on, but I think I made my point. Trusting anything you thought you leaned about the soul from this cult is the height of folly in my opinion.

    But let's give Hubbard the benefit of the doubt. Let's say thetans do jump in fetuses during pregnancy. What if the thetan jumps in at, say, one month? Being god-like beings, why not. If you then aborted that fetus, that would be murder, right?
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    The Gospel of Life on Radio Maria: FORCED ABORTION AND SCIENTOLOGY. Topic: Two former Scientologists will talk about forced abortion and intimidation inside the cult. Ask questions on the live show at 866-333-6279 (MARY) or email us ahead of time at
    Airing: Tuesday, February 7 at 6 p.m. ET and rebroadcast on Thursday, February 9 at 2 a.m. ET and Monday, February 13 at midnight ET (11 p.m. CT Sunday). Go to to listen online.
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    Cross-posted to WWP:

    And as a comment on Tony Ortega's blog:

  15. CommunicatorIC

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    Claire Headley is on the radio right now talking about forced abortions in Scientology:
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    I've had a deep seated personal absolute belief of " woman's body - woman's choice ". To me, that means only the woman who is pregnant has a say, period.

    Later, I've come to believe that IF life is viable on it's own then about isn't right. That for me ( and I ain't ever been pregnant ! ) makes third trimester abortions dicey at best.

    All that said, while in the cult on 4 occasions I drove someone to get an abortion ( each one very very early abortions ), waited, & drove them back.

    Each flatly said on the way back " I had to do it ". Didn't make me feel good.

    To me, it is beyond the bounds of humanity to insist or demand a woman have an abortion only because she is pregnant & a baby would impede her service to some person or cause.

    No doubt as long as the cult exists it will continue to force women to have abortions.
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    It's not just the cult. It's not unusual for a woman to have an abortion because of outside pressures or circumstances. Many abortions happen because the woman gets pregnant, and then her relationship with the father breaks up, and she decides to abort rather than raise the kid without him.
  18. Gizmo

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    Much of what I said applies to life outside the cult.

    While impactful on lives the cult is less than a drop in the ocean of life of all peoples.

    Many X's know & talk to people who are well outside the little sphere of the cult itself.
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    The Guttmacher institute did a study in 2005. Here is the link:

    Salient point:
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