Freed files: Scenes from a government investigation of Scientology

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    Freed files: Scenes from a government investigation of Scientology

    [E-meter machines being taken away during the 1958 raid in Washington]

    In 1958, the Food and Drug Administration raided Scientology’s Washington DC org in an investigation of health claims that the church was making with its “E-meter.” Over the next several years, the FDA conducted an intense and widespread investigation of L. Ron Hubbard[.......]

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    This might not make any sense to you guys who weren't involved in the 50's, but this post reminds me of the first time I "resigned" from COS. That was in 1958. I was being a millionaire Texan's wife at the time, and feared that the reputation that LRH was painting of his wife and loyal staff as Communists would spill over onto me. I asked to be removed from the mailing lists , and I left the subject for a short time. You have to understand that in those early days you could come and go as you pleased. There was no SO around to hinder you from leaving or staying. The first time I "left" was when, in Phoenix, in 1952/3, Sonny Sherman, a Dianetics student, committed suicide on the steps of the Center. I returned to the fold again sometime before '57. Then this insanity about Communists and atom bombs hit the News. Geez, Louise! An "adventure, indeed!
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    Do you have a book written about your history with? I for one would love to read it.