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  1. CarmeloOrchards

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    We've met. I organized that meeting at Peet's Coffee in Santa Monica several years ago. I've done some things to support Louise, and handle Ken's estate.

    I should be back in La La Land next week, would you like to get together?

    If we can agree on stuff, would you be interested in the discussion item of my auditing you, and maybe discussing food, nutrition, etc in conjunction with auditing?

    This is pro bono. It would be research on OUR part. We could maybe start face to face and move to over the telephone. I don't have a specific agenda. We could, perhaps, formulate one.
  2. Mark A. Baker

    Mark A. Baker Sponsor

    Sarge should know. :thumbsup:

    Drugs are definitely NOT optimal. Depending on the what's & whys they MAY be a preventative.

    But most of the time medicinals need NOT be a STOP.

    Mark A. Baker
  3. CarmeloOrchards

    CarmeloOrchards Crusader

    I googled up "SSRI"

    I had no idea what that meant.

    It has to do with keeping serotonin present in the brain. The whole concept made sense to me.

    S4K, have you ever audited (by the way this is a question, not an attack)?

    *If* where you are coming from is purely theoretical regarding drugs, I'd like to comment just below the next paragraph.

    If you have practiced helping a wide range of people, you experience vis a vis drugs in you thoughts about them, would be appreciated.

    For me, from age 14 to age 17 I smoked grass and dropped acid (several times). I went to the last Beatles concert at Candlestick Park with friends. We smoked cocaine treated grass. These friends (including myself) mostly went clear. One ended up close to homeless and dead (Skip Spence, an amazing talent). I wasn't particularly fucked up by drugs any more than I was by Scientology (the cult, not the tech). There was absolute good attained, just as Leary, Alpert, and Metzner promised.I quit dope to do Scientology.

    Alan calls these experiences "ascencion." That is as good as any other label.

    I tend to think some dope (I use the term lightly), sports (action NOT - watched), sex, auditing (either flow one or two), alcohol, and death or near death cause or accompany out of body and / or expanded beingness experiences.

    In the experiences that I have had, I definitely transcended term / opp term, or, if you will, bi-polarity. Call it oneness perhaps.

    The big caveat is that when (or if) you come down, all of the bi-polarity, disconnection, charge, resistance, individuation come fully to view and or restimulation.

    Cue: The Byrds "Eight Miles High"

    Leary said: "Turn on, tune in, drop out"


    get high (expanded awareness)

    get focused

    drop out of meaningless activity

    Through drugs, auditing, and physical activities i've experienced incredible highs--- reaching infinity. It has been a real trip rearranging my priorities having experienced infinitude.

    To sum it up for myself: Life is a game, play it! Respect others.
  4. seeking4know

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    I have many hours on the chair both ways.

    I just consider myself more "standard" than most here, not that it should indicate anything on this particular board.

    That is all, different realities.

    It is sad to see tho.

  5. CarmeloOrchards

    CarmeloOrchards Crusader


    we all come, quite honestly, from our own experiences, and our own
    "take on" or decisions about those experiences.

    I'm a laissez-faire capitalist. I LOVE it that we have a free "idea marketplace"- unlike the Co$, which tells you what to think.

    From the Family Dog (Chet Helms) and the Avalon Ballroom days in The City by the Bay, "May the baby Jesus, open your eyes and close your mouth"

    I learn a lot more by listening and reading and watching than I do by talking.

    So, based on your experiences (you've read mine), WHY NO DRUGS? This is a forum. I'm not going to learn a damn thing by my pecking on the keyboard. I mean no attack or refutation whatsoever.

  6. gomorrhan

    gomorrhan Gold Meritorious Patron

    What is sad? Drugs only function because they attach to neuroreceptors in our brains: those receptors are THERE, because the brain has use for them. Stimulating particular receptors (or blocking them) doesn't effect a spiritual being, that being has no connection to a body, except by consideration, so why is it sad to play with the brain's chemistry and alter it to tailor your perceptions?
  7. seeking4know

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    If i learn something from reading the words of people i dont know and will prob never meet then so be it.

    I rather observe what is there to see and from people in my dynamics and that is what my reality is.

    I have seen effects of drugs infront of my eyes and to deny them is sad.

    That is what is sad, for anyone.


    PS: keep typing tho, someone may believe that rubbish.
  8. seeking4know

    seeking4know Patron

    It is sad that it aint the 60s no more...

    Those notions of realities affected by chemicals are for the looneys man!

    I rather affect my reality by myself with no aids and for my benefit and of those around me (whether or not sci one must admit there is nothing wrong with that statement)

    That is true!


    PS: this is my personal view and others may have theirs, i like mine and that is why i have it, you like yours and prob thats why you have it.
  9. gomorrhan

    gomorrhan Gold Meritorious Patron

    Really, your body doesn't act as an aid? You can affect things directly? If so, why do you have a body? If you have a body, and it is an aid, why wouldn't you tailor it to your desires? If drugs have that use, why not use them?
  10. seeking4know

    seeking4know Patron

    My body is my TOOL.

    I affect things with this tool i have commanded by ME.

    I suggest not to use them because of the side effects ALL or MOST drugs have on your body at the short/long term.

    Besides there are already enough additives and such in the water food and air that we live with every day... Why More?

    Why not less?

    I have not taken ANY drug in ... mmm... 8 years more or less and i mean NOT ONE drug or medication!

    And i have gotten sick once in 8 years and i aint no young pup either!

    I will keep it that way.

  11. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    TECH outside COS: Freezone with Anon at founding Church Washington DC.

    TECH outside COS: Freezone with Anon at founding
    Church Washington DC.

    Well, I went to the demonstration in front of the
    Founding Church of
    Washington DC.

    I had my banner and Diogenes was with me.

    There were about 100 -150 people there.

    I showed my banner very in the front, lots of photos.

    Then went and put my signs





    the DJ made an announcement, people were VERY
    supportive of the
    presence of the feezone, many congratulated me and
    thanked me for
    being there.

    I did about 6 pinch test. about 10 strss tests and
    about 10 ruin findings

    People were VEEEERy happy of seeing a real e-mete and
    there were lots
    of photos

    I did not take that many as I was busy giving the
    test, bus about
    everybody had cameras and are begginig to post them
    and I am searching
    them in the anonymous group in dc website and will
    post the links

    I enden with my throat coarse as I was next to the mic
    and had to gave
    instructions compiting with the boom boxes.

    I had talked in the net with some anonymous and
    definitely I will be
    in the convention of 22 march giving a lecture and a
    group processing

    I went to the mike and taljk to the group about me,
    the freezone, and
    how scientology is a tool and is the person using it
    who decides how
    to use it, and how we are not in a games condition
    with the3 church,
    but prefer to deliver scientology as a more worthwhile

    It was definitely recorded and was in video streaming,
    I will find the
    video in youtube when somebody post it (people went

    Afterwards was approached by arnie lerna, I thanked
    him for helped me
    one time I called him shortly after I left the church,
    he tried to
    convince me that I was half out already and had to
    leave scientology
    completely, that if I prefer I should use hipnotism, I
    acknoledged him
    and told him that this works for me, but again thanks
    for helping me.
    He left, I took some photos of him and me, (I
    believed, it was not,
    the other guy did not pressed the button) but there
    were more people
    taking photos.

    There is at least two guys interested in a
    introductory session.

    You guys have NO IDEA how people LOVE the freezone.

    (I think it was because I was the living proff that
    their protest was
    against the abuses of the CofS and not against the
    subject of scientology)

    Any way, will post more, but these are the photos that
    I have in my
    camera (next time, make damm sure I bring a

    Victor Sandino

    Below the videos. com/watch? v=WdSjGxxTF7k

    Diogenes com/watch? v=g7aXJXHDwGg

    victor sandino ruiz


    For more information on services in the Freezone,
    mail me, Terril Park, at bbafzao@hotmail. com
    This address can also be found in the next URL.

    To find out more about us and to join our
    forums see our websites at :-

    http://www.freewebs .com/techoutside thecofs

    http://internationa lfreezone. net

    Below one may see a British TV program of
    scientology as its use.

    http://video. uk/videoplay? docid=1786568759 674213741& q=begin

    For those who are quite new to the subjects of
    Dianetics and Scientology, we have a forum where
    your questions can be answered, and their is a minimum
    of the quite extensive specialised terminology of
    these subjects. The forum website also has a couple of
    dictionaries of scientology terms.

    http://groups. group/Freezone10 1
  12. seeking4know

    seeking4know Patron


    Spliting Scientology corrupt management and organization


    SCIENTOLOGY the body of knowledge we know works!!!


  13. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    That was Victor Sandino Ruiz who explicitly stated he was not anon. :)

    I did my gig in London.
  14. seeking4know

    seeking4know Patron

    Yea! I saw both of your vids in ggogle!


  15. Old Timer

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    I agree.
    I'm only recently out of the Co$ and immediately started looking for a group that was continuing with Ron's Tech.
    Thank you to all of the people in the FZ (specifically the CBR version) and people like Terril for keeping the torch lit.
  16. Isn't that basically just removing Hubbard and his totalitarian cult from all the work he stole from others and claimed as his own?
  17. Terril park

    Terril park Sponsor

    A few heretics actually claim he didn't steal all of it, but in fact contributed
  18. AnonKat

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    Posting in Terrils thread :D
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