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  1. Claire Swazey

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    Guys in internet cafes in Nigeria actively lie and drain bank accounts and murder those who come looking for their money. So not the best analogy as it is my understanding that Rey draws the line at murder and speaks much better English and not the gawdawful Nigerian patois.

    I don't see eye to eye with him on many things, but I find him a lot more level headed (I've met him and his family) than the way you describe him.

    People are individuals.

    I mean, of the two, I'd rather do Paul's stuff (Well, I would, were I not boycotting him) than Rey's. But I don't view it as a contest, either.

    I think that both of them and everyone else doing New Age things, FZ things, Traditional Religion (it just seems to cry out for capital letters, I think) things- they're just exercising their freedom of choice and ones' mileage may vary.

    It's nice to be out of the cult and have the right to choose.