GAA club accused of taking ‘blood money’ after Scientology-linked vote

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    Irish Times

    GAA club accused of taking ‘blood money’ after Scientology-linked vote
    Ballivor GFC in Co Meath votes to share facilities with builders of Narconon centre

    by Louise Walsh

    A Meath GAA club has been accused of taking “blood money” after it voted to accept a proposal - worth up to €20,000 - to share its carpark with builders on a controversial new Church of Scientology- linked rehabilitation centre.
    Members of Ballivor GFC voted 24 to 10 in favour of accepting the proposals at an extraordinary general meeting on Saturday.
    The deal is from builders on site at the new drug treatment centre, which will be run by Narconon - the group linked with the Church of Scientology.
    The offer consists of construction goods worth up to €20,000 including sewage pipes and a shed which could be used as a club house on Ballivor’s new grounds.
    In return, the club would allow the use of its carpark to builders for 30 cars until the end of November, while work continues on the controversial development
    The EGM was called to debate these revised proposals after an earlier offer of between €8-10,000 was refused by the club’s executive committee.
    However the proposals are far from being signed and sealed, according to a source within the club. “The club has attached certain conditions which must be accepted by the builder before anything goes ahead,” he said.


    Meath Chronicle
    GAA club's €20k deal to allow drug rehab centre workers park their cars
    Saturday, 4th August, 2018 4:41pm
    by Louise Walsh
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    What's GAA, GFC, and other acronyms?
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    GAA - Gaelic Athletic Association
    GFC - Gaelic Football Club
    EGM - Extraordinary General Meeting