Golden Age of Fundraising by Chad Lane, Executive Director, St Louis Scientology

Discussion in 'Leaks - Emails, Promo, Insider Info' started by Knows, Apr 1, 2014.

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    I feel bad for all of the duped members - all of them (except David Miscavige). Just look at what they go through for the Organization. I found this on a thread here -

    [h=2][​IMG] St Louis Orgs 2012 Goals By Chad Lane[/h]
    You can read the the whole post here where ED Chad Lane sets out the 2012 Goals for St Louis at the end of the post.

    2012 goals

    1. Finish the fundraising for the renovations of our building. - FAILED

    2. Finish updating the files of the church. - FAILED

    3. Distribute The Way to Happiness to 20% of the population of St. Louis - FAILED

    4. Triple the number of auditors and supervisors on post - starting with the return of Adam Heft as our new Class VI case supervisor. - FAILED

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    Meanwhile, how much sweet, sweet cash got sucked up into Captain David Miscavige's building/ IAS/ slush fund ??


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    My God! He must be a sucker for punishment, working for the church...when he apparently knows all about the Ideal Work Scene

    Chad Lane shared a link.
    The Ideal Career Generator - Chad Lane
    Are you working the perfect job? Are you both immensely happy and well-paid? If so, this post isn't for you.

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    It really is crazy when one is out and able to see how these poor saps get suckered into believing the opposite of truth.

    A Slave generating millions but can't ever get enough for the Organization to ever finish. AND he does not make enough money to support himself by being a Rev. for a Church and a fundraiser! An Executive Director at that!
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    Thanks to all of you for posting this---and for Mike Rinder's blog to further articulate the stupid.

    It was so stupid, it made the Stupid Thread! LOL


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    Blimey, Chad Lane's still in?????? Sucker for punishment. Must have lots of overts poor thing.
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    In reading the link you provided,

    he cracks me up. He says he found the "WHY" for the St Louis org not getting above 40-50 staff, for years.

    What an idiot.

    The why is the the stupid Fund Raising.
    And below that why, is the tech no work, there are no "clears" or "ot's". I always split a gut reading stuff like this. :laugh:

    These folks try to explain the failures, the "whys" with the technology of scientology admin & hcob's, and none go outside the box.

    It's like somebody who wrote a book about selling buggy whips back in the days of no cars, and trying to sell buggy whips now using the technology of buggy whips back in the day. LOL
  11. CO2

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    The "real Why" is that there are more important things in St. Louis to do including:

    ride the trolley


    drink Bud


    watch the Cardinals play

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    Drink Bud?

    Only if it's not made in St. Louis!

  13. CO2

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    I didn't say, "I drink Bud."

    I've always loved the Clydesdales.