Got insomnia? This video will heal you of that...guaranteed.

Discussion in 'Scientology-related Videos' started by Smurf, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. Smurf

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    I started nodding off at about 38secs.

    Brilliant! No more restless nights.

    Hip hip...oh f*** it!
  3. clamicide

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    I think what strikes me is how this, and so much other Scn stuff talks about people not wanting to be a team... what's funny is, that although you do see people 'out for themselves' in reality tv and media and stuff, I freaking meet people who support each other much more in the 'wog world' than I did in Scio. Folks were so busy covering their asses that friendships took place in secret... you were so expected to KR the fuck out of anybody that didn't fall in line that it was the most backbiting insane place ever... anybody remember "mutual out-ruds?" Seriously.

    Don't get me wrong, I run into weird social gossip and craziness that I have high-school flashbacks, but NONE of it approaches the way I was pitted against others in the cult. Being expected to ostracize and shame folks whose stats were down? REALLY?????
  4. secretiveoldfag

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    Thank you Smurf. I really enjoyed that. To think of all the effort I don't need to make to become a more obedient zombie.

    At 00:17 the Tubbies are fixing a harness or something, Behind them is a green landscape. Does anyone recognise it? Looks like a harbour but not tropical??
  5. Captain Koolaid

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    Now they charge people for doing MEST work? What next? A bill for a face rip? Unbelievable. :duh:
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  7. degraded being

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    :lol: Not again!! :lol:

    "It was like wow"

  8. degraded being

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    The Inanity Course.
    It will increase you inanity 600%.
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    "Able to handle particles coming --atchoo, ....
    Where students begin and where they end are two totally different universes"
    Hahahahaha, this had me laughing continuously.
    How much does this ridiculous thing cost?

    People are paying to clean the Freewinds and do mestwork, run and exercise!
    You can come to my place and do all that for FREE!

    Those success stories. omg. "Huge affinity feeling for the third dynamic" :shark: Run for your lives people, $cinoscamology is the shark in the water with you.

    The ideas expressed in the beginning about how the world 'outside' does not work "together as a group" are disgusting and completely off the mark.
  11. degraded being

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    Already implemented.
  12. Riyan

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    Hi Smurf,
    Effective video on insomnia and like to say to deal with insomnia create your sleep schedule, avoid over sleeping or taking naps in day timing. Workout regularly and prefer morning time for workouts. Be modest about food and drinks, avoid stimulants before bedtime and eat only a light snack before bedtime, if hungry. Minimize light, noise and extreme temperatures during sleep to create a restful sleeping environment.
  13. Demeo_75

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    Interesting to go through this insomnia video. I really liked it and found quite informative too. My cousin sister is also having insomnia and wanted to get over this problem. Told her about addiction counseling Virginia centre and approached there. After taking treatment for some time she was really happy to overcome it.