Grateful escapee seeking head of NY Sea Org from 1990- where is she now?

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by inchant, Jun 15, 2015.

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  1. inchant

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    I posted this in New Member section but it looks like the party is over here under general, so hopefully its ok to post it here too..?

    I was thankfully only in the cult for 6 months (Divine Intervention is the only way i can explain how i was able to escape...they wanted to send me to Clearwater, surely I'd be dead by now if THAT happened). My last month was in the NY (Hell's Kitchen neighborhood) Sea Org.

    They placed me at the top right under the head of the Sea Org, she had just become the head of the org, this was in May of 1990..i can't remember her name but she was 19 years old and looked like a Vogue model (she actually bears an uncanny resemblance to Elena Cardone).

    I can't help but wonder whatever became of her, she was a special person and it pains me to think of what may have become of her. I reached out to Tony Ortega and he referred me to this community.

    So if on the off-chance anyone knows what happened to the lovely lady (or even her name for that matter), I would really like to know. Thanks a million!
  2. Lurker5

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    Hello :wave: and :welcome2: inchant :wave:
  3. inchant

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    :happydance:Hello and thank you for the warm welcome!!!:cheerleader:Love the unique fitting for an ex Scientology board.:party:
  4. AnonyMary

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    Hi!! What time frame are you talking about? And what color was her hair?
  5. inchant

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    This was back in May of 1990, her hair was very long and brunette. Here is a glammed up pic of Elena Cardone that looks Very similar to how she looked as I remember her-

    We actually ended up in bed together, lol (completely innocent,, i'm pretty sure we're both straight)... some high-up guy and new girl fell hard for each other and blew together,.. there was a high speed chase on foot involved. Lucky for them they got away, it was all very exciting and dramatic, and by 5am when we finally got to sleep, i can't remember why i would have gone to her bed and not mine, but with how rigid they are i'm pretty sure that was a highly uncommon occurrence. :)

    Would love to know she's ok.
  6. Operating Wog

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    I was around at that time, in Boston, but spent my fair share of time in NY and knew most of the crew there. Not sure what you mean for the "head of NY Sea Org". There was the CLO EUS and the CMO EUS headed up out of NY. The "head" of either would be the CO. I don't remember any CO CLO looking like that. But for a while, Lurie Bellotti (spelling?) was in the CMO and I believe she might have been CO for a while. She actually recruited me for the CMO back in 84-ish, but I never arrived, stayed in Boston. She went off somewhere and came back for a while, not sure if it was 90 though. She did have longish dark brown hair. Mid 20's probably. Though I recall she might have been a little on the heavier side. Not outright fat, but not super model skinny either. She was super nice when I originally knew her in the mid 80's but then again, she was recruiting me then.
  7. inchant

    inchant Patron

    I have forgotten most of the lingo, but she was the top dog, so i guess 'CO'..?
    She was 19 yrs old, super thin, and i remember she was promoted days after i arrived (cause the then CO went to another org) and i was put right under her when the guy i replaced was assigned as the new dishwasher (i have a feeling he hit on her cause they worked very closely together and he was quite obviously smitten).
  8. Operating Wog

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    I don't believe there was any 19 year old female CO CLO in 1990. Maybe CMO. They tended to be younger. If so, though, she was short lived.
  9. Operating Wog

    Operating Wog Patron with Honors

    Maybe you mean the Celebrity Center?
  10. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    The org didn't have a post title of CO, commanding officers. The top dog would be an ED ( Exec. Dir) Only CLO ( Continental Liaison Office EUS ). Were you on staff at the org or in the Sea Org? Sometimes they sent in CLO or outer upper Sea Org units to run things but the would have titles like A/ED ( acting Exec Dir).

    I think you are referring to when Larry Adams blew...he blew at one time...Do you recognize him or anyone in this photo from another thread?

    If you click the blue arrow by my nic name below, it will take you to that thread. There may be other posts about this photo and NYO

    The woman 2nd from left is Diane Kettering aka Diane Konneus. She was the ED around this time for the day org I believe...

    When you mentioned the woman you are seeking, I thought you might be referring to Liz Adams ( Liz Ball ), the most attractive woman I recall there during that time. However, she she is part asian and had long black hair and was married to Larry. She worked in Div 6 public division.

    I was there during those years... I was an FSM, field staff member and sub course supervisor. got lots of bodies in the shop and sold thousands of books.
  11. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Glad to see more on NYO and some people here with some history there. There are so few threads about it. I contribute when I can, what I can when I see a thread.
  12. inchant

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    This was the Sea Org in Hell's Kitchen NY, a few blocks from the local center near Time Square i believe. It was not referred to as the Celebrity Center. Executive Director sounds familiar. Her senior, who come to think of it looked a lot like David Miscavige..same creepy glare and wide-eye look, was transferred to a different org and she took his place. None of the folks in that pic look familiar.
    It's hard to imagine someone as married to the Sea Org as she was ever leaving.. there were several nights she and I were up working till 4am.:hyper:
  13. Smurf

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  14. inchant

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    That's the place.:)
  15. Ogsonofgroo

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    Hm, this caught my eye for some reason~

    Also a belated :welcome: to you Inchant! Good luck on your quest, and enjoy your times here! :cheers: & :rose:
  16. RogerB

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    Larry Adams was/is a sweet guy. A really decent man. He was in B1 in the GO when I knew and "worked with him" . . . and his girlfriend was Asian, and a sweetie too. But she was not on staff when I was doing deals with Larry in 1984-5.

  17. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Good. Sorry for my confusion on which organizations and building you were referring to. Most people just refer to that place as 'the CLO' or 'CLO EUS'. I was posting about the class V org a few buildings off Times Sq over at 227 W 46th St.

    The CLO is over and up several block, from the W 48 St org, as Smurf posted. (Good catch Smurf! What a terrific idea to list buildings, their violations and reviews like that on the internet)

    I've only been to 'the CLO' a few times, and any SO staff from there I ever have seen would be those visiting or assigned to the NY Org building for whatever reason. Hard to even know who was from what Sea Org unit ( except CMO ), since missions or tours were also sent out to the org.

    Sorry I couldn't be of help on this. If you had a name, I Smurf or I could probably locate her.

    You may want to contact member MestLover. His name is Andrue Carr, and he was the former Security Chief CLO EUS 1989 -1991 . He has not posted here in several years, but he posted much in the NY org related threads MestLover wrote a fair amount of posts and may have mentioned names and titles in his posts.

    Here is a link to his Facebook profile.
    You can send him a PM. If needed, tell him AnonyMary/ Mary McConnell suggested you do this

    Others may have as well. Here is a google search link of different threads that contain the keywords "New York" and "Sea Org" If you don't find anything helpful, you can change the key words so something else, like NY or CLOEUS CLO EUS"new+york"++Sea+org

    BTW, Celebrity Center NY is way on the other side of the city, uptown at E 82nd St
  18. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Yes, that was Larry Adams. I liked him a lot. He and Liz married and then she went onto staff at NY Org in Div 6. She was on staff for several years.

    By 1984, the GO was disbanded for over a year. I gather you were a OSA volunteer during those years. I was, as well.
  19. ExED

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    I was a CLV ED in EUS at that time. The person you are referring to was the CO CMO EUS. I drove her from the CLO EUS out to my org once.

    Was her last name Fraunfelter? Or was that the CO CLO who
    is now out? Not sure but definitely not Diane Kettering.

    She really was gorgeous. Cold as ice to me though.
  20. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Welcome!! and thanks for your the comment!

    Yes, Diane was cold... and too self absorbed to be Sea Org ( if she was, it was not for too long I suspect ).

    I remember a Brian Fraunfelter. He's was and still is an artist. There are online Scientology service completion listings for him and Debbie Fraunfelter, who I see is his sister. They have another sister named Renee Fraunfelter. Doesn't look like any of them are in Scientology.

    Debbie is not on Facebook but appears to live in Astoria, age 49... so if she is the girl being referred to by inchant, I can PM some contact details.