Grateful escapee seeking head of NY Sea Org from 1990- where is she now?

Discussion in 'General Scientology Discussion' started by inchant, Jun 15, 2015.

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  1. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

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    past LSD or she took LSD while in? she seemed a little maybe she had a drug problem? its so weird when they discover past can be 10 years in with good service..then they discover it and they are out...makes no sense...but then again...nothing really made sense.
  2. Mest Lover

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    Past usage that she "suddenly remembered." That happened to someone else while I was there.

  3. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

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    in other words..coming up with an excuse to be offloaded ..instead of just saying you want to leave. Thats a great excuse to get you off the hook and out without being declared...why didnt I think of that.I just escaped in the night after a week of routing out, but not routing out(interrogations when you ask to leave). I
  4. Mest Lover

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    Did you blow while I was on post? I used to get yelled at for that.

    I never stopped anyone for that. I would hear the side door fling open and see a flash in the camera. There goes another one.

    CO CMO went one night.

    2 to 3am was popular.

  5. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

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    Technically yes, I blew...........but I tried to route out properly and they were holding me there not letting me go and keepign watch on me for I had no choice. I honestly dont remember you...but probably saw me running out the door in the middle of the night...probably about 2 to 3 am lol
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  6. Tuppence

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    Lyci did not shorten her name, it's the name her friends and family had always called her.

    Mest Lover, you are right there were 7 floors, the top one was strictly for CMO staff, and not all CMO staff were housed up there. They had a lock on the door that you needed to punch the combonation into in order to gain entry.

    The elevator did work at one time, there was a child who was playing with matches and wound up setting the shaft on fire in the early 80s. This happened at night and in the fall, not sure what year exactly due to some memory blocks. All the young children had to be woken up and brought outside. The fire department tried to have everyone stand in front of PS 17 which was right across the street, one or two of the littlest children were missing. Lyci and a few other girls were standing outside in towels as they had been having a shower when the alarm was raised. Anne Hoffman, Lyci, and a few other people were arguing with the firemen because one of her children/Lyci's brothers were missing.

    Anne Marie Binda does not exist, Anne Marie is a combination of Shane and Quentin Hoffman's fathers wives. First one (and mother of Lyci and Penny) Anne, I belive his second wife was Marie or Anne Marie.

    Eric Knauerhase, who had custody of Lyci, had married Anne (once Binda, then Hoffman), Both Eric and Anne were very genuine people and quite nice (most of the time)

    349, was once in pretty good repair, over the years, due to an unwillingness to put money into renovations, the building fell into disrepair.
    The Front room on the second floor went from being a dorm room for men, to being a storage room, to being a nursery, to being a storage room again, to being a Scientology school to ....
    The thrid floor was the woman's dorms, then the Children's Theater dorm, then a storage space, then one side was the woman's dorm, the other the mens dorm, then ....
    Fourth to sixth floors were for CLO FAMILIES, then it was fourth and fith for CLO families and the 6th became for lower ranking CMO members (families and even single people)
    The Seventh Floor was only CMO, then upper CMO staff and then became resticted only to those with the combination code to the lock and those who lived up there.
    Main floor was Storage, Nursery, Children's Theater space, and empty space
    The basement housed the boiler room, the elevator maintence space and storage.

    The many children of scientologists were taken care of at the 48th street building, keeping them out of sight out of mind. There were a few times their care was moved to 46th street.

    The Deli on the courner was called Ali Amonies, and there was another one halfway down the street on 8th ave between 47th and 48th street called Goldilocks, the firehouse was on the corner of 48th and 8th, there was a Rays Pizza on the other side of the street and a little bit down, half way between Goldies and the fire hall. and kitty corner from the fire hall was another little grocery store, they usually had fresh fruit out front.
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    Yeah, nothing really made sense.

    But, in defense of Scientology, I'll just say that the highly productive 10-year staff member might have had a session where LSD read on the meter. In which case there would be a perfectly logical scientific basis for immediately kicking them out.

    In order to save the planet, on this planet.

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  8. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

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    Yes your are right....7 floors on the Excaliber and 6 on the NY Org.....what was Lyci's mom's name?I only remember Anne with Eric's name
  9. Mest Lover

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    I used to throw paper airplanes off the roof of CLO.
  10. Tuppence

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    Lyci's mom's name is Anne, not Anne Marie, but Anne, and she did Marry Eric, it's why he was looking after Lyci.
  11. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

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    and your right..lyci didnt shorten her name...she must have been messing with me at one time or another lol...I remember we used to go over to the new 45 flr marriot marquee across the the revolving bar..we would walk past security like we owned the had free nuts on the we would order a can of sprite($2! in 1980's) and munch on the free expensive bar nuts...we talked with british accents so that people thought we were was just to funny, talk about being desperate for a little snack lol
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    This is such a good thread for me. Thank you all for your posts here. I think we can all agree that MestLover's impeccable memory is a pleasure. I am finding his comments here so helpful in shaking out the cobwebs of my memories. I spent time as a public at NY Org, CCNY, CC Int and ASHO, and some others orgs as a substitute or A/T Course Sup, so the memories I have are a bit scattered, as I was :)

    Yes, Erik Knaurhaus was a really nice guy. Sorry to hear he passed away.
    Thank you, exseaorgclocmoflagetc, for writing the name of the CLO building./ Yes, the Excalibur
    Glad to be of some help here, inchant.

    Welcome to both you, inchant, and exseaorgclocmoflagetc, who I suspect may well be someone who has some background that includes NY. MestLover's story of how he was recruited for his security post at CLO EUS, and how he was just able to walk away, is a funny one... but the insane and often torturous many ( and I mean many) months he was made to be on the Purif, in the sauna is a shocker and I urge you all to read it. He also saved and posted a bunch of stuff that might be of interest to you.

    So glad I stopped by here. I got a lot of chuckles out of it! Thanks
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  13. NoIdea

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    Wow, so many familiar names in this thread. Pretty sure that Annie Knauerhaus (as I knew her) got comm eved or maybe declared for the conditions of the Excalibur prior to the renovations. Essentially, she was the scapegoat for forcing Sea Org members to live in such squalid conditions. I remember Lyci Binda and Jenny Gambino when they were just little kids running around NY Org and CLO. Then they became teenagers and started doing missions and turned into little nazis. Lyci stayed at my apartment in Cambridge during one mission to Boston. That was awkard. By night, responsible to get this young teenage girl home and back again to a somewhat seedy neighborhood in Cambridge. By day, she'd be ripping my (and everyone else's) face off trying to achieve her mission targets. *shudder*
  14. Enthetan

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    Did you happen to know a SO lady named Judy Moonen? I've been wondering what happened with her.
  15. PirateAndBum

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    I'll never forget being sent up to CLO for "fixing" in '85 when I was on staff in DC (one of a number of unpleasant times). The floor we slept on in the Excal had water flowing down the entire width of the wall due to the showers on the floor above. Insane what a pit that place was.
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  16. NoIdea

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    Oh yeah, my first time was '84. I was a regular down from Boston through the 80s and 90s. I'm sure we bumped into each other. I remember the cold showers. And the sink that had no drain pipe, just a rubber tube that went into the urinal. And the smell that came up from the urinal when you ran the water was like something rising from hell. I remember sometimes sneaking up to the upper Sea Org berthing floors to take a real shower.
  17. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

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    OK now imagine that i was a little kid and was put in the worst of worst places in the excaliber to sleep on the floor as punishment."Pigs berthing" for not passing white glove(slightest bit of gray dust on a white glove) Words dont describe.. just pulled a picture from the internet to describe, cant even find a picture as bad as it was
  18. exbritscino

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    It's got potential...................!!! (As Estate Agents in the UK would say).
  19. AnonyMary

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    Thanks for resurrecting this thread, exseaorgclocmoflagetc!

    That photo gave me the creeps but I copuld sure imagine the place looking like that. It reminded me of the children's area on the main floor, mid 80's ( maybe? ) when Eugene was the Nanny. I was public but had to go over here and help him one day, as a favor to a staff member. It was during an event at NY Org. The place was so depressing. A bit like your photo. They had poor lighting, the place was damp and smelled of mold. The kids were filthy, wearing old clothes I would not ever let my kid wear. It was depressing.

    Amazing that these things wee tolerated..

    Anyway, I am adding some related links for anyone stopping by this one looking for more NY related posts, stories and connections:

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  20. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

    exseaorgclocmoflagetc Patron with Honors

    awesome thanks. The picture above has way too much light, where I stayed was a scary dark Dank roach and rat infested cave.

    I knew Eugene , cool guy, but I hated how the kids were kept, Always lice and runny noses . Walking into the room it smelled horrible. Eugene disappeared for several years and then came back.

    I demanded a change when there was a canadian lady Named Sylvie, she had two small children. One of them age 2 or 3 yrs old, was rapidly losing weight. When she became listless , eyes sunken in, belliw swollen like and Orphaned Ethopian(no offense , but you know what I mean) I, a kid myself, demanded she take her child to the emergency room before it was too late. She was very hesitant, couldnt tear herself away from her work , I insisted. She left to take her and I never saw them ever again, maybe got put jail for child neglect/abuse? It was the worst condition Ive ever scene a baby in ever in all my life. The memory stuck with me foever.
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