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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by screamer2, Sep 13, 2017.

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  1. screamer2

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    When I first read HOA, I was shocked. When I first read HOM, I was shocked. In fact when I first read most of what hubbard wrote I was shocked. Shocked, I tell ya.

    But not shocked enough to GTFO for far too long a time.
  2. cleared cannibal

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    A little off topic but this about feeding off the orgs I have always noticed but it was bumped up several orders of magnitude with the IAS status scam and the ideal org fraud. These are both taking much needed resources from the local orgs. As they say money is fungible. They were kind of able to survive before when the majority of donations stayed local. I really feel at some point in time the orgs will be closed and their buildings sold. First the last drops of monetary blood have to extracted from the local public and bamboozle them into still being believers and come to FLAG for any services. The trick is going to be how to do this and still keep the illusion of growth up. They will come up with something the clams will fall for . Remember buying a whole set of books because a couple semi colons were out of place? If they can accomplish this w/o losing a lot of paying public it might actually help their bottom line as overhead will be drastically reduced.
  3. TheOriginalBigBlue

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    This kind of fund diversion was happening a long time ago. LRH set up the SEF (Safe Environment Fund) to finance the Guardian Office's legal defense around the time of the FBI raids in 1977 but I remember there being some internal investigation around 1979 or 80 where they published the results to Sea Org crew and the gist of it was that the Guardians for Finance were raking too much money from the Org's FPs (Financial Planning) to finance all their legal stuff and that is why the orgs were in such dire straights. I remember it really struck me that for once they were being bluntly honest and introspective about why things were the way they were. In retrospect, this was leading up to the abolishment of the GO (read: creation of OSA) so somebody was probably positioning themselves in preparation for the developing power struggle.

    We may tend to think of the GO as a monolithic black ops outfit but there were a lot of people in the GO who didn't have anything to do with that and they were kept in the dark also. When the GO was dismantled they didn't know why things were happening or where they were going. The best lies contain an element of truth and I think this was one of those times. It was an internal PR move.

    The cost of maintaining several thousand Sea Org crew should not be underestimated. Even with pay being around $10. to $50. per week, all the ancillary expenses add up. I expect as the Church contracts they will become even more innovative in ways to minimize expense and maximize return on investment in staff. We view the use of staff from poorer less internet informed countries as a forced alternative to not being able to recruit Americans or people from developed countries but these people are probably willing to accept less and tolerate more so this could be a reflection of economic contraction as much as anything. They also seem to be using staff to backfill events. In the old days people called these shills. They always did this but my impression is that they do it much more now and they must use people much farther from the events. This can also be viewed as a kind of economic contraction - it's a substitution for real paying public.

    As I recall the standard weekly pay for a Sea Org member in 1976 was $20.00. Now that was very rarely what was actually paid. It was often nothing or somewhere between $3.00 to $10.00 but adjusted for inflation $20.00 in 1976 would be $86.30 today. Yet the stated weekly pay now is only $50.00 as I understand it. So they are shorting staff by not even keeping up with inflation according to their own pay scale history.

    I do seem to recall we got libs every weekend if our stats were up week over week in the 70s. Maybe my situation was unique or I have some kind of mental block on this point but if somewhere along the line they changed it to libs every other week and even then with only a 3 week uptrending post stats then that constitutes a reduction in libs as a benefit by a full half. We talk about the inconsistency of policy enforcement and stat interpretation, etc. The one thing that is often not appreciated in this discussion is that by making it difficult to maintain upstats week over week the Church acquires a full day of staff work per employee whose stats are down. This constitutes a huge incentive for the organization to undermine the kind of predictability and consistency needed to maintain regular upstatistics. I think this is why they like to have so many emergency all nighters or screw with the crew with white glove inspections that keep them up until 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. The senior or in-charge enforcing these "evolutions" don't know the score but LRH and DM would so it becomes institutionalized disruption.

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