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  1. Carmel

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    Totally get it Sonja, but no-one is or has been pointing the finger at you or your sibblings. They have pointed the finger at actions of your mother, but then ultimately they are pointing the finger at what the CofS "indoc" does to people, and what people can become under the 'hold' of the CofS.

    Any reference to you kids or any other SO/cadet org kids "not doing well", is usually and always almost made, to bring home the point how fu'ked it is and has been for them. If you read more on this board, you'll see how our hearts go out to you and all these kids. The reference is not made, in any way, to put them down. It's made, just to drive it home, that this scenario for any and all of our children, needs to change!
  2. Stan D'Teque

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    Apologies for any upset I may have caused you Sonja and I hope we can be friends. Having been a dad and raised babies I know what stress that puts on any mum. I hope that you have help doing the very important job of being a mum. I welcome you to the board and hope you stick around - it's usually a fun place to be.
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    thanks.my mums still in there and dont think she'll ever leave obviously its more imporant than her children.i feel sorry for all the friends i had in there growing up in the cadet org most of them are only children and both their parents are still in there so its harder for them if they wanted to leave.i wish i could help them i'v tried but all they know is scientology and they dont have brothers or sisters to help them.if my brother hadnt of been kicked out i dont think i would of ever left cause i would of never known what i was missing out on so i guess i got to say thanks to them for that.
    my dad was my lifesaver thats why i was so cut when i read what people were saying about him.if he hadnt of left i dont think i'd be here today!
  4. Emma

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    I'm so happy that he was there for you and your brother & sister in the end. It's what people do in times of hardship that ultimately show their true character.

    If it helps any, would you tell him that I'm sorry for posting things that weren't true and that I forgive him for what he did in Sydney.
  5. Sir Facer

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    Your dad

    Yeah, Its really cool that he has been there for you all. How is he? Whats his view point on the Church now? My husband and him were great mates, and he would love to catch up with Mark, but he hasn't had the courage to as we are totally out now and not sure if your dad would want to have coffee with us or hang out now we are on the this side of the fence. Is he still on lines?
  6. SLE

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    dont blame you

    thank you for explaning im sorry for going off its just hard to read something like that about your parets.(well my dad, dont care what you say about my mum) she was the CO FOLO and is now on the RPF she signed herself on there for what reason i have no idea!dont know who would volunteer to be in that shit place eating scraps and getting the shit jobs.
    there's probably no excuse for what they done to you all i can say is my dad is a very changed man since leaving.my mum hasnt changed at all except that she's more deeper into the shit
  7. Supra

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    Thanks for the story

    WOW ! ! I say again welcome. I feel good now to get the correct story. Makes me feel like saying sorry that I wasn't there to help you kids then.



    Love Greg :)
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  8. Sir Facer

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    Wow Sonja, I am so glad Marks well, let me know if you think he's up for a cuppa with some old friends that are out hey.:thumbsup:
  9. SLE

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    have no idea

    i have no idea if he's still onlines he doesnt tell me probably bacause i'd go off.a while ago he bought some tapes but im not sure what he's doing with them.what is yours and your husbands name ill talk to him and ask him if he'd like to meet up
  10. Carmel

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    Hey, don't be too hard on your mum....she's in no place 'mentally' to have a 'choice'. I remember the old days, when you three were littlies.....you were the most important in her life - she was so proud of the three of you and you were the light of her life! I know that! So sad that she later got so sucked in to the crazy and insane whirlwind......I so hope she gets free of it, sooner rather than later, for her sake and for the sake of you kids.

    I totally get why you were so cut, reading that stuff about your dad! Anybody would have been, if they were in your shoes! I'm glad you spoke up!

    Hey, do hang around on this board...you are among friends here, and people who care.

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  12. SLE

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    thanks for your support
  13. SLE

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    not sure if he know's about this site?
  14. SLE

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    dont know if he'd be to happy if he knew i was on this site either:unsure:
  15. Supra

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    I understand

    Yeh, I understand.
  16. Sir Facer

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    Hey Sonja

    Hey Sonja,
    Ask him if he remembers his friend Dean:thumbsup: If so I will get my number to you via one of our mutual friends and you can pass it on. :thumbsup:
  17. SLE

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    no worries

    yep no worries
  18. Lucretia

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    Hi SLE and welcome. I don't get to access the board as much as I'd like to, but for what its worth here is my experience with Mark.

    In the early 80's in Adelaide, Mark and I shared the telex and used to have pleasant, almost nightly, chats while we handled the Org and GO telex traffic. This was before the GO traffic became so secret that the telex machine had to be locked up in case some one saw something they shouldn't have. I left staff shortly after this.

    Then in the late 80's, early 90's, an estates mission, or something came down to Adelaide to help decluge the org and make sure that we weren't chucking out anything we shouldn't. Mark was in charge. About 4 field volunteered to help. I was one of them. Mark stood around, drinking coffee, maintaining altitude, and giving orders. We carted stuff up and down stairs and generally worked pretty hard. I suggested at one stage that the work would go more quickly if he gave us a hand. Us, included a man called John Sowerby, who was well over 70 at the time. Mark didn't help. Anyway I didn't go back after 2 days because I got sick of being treated like a pack animal by a person I formerly regarded as a friend. Hence my comment.

    If Mark has left $cn and regained his pleasant nature and good humor, then I am happy for him. I also forgive him for being such a dead shit. $cn makes deadshits out of the best people, and Mark was not immune. He has obviously been a great father to you.

    Anyway, welcome!

    By the way - does any one know whether John Sowerby is still around?
  19. SLE

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    dont really know what to say about that

    well you know what i dont really think thats a good excuse to be talking shit about his children.you may of had a bad experience with him but the people who were spreading the rumors about us kids had no right first of all because you dont know us and secondly you should know better than to read into the bullshit that the SO members are spreading.
  20. Hi Sonja

    Hi Sonja,

    My name is Dean. I 'fired' to Canberra with your dad in 1990 and we had a terrific time. I think I may have even 'baby sat' you guys at Australia St, Camperdown a few times. Please let Mark know that I'd love to have a cuppa with him (and yourself if you're interested).

    It's great to be free isn't it?

    Regards Dean