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  1. Minuet #1 in G

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    I had a call from John the other nite. So he is alive and well still.
    Sonja, I worked with you Dad in the GO in Adelaide for a few years. Talking about Canberra, me John Sowerby and Mark and another drove my car over to Canberra for some GO rally to do with the ASIO bill or something I think in 79 or 80 around that time. Anyway we left on Monday drove all day and nite got to Canberra on Tuesday, did the demo , then drove home Tuesday afternoon, all night arriving back in Adelaide at about 10 am I think. So we could be in time to get our reports and stats in (the GO week finishing on Wednesday to give enough time for reports etc to be posted to Sydney)
    Now the funny part of this story is that John and Mark were the co-drivers. I tried to drive as much as I could (it was my car!) but no sleep in two days made me a little dangerous at the wheel. So others had to share the driving. John has only one good eye, the other being a glass implant. So his 3D perception was not good. I did feel quite nervous while he was driving. This nervousness was justified when he managed to hit a kangaroo outside of Hay, wiping out the front corner of the car on the way home. Luckily the car could still be driven, minus a front headlight.
    But I'm afraid Mark scared me more. He was used to riding his motorcycle a not driving a car. I dont think he had a car licence actually (dont tell anyone). Anyhow Mark seemed to have trouble keeping the car on the straight and narrow and would slowly swerve over to the middle of the road and then slowly swerve back. So we were either going to get cleaned up by a road train or end up in the ditch at the side. We did survive the drive somehow, with the car a little worse for wear. The panel beater managed to make it look happy again. It was a fun trip tho
    I hope that he has improved his driving since then. Perhaps you might ask him about the long drive to Canberra with some Adelaide people. Would like to get his version of the story.
  2. Lucretia

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    I said - maybe he was worried about his kids. No shit intended.
  3. Lucretia

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    Thanks Min. Good to hear he's OK. He'll outlive us all the way he is going!!
  4. writer

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    Sorry to did an old thread up.

    Some information for interested parties. Take it as you will.

    Kerry Ellis has been refused to have CO$ pay for her medication and now tries to borrow the money of fellow rpfers to pay for it.. CO$ were actually going to route her out because of this thread or some other internet flap around late 2008 (Oct or Nov i believe). I believe she went out of rpf to handle her family as was told to do and maybe explain the sudden quiet in this thread. Just letting you know that you were close in getting her out and whatever illness she has, CO$ (until they read this of course) were not giving her daily medication she needed. She is in quite bad way as i understand when last seen a few months ago. Sorry can't say any more, bye...
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  5. Panda Termint

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    Thanks for the info. I've known Kerry a long time wish her well.
  6. Feral

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    Dear OSA,

    As a dedicated SP I insist that you take care of your ill and infirmed SO members.

    You really need to force a change within your own organisation, remember, there but for the grace of God we all go. It isn't a matter of "pulling in" ill health or old age, it will happen to all earthlings in time even if they're members of a UFO cult.

    So we need to know that you aren't throwing your ill under a bus, it's in your best interest to work with us here, really.
  7. RogerB

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    Quite right Kev.

    In fact this behavior of denied proper medical care and organizational neglect of its members' well-being is one of the key goofs the orgs are making that will be used to undo their "charitable" status.

    Unfortunately, the powerz of the cult are too dull to see the damage they are doing to themselves, their believers and to the future of the group.

  8. AnonyMary

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    Dear OSA ANZO,

    Do the right thing and help Kerry Ellis get her necessary medication.
  9. Panda Termint

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    Or better yet, INSIST that she gets her medication!
  10. writer

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    Better still, save yourself from the flap and route her out. It's not like she is worth anything to you like she is. Just using electricity. Oh thats right, RPFers can't use electricity for things like warmth (in the middle of winter) in that illegal shed you call berthing. Just do it and i'll forget all the other fine details. You have 14 days.
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  11. AnonyMary

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    What they said
  12. Feral

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    There is one thing wrong with that.

    The SO have had her all her life, she is broke and now ill.

    If they route her out she now can't work and willl end up between sickness benefits and the charity of other ex SO.

    This is essentially what's wrong with Hubbbard's upstat/downstat paradigm.

    That is until you realise the SO is downstat...
  13. SLE

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    really?!! well she tells a very different story! was never close in getting her out...sadly she's made that very clear to us...were just not as important to her as the sea org is...not even her two granchildren are special enough.
    seen as the sea org members seem to stalk this sight and put bullshit into my mums mind telling her lies...heres a msg for ya! wake up to ya fucken self...we all seen scarlett hanna's story and to all the kids i grew up with in the cadet org writing those bullshit letters and to sarah maclintock..WAKE THE FUCK UP! especially sarah maclintock! if its anyone who was being told what to say it was you! now... if i get an urgent phone call from my mum tomorrow wanting to come over straight away to talk to me but wont really tell me the real reason why she HAS to come over right now then ill know u got this msg! you people make me sick! cant even take care of your dedicated followers! you should be givin her everything in the world for everything she's done for u fucken people...given up her whole life..her kids EVERYTHING just to stay in that shit whole! doesnt even want to leave when she's so sick and no one wants to help her. WAKE UP MUM! im sure you'll get this msg and im sure you'll be callin dad harrassing him to sort this out
  14. Sir Facer

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    I so hope she gets out and gets well and starts to be with her family again, this is so sad! When you have been indoctrinated for so long and to the point you give up the people that love you the most & unconditionally , in the end its hard to forgive yourself.
    Its hard when you first come out but when you realise how much your family on the outside love you Kerri.......You can honestly pull through.
    I see my family now and have developed the best relationships with them, caught up with old friends, got a great job and am learning new things. Theres a whole new world out here and I havent been happier and I hope Kerri can get out and be with her family, like her daughter said, those fuckers cant even look after those who dedicated their whole lives. Good on you SLE for speaking up, that wouldnt have been easy. I hope you & your dad & the rest of the family are well & okay.
  15. Free to shine

    Free to shine Shiny & Free

    Well said Sir Facer, I second all you say.
  16. Panda Termint

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  17. Lurker5

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    This is why

    This is farking why . . . :anon: :guyfawkes:
  18. scooter

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    Same goes for me - Kerri was the person who regged me for my first scilon services back in '79 and she's been at the coal-face ever since.

    How can you even think you are a religion if you are so eager to throw someone so devoted under a bus just to save some money?:angry:

    Media will be informed of this.:yes:

    Blood-sucking cult needs to be dragged into the sunlight - we'll see just how "OT" you are then. :moon:
  19. Jachs

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    Give it some

    You are really hiving it some sir facer

  20. Sir Facer

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    Thanks guys :)

    Hey thanks Free to Shine, Scooter and the rest of the clan out there :thumbsup: