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    Eeesh! Reading back on some of these comments I left years ago is quite embarrassing to be honest, lmao! At the time I wasn’t quite sure what this site was and who these people I’d never met who were commenting about my family. I’d like to apologise for the way I spoke, I was obviously quite angry as I stumbled across these threads and still quite young in mind...
    A little update for you all on the Ellis family, we’re all doing really well... Jeremy is married and living in America and has a little family of his own, Jess has her own business and a child with her partner, my dad (Mark) is doing great, working hard and found himself a good woman, and as for my mum (Kerri) she finally left! Took her long enough but she is doing well. She has her own little business working with musicians, promoting, finding them gigs etc and traveling, enjoying her freedom.
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    I remember Kerry fondly , the Sydney Day time ,
    I wish you all the best , and say hello from Grant , (Fender ) Frires,