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    Scientology Scenario: A Wog is being disseminated to on the street by a "Body Router":

    Jeez, I don't know, it sounds too good to be true.

    Then you need to come with me right now into our Ideal Org
    so that you can become the Ideal You!

    Well, um, actually I would like to read a little bit first and
    talk to my wife about it before I come in.

    That's your reactive mind talking. That's your bank talking.
    That's your ruin, ruining your life, It's going to get wayyyyy
    worse and you are going to end up homeless and destitute
    and naturally then you will die alone in the dark and in pain.


    That's right, you can't keep listening to what other people
    tell you to do. You need to rise above your bank here and
    rise above your wife and come with me. This is your first
    step on the Bridge to learn to "THINK FOR YOURSELF!!!"

    Wog William got on the Bridge that day and has been a staff member for the past quarter century. He is an Ideal Scientologist and even his name has changed. He is now BILLY BLOWDOWN--always VGIs, always F/Ning, always cogniting, always winning, always blowing down. Billy is still on his Grades because he has dedicated himself to "clearing the planet" and "rose above" his fixed attention on his "1st Dynamic". He slowly approaches and then sheepishly enters his senior's office--the very same "SAM" that recruited him when he was "raw meat".

    Sir, apologies for DevTing you sir. But may I have
    a short word with you.

    What is it?

    Sir, I have decided that I want to leave staff and do it
    standardly with a standard leaving routing form.

    LOL, knock off the bullshit. Get back on post, you're
    only 25 years into your billion year contract, there will be
    plenty of time to dilettante around when the planet is clear.

    No, seriously sir, I've been thinking about this since
    that time you RPFed me for several years for out-2D because
    I felt up my wife before we were married. I had a lot of time
    to think about whether I wanted to live like this, with my wife
    posted in Eastern Europe, I haven't even seen her in 9 years.

    Well, like I've been telling you, get your stats into Power and
    make sure you have a fully qual'd and fully hatted replacement
    and then maybe you can CSW to be transferred to her Org.

    Sir, I have thought about all that a long time. My wife and I think that it is
    unlikely that we will ever see each other again. And on top of that
    even if we are together, it's off policy for us to have kids, and
    we think that is something we really want.

    "WE" think?! You still have that same ruin you had when I first
    body routed your DB ass into the org. You need to learn to think
    for yourself.

    Okay, sir. But I did think about it for myself. And I decided that I think
    that I want to route off staff. That's what I think, sir.

    That sounds all fine and good but you are not Clear yet, so you are NOT qualified
    to think for yourself yet. The only thoughts you have as a "preclear" per KSW
    are reactive thoughts. Ron states that when you are Clear you can think for yourself.
    Now get back on post with all this counter-intentioned, other-intentioned DevT entheta.

    But sir, I am thinking for myself. I am going to route off staff.
    I'm not asking you, I'm telling you.

    WTF? I am assigning you Danger. As your senior I am now going to by-pass you and
    think for you so this danger is handled. Then you can think for yourself.

    Um, okay sir. That sounds standard. I'll go back on post now, sir.
    Sorry to DevT you, sir. Oh, may I ask sir, how long do you think it
    will take for me to get out of Danger so that I can t think for myself?

    Ron states that it takes as long as it takes.

    Yes, sir. That sounds standard. I'll begin writing up my Danger Formula
    and submit an amends project for my out ethics situation of going all
    squirrel and trying to think non-standard thoughts when LRH already
    gave us total freedom to pick from the list of Ideal Thoughts.

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    It took me around two decades after being declared to dare post online like this. And it STILL felt like an overt act making my first post, despite the fact that I had concluded a long time prior that the CoS wasn't delivering what it promises. So I can understand what a struggle it can be emotionally, mentally and spiritually to negotiate your way through what is ethical behaviour and what isn't, after leaving Scientology.

    Most people in Scientology (at least when I was in) are good people just trying to do the right thing in life. So the thought that you might be destroying man's hope of spiritual freedom by criticising Scientology or posting your experiences is bound to linger in the minds of relatively recent ex-Scientologists, even when their rational mind tells them that the church is a cult that is lying to people. But in the end, if Scientology actually was a 'religion of truth', then how could it be wrong to tell your honest, actual experiences with the organisation to people?

    Scientology can't have its cake and eat it. Either it is a religion of truth, in which case it must expect its members to be forthright and fulfil Hubbard's definition of integrity (to observe what you observe and be willing to say so, to paraphrase), or it is a religion that processes people in the direction of lies, in which case it can use PR lies to control its members. It can't, however, say it is a religion of truth, but then redefine truth in such a way that lying and 'not-ising' is OK so long as it's the greatest good for the greatest number of Dianetics sales, er, I mean, dynamics.
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  3. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    Steve Miller was Cramming Officer when I was on the 8 course.
    I only remember a non-SO OT3 C/S named Bruce something.
    The only C/S that I really remember for sure is/was Susan Saloman.
    He yelled at me during an early picket that he didn't blame my Daughter for disconnecting from me.
  4. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    Yes, that rings a bell. I believe his first name was Bruce.

    Well....another Scientology related death mystery.....

    The Gold Chain selling business might have involved Silverman...( don't remember his first name...but think he was an SO AOLA Reg at the time) but don't know for sure...
  5. EZ Linus

    EZ Linus Cleared Tomato

    That would be Michael Silverman, but I don't recall anything about a gold chain sales involvement. He was put on the RPF for some nonsense, like EVERYONE is. He was also accused of embezzling/stealing, but I don't think any of it was true.
  6. Leland

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    Thanks. Yes, don't know about the Gold Chain business either.....

    I think he was promoting getting involved in Futures Trading when I was around...
  7. Veda

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    Hi Michelle,

    :) Here's a hodgepodge of material and links, quickly cut and pasted together, that may be helpful.


    Excerpt from the 1991 David Mayo article on Clear. http://www.ivymag.org/iv-01-02.html (David Mayo is an Ex Scientologist, Class XII and former Senior C/S International, who knew Hubbard on the ship and, for a time, around 1978, lived at Hubbard's residence and worked with Hubbard):

    "It was PR and marketing considerations that led Hubbard to decide that certain people were 'clear' at a certain point..."

    And from author Russell Miller's interview of David Mayo from August 1986.


    "What worried me was that I saw some things he did and statements he made that showed his intentions were different from what they appeared to be...

    "He told me he was obsessed with an insatiable lust for power and money. He said it very emphatically. He thought it wasn't possible to get enough. He didn't say it as if it was a fault, just his frustration that he couldn't get enough."


    IMO, Scientology is a secretive and manipulative doctrine with a truth-coating. The truth-coating is displayed while the negatives are often hidden or disguised; or, when they no longer can be denied, are rationalized or "spun."

    The Scientology package, as designed by its founder, is both positive and negative. Scientology is a carefully crafted mix of "Black Scientology" and "White Scientology," resulting in Scientology.

    Auditing is an English language word.

    Amongst synonyms listed by Merriam-Webster are: "Examination, going-over, review, scan, scrutiny, view."

    The Latin root word means, "a hearing," or "to hear."

    Scientology has adopted the word, "auditing."

    Those introduced to auditing by Scientologists, both inside and outside the CofS, are often told the above definitions are descriptive of Scientology auditing.

    IMO, it's important to discern between the "bait" portion of auditing where one is primarily asked, and the "switch" portion of "auditing" where one is primarily told.

    "This is a cold blooded and factual account of your last sixty trillion years," from 1952's 'What to Audit' found Hubbard telling others the contents of their minds, but it was premature "mind grope," just as the early 1950s e-meter reactions projected on the wall with shadows, while the audience went "ooh!" and "ahh!", was premature "Your e-meter will tell you"-ism, and the 1951 "no rights of any kind" was premature SP Doctrine, and the 1951 "dispose of quietly and without sorrow" was premature Fair Game Law and premature disconnection - disconnection in its most extreme form.

    It was too early for the implementation of these ideas on the still small, fragile and tentative membership. That would need to wait for a decade, as would Hubbard's implementation of most of the ideas outlined in the "enigmatic" (fraudulent) "Russian Textbook on Psycho-politics."


    In the mean time, Hubbard surrounded himself with those excited about his much advertised vision of a better world, and excited about the full releasing of spiritual ability.

    Hubbard liked to write and he liked to lecture, and he had a knack as a practical psychologist. He drew on the ideas and innovations of the most creative of those around him, and drew on his own knowledge of abreaction (catharsis, "get it [buried thoughts and emotions] off your chest") therapy, Korzybski's General Semantics with its "earlier similars" etc,, and Aleister Crowley's Magic(k). He re-worked the (four 'letters' - ingredients - of the) Kabbalistic 'tetragrammaton', and it became his 'Four Conditions of Existence'. Hubbard rewrote Crowley's 'Naples Arrangement' and it became his 'The Factors'. He borrowed Crowley's idea of a multiplicity of infinite minds and further excited Scientologists with that notion. None of these were original with Crowley, who was as much a relay point as was Hubbard. Yet, unlike Crowley, Hubbard would eventually incorporate the methods of psychological warfare into his system, and use those methods, not only on his perceived enemies, but on his own followers.

    And when he finally - in the mid 1960s - unleashed, mostly covertly, the psychological warfare methods of the "Russian Textbook" on Scientologists, he also returned to fully utilizing those ideas he had briefly tested more than a decade earlier. He gave them a past, he gave them a future, he told them the contents of their own minds, and made it plain that only HE knew and others were going to be told.


    Hubbard had written confidentially of the importance of "using enemy tactics," and would even use those "enemy tactics" on his own loyal followers. He had written of psychiatrists in August 1963:

    "Psychiatry is authoritarian and tells the person what's wrong with him, often introducing a new lie. Scientology finds out what's wrong with the person from the person."

    Soon to follow would be the secret and very serious, and very dangerous, and vital to your survival "Clearing Course," "OT 2" and "OT 3," in which Hubbard would do what he said the psychiatrists did.

    Hubbard had done this in 1952, but now it was formalized and institutionalized, and a senior part of the doctrine of Scientology doctrine.


    Concise look at the multi-layered Chinese finger puzzle of Scientology" Ex Scientologist - The Scientological Onion

    Hope this helps.

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  8. HelluvaHoax!

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    Yeah, that could have been ANYTHING. Like. . .

    Maybe Mike was doing an all-nighter writing letters to CF and he decided to send a letter to his mom whom he had not seen nor spoken to in 28 years.

    So, at 3:58 am, bleary-eyed and alone, Mike wrote a few sentences to his mom, folded it, put it in an envelope and mailed it with the other 232 letters he wrote that sleepless night.

    Then Mike wrote a CSW up lines that explained the situation and why he used a stamp without permission, because nobody was in the org. In the "SOLUTION" section he proposed that he would pay for the 20cent stamp that he used and next to that he scotch taped a shiny reimbursement quarter.

    However, when he was com ev'd, RPF'd or declared, they charged him with the HIGH CRIME of "EMBEZZLING CHURCH FUNDS FOR PERSONAL USE". Mike frantically tried to explain to the steely-eyed ComEv members that he PAID for it!! But they were not reasonable because the exact time, place, form and event was that he STOLE/EMBEZZLED CHURCH PROPERTY BEFORE HE HAD AUTHORIZATION.


    When Mike continued to make the case that he HAD paid for it out of his own pocked, they screamed him down with such standard handlings as "STFU AND STOP JUSTIFYING YOUR CRIMES YOU FUCKING SP!!!"

    Lovely people, Scientologists. LOL

    DISCLAIMER: The above scenario is not a documented event. Notwithstanding the fact that it was channeled, using "OT perception" and "knowingness" in the "theta universe", it nonetheless is something that is based on things that actually DO happen in the crazed world of planet clearing Hubbardites.

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  9. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Bruce Gaines? He had black hair.

  10. Lulu Belle

    Lulu Belle Moonbat

    Bruce Gaines was definitely Sea Org.
  11. guanoloco

    guanoloco As-Wased

    Hi, Michelle. Start posting and check out the Stupid thread for some J&D and a good laugh.
  12. Churchill

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  13. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    OK, thanks. I sometimes ferried folders to/from him living off-base, around 1987. False assumption on my part. :)

  14. PirateAndBum

    PirateAndBum Gold Meritorious Patron

    Hmm, Michelle has only made the 1 post. From looking at her Linked in, she was on staff at AOLA for less than 3 years.

    I'd guess she's 2nd gen. Hope she didn't lose her family.
  15. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    There was a Reg at AOLA named Silverman. Michael Silverman, IIRC. Tall and skinny and dark. He was SO. I would see him in AO Reception as I breezed thru there. He could have had a wife named Ruthie. I think that was during the time frame when I was riding a Red Moped, and scrambling to pay my rent. I was auditing some GO people then,too.
    I think maybe Bruce was from Sacto. He told me he liked Oldtimers one day as we were walking down the hall.
    I know nothing of the personal life of either of them, but I did buy some gold chains fro a person in the Estates Org.
  16. CaliMule

    CaliMule Work Hard and Bray

    Life usually is for anyone of any religious background, unless they've just given up and decided to live life like a leaf blown in the wind.

    Personally I've been out right about 4 decades now and I still struggle in my own way, as one never can abandon the deeper questions that have truly engaged one. About 4 decades ago a 10 second encounter of David Miscavige followed up in the same month with realization that he was part of this new Watchdog group was enough to convince me to depart from Scientology and not look back, even though my parents raised me in it. If 10 seconds of DM when he still had seniors, CSWs to write, and must act with restraint is enough to do that, I can imagine it was pretty horrid to be under him when he had no seniors to respect and no understanding of the value of self-dsicipline or civility.

    From personal experience, these are my pointers:

    1. If you enjoy reading, dig deeply into psychology and psychiatric literature of the type used to train helpers. Stay away from pop psy self-help bullshit, which is often just the author masturbating in a way the reader finds easy to assimilate.

    Read books meant to train people to help anyone, not just people from an intense high demand religious background: struggling to find meaning in life, enough calm and rest in a day, better ways to handle relationships, management of emotions and habits, etc. Often used bookstores, particularly near colleges, are full of the books members of the helping profession use to train, and they aren't the pop-psy bullshit you find on a retail shelf at Barnes and Noble.

    Be wary of literature specifically targeting people from an intense high demand religious background. They are often more excercises in the author justifying their biases or outright bigotry than meant to be helpful to you. Margaret Singer's writing is flat out bigotry dressed up in academic respectability, Mr. Hassan clearly is holding a grudge all these years later and greatly needs more objectivity and critical thought directed at his own notions, etc. Of the people who premise their ideas on cults being examples of Chinese thought reform, Robert Jay Lifton is probably the best in terms of disciplined scientific approach and a sense of decency and respect for the humanity of "cult victims". He's still not great, because he does often use Chinese Thought Reform as a basis for cult analysis, and no cult in the west has the army, police, utter control of courts, the utter totalitarian control through monopoly upon state resources that is essential for Chinese Thought Reform to work. Neither Scientology, the Moonies, nor any other "cult" has even a small fraction of the utter monopoly on state violence and control organs like the courts to make Chinese Thought Reform work.

    2. There are genuine and valuable "helpers" in the helping professions, but always be willing to shop more and seek a second opinion, etc. The great revolution that psychological/ psychiatric practices engaged in over the last few decades, to constrain themselves to "evidence based" treatment, and also to make "client centered therapy" the norm has really made a difference from the bad old days of the 50s-60s, which is the view anti-psych Scientology propaganda draws on. You can nevertheless find an old school operator, a pyschiatric or psychological worker who is like a heavy reg-arrogant ethics officer and nonphysical bully all rolled into one, but you can simply stop using that kind of resource and find better, more modern treatment providers.

    About 6 years out is when body issues racked up so high for me that I finally sought psychiatric help. Both psychiatrists I've ever visited were entirely respectful of my capacity for choice and very decent, compassionate people. I found psychiatric drugs at the right occassion very helpful.

    Both psychologists I've ever tried to make use of gave me one extremely helpful tip each and were a waste of time otherwise. The first told me about "Jacobson progressive relaxation", a fully empirically tested way of achieving relaxation without machinery or drugs. That was one minute out of the several hours I spent with him that was not a total waste of my time that I will never get back. On my way out the door he referred me to a biofeedback therapist. One hour with her taught me methods of relaxation that don't require equipment or drugs and have proven priceless over decades of use. Another psychologists was iffy about working with me as she wanted to specialie in females abused as girls. I got 20 seconds of useful info from her in the form of a book title talking about how to manage anger for people who were abused when younger. The remainder of hours spent with her were a waste of time, but that one book title was irreplacable in value.

    Bascially, "keep shopping" and you may find something wonderful.

    Out of Scientology, I was strolling along my college campus towards lunch when I crossed a brochure laden table aimed at helping combat cults on campus. Staffing it was a licensed therapist specializing in helping people exit cults or overcome prior cult life. I chatted her up for about 2 minutes without revealing my background and that I was her prime target really. I confirmed what less up-close, not in person, information suggested about this kind of therapist. They are arrogant know-it-all jerks. I wondered if the program she preferred would have me write up a success story that "I am now restored to fully human status, upgraded from lesser human cult member, due to the life changing knowledge superior to mine and priceless wisdom in the words of Therapist X, and her permission to finally allow me to regard myself as a thinking and deciding creature I only thought I was before! Thank you, X, for giving me back my sanity". And then I would attest, but . . . nooooooo certificate!?! Shucks, I was hoping for a cert and graduation.

    Pot-kettle-black, ya know, is what I'm saying here. I can't recommend seeking out this kind of "help".

    Your mileage may vary, of course,

    3. The honeymoon phase and then the abuse phase is deeply sad, and when it becomes cyclical it is very hurtful and takes time and work to overcome. The wife loves this particular man, is abused by him in ways hard bear and understand, and it becomes cyclical for as long as she'll let it be. The kid loves how kind his parents can be, until they inflict abuse that is hard to bear and understand, and a cyclical nature of this makes for an unhappy life later. The Scientologists is beaming with hope, then is abused in ways hard to take and hard to understand, and it can become cyclical for as long as they stay in. These three abuse survivors all have something in common, and don't need to dwell on specifics of who their abuser was and the specifics of how the abuse was justified or not, etc. It's a common story, one of life's sadder ones, and overcoming it takes time and work, but not really deep insight in distractions about the form of abuse and whether it was of a religious nature, etc.

    4. Personally there came a day when I didn't feel I needed to work more on my cult past. I felt well enough and was merely left with the fact that I had deep questions about the nature of reality that I had picked up from Scientology, but didn't have any lingering abuse issues. What was special about that day is that I felt it easy to acknowledge that so many things I might have preferred to speak of as "what was done to me" are instead best stated "what we did together". Sure LRH and the church were the dominant and powerful party, but both of us chose to dance together. The day victimized "I" was replaced by a "we", more easily stated as the truth as "what we did, cooperatively, together", that was the day I felt I could discharge myself from any further therapy on the topic. Of course I had by then taken the time and did the work to understand how to recover from the cyclical abuse of honeymoon phase and abuse phase.

    But that's just me maybe - you're mileage may vary.
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  17. TomKat

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    Psychologists are often consulted for depression. Problem is, if talking doesn't help, they have nothing for it. So they inevitably refer their patient to a psychiatrist who puts them on drugs. Then it's ring around the chemistry set for years... Followed by AA or some addiction counseling. I say stay away from psychologists, see a shaman for exorcisms and soul retrievals, try to get whole again.
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  18. screamer2

    screamer2 Idiot Bastardson


    I just knew it.

    I was mocking up Billy L. F. Blowdown all along.

    Dangnabbit, HH, you managed to pull a fast one on me.

    Billy Blowdown is a saint in the remaining eye of the many exes who were blinded by the holey 'tech' and persist in believing the lie, just as as LRH persisted in the practice of masturbation and could not turn away from it despite guilt, fear of insanity, etc.
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  19. ThetanExterior

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    Michael Silverman is a member of ESMB: http://www.forum.exscn.net/threads/...aces-albeit-briefly.33216/page-2#post-1141364
  20. Enthetan

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