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Discussion in 'Cults in General' started by HopeDivine, Jun 1, 2013.

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    I found this forum while searching more about Access Consciousness warnings, and since it is based on scientology, I decided to post here and ask for help, hoping that you can give more light so I can better support a family member who recently has gotten into this.

    I will try to keep the story short... my brother has always been a very spiritual person. He is very kind and loves to help people and has studied tons of different spiritual trends, from Buddhism to Christians to Wicca... you name it, he has been there. So far his path was calm and he was evolving constantly.

    But last year, he started getting into what is called now the "new-wagey" business. He was a therapist and wanted to use techniques to better help his patients, but all of a sudden his focus drastically changed from helping to marketing.

    He started by learning a thing called Thetahealing, which is a supposed technique which teaches you to meditate and contact "the Creator of all that is" to ask for changes in your life, healings, etc. It is a small cult in itself, worshipping the founder, a lady who makes tons of money with the courses to teach people how to "connect" with the Creator. I took one course myself by influence of my brother... and really did not find it useful and mostly a scam for money. I was a bit disgusted how they sold a connection to the Creator like this.

    Anyhow... shortly after my brother became certified Thetahealer, he went into this Access Consciousness thing. And he started changing so much. From the caring, openhearted man he was, he started becoming judgmental, saying weird mantras all day long and saying if he wanted, he could change anything he wanted to his own benefit. I read the manuals of Access and even they say they manipulate others. They make a distinction between humans and humanoids, and they teach how to curse someone. While I am on board with positive and creative thinking, releasing blocks, etc etc... I think there is a line between trying to empower yourself and trying to push your will via energy and techniques like the ones Access proposes.

    My brother has spent so much money on this. He is getting in debt and wants to keep taking the courses. He was MAAAD when he made the first course and only had like 4 people attending, and he was pushing and pushing on Facebook about how this thing changed his life and offering "in half an hour to change a lifetime thanks to Access and the bars". I did not liked what he was doing and told him about my concerns. He got extremely mad at me, furious, he is not talking to me since, and he called me judgmental and narrow minded.

    I am so worried about him. I pray and cry everyday seeing him so absorbed by this thing. I tried to warn him and make him think, but he only reacted negatively to me and now I am worried I lost my brother to this thing.

    I am not sure what else can I do. I do not want him to go down the spiral I have read here of people who lost their lifes over cults like this.

    What can I do ? how can I help him ? do you have any advice ? normally how long can it take until he realizes this was a cult and gets out of it ? I read somewhere that normally in this Access thing people do not last active more than some years when they open their eyes and go away.

    I wish you could share an advice with me... I ask this respectfully and hoping there is anything else I can do to help my brother.

    Thanks for reading.
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    This is scarey stuff! Very far from Scientology but does explain the early association, the connections with Scientologists and and their influence. Never the less, it's not anything like Scientology. It's a bizarre spinoff of an idea about past lives and such. But beyond that...

    What's Behind Gary Douglas's Scientology Knockoff?
    Access Consciousness promises to help you reach a higher plane. For a price.
    By Craig Malisow Wednesday, Nov 7 2012
    ...continued from page 1

    I don't know what you could do to help your brother. Maybe just be there for him, let him know you love him and be there when he starts appearing to be going off the rails... People into this channeling stuff... you can't convince them otherwise... they have to figure it out themselves that it's all been a delusion!

    I'll keep you both in my thoughts and prayers...

    Mary McConnell
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    REF: Mary's post. ^^^^^^
    So the followers are called accesssories..... :)
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  6. Leon

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    It's almost a natural human reaction to oppose activities like this. We baulk at anything which disturbs the comfortable status quo too dramatically, particularly when we see it happening in those we love.

    I don't know what these guys are doing and I don't think they know either. Maybe some sort of hypnosis or an actual ability to interact with the energy fields of another - I don't think anyone can say for sure what is going on.

    So all one can go on is the testimony and the observed behaviour of those who go through this process. If that is generally good then one can say it is good for that individual person. And if bad then it seems bad for that individual person. But never generalise and assume that if it is good for one then it is good for all, or vice versa.

    As regards your brother - all you can really do is love him and continue to love him despite all reasons not to. He will only change out of the state he is in once he is accepted for being who he is in that state. Only then will he feel safe enough to change further. While he is being made wrong he will become defensive and will hold on to his beliefs even more rigidly. So be relaxed about him. Allow him the space to change.
  7. I did Access Consciousness on and off from 2009 to 2016. I spent a lot of money on it. I do not do it anymore. If you have any questions about my experience let me know.
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  8. Miquel

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    Can you tell me more about your experience? My mother is doing it for almost a year now and she is completely brain washed. She doesn't care anything about me, my sister and my father.. Does this sound familiar? Looking forward to your reply or anyone that can help us.
  9. I had to run my course with Access. I went to another group after and during Access and when I left the other group I left all alternative groups behind after learning about high demand groups and us versus them, ect

    I joined after a trauma in my life and was seeking healing. I did find relief through the bars but the same healing could be done with a restorative yoga class I believe.

    I had ptsd maybe before I joined after my trauma and certainly after I left the other group I was in.

    So after spending time and money and not seeing the benefit I left for good. It took about 8 Years to be completely free. And I needed to see a therapist to treat past trauma and help integrate myself back into life.

    I know some people who take the classes and leave with a good taste in their mouth around it.

    However I was a bars facilitator and never made my costs back even after I had clients.

    So I would google how to help someone in a cult and follow those directions. But they may need space and love to come out of it themselves.

    I am sorry you have to go through this.

    I was seeking healing and community and a way to make an income. I have since learned there are no quick fixes for those things.

    But in hindsight I don't hate Access. I just know how to avoid such things in the future.

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  10. AnonyMary

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    Thanks so much for sharing this. I'm glad for you that you were able to peel away the layers and come to understanding of what you got into and why. Not everyone who has been in a cult and then leaves will find a path to walk and gain some recovery and understanding but for those like yourself who do, they see it's possible and that, yes, there are no quick fixes" for the things we seek yet find elusive to us.

    I think what you have written here will resonate with readers who are seeking a way to find peace and comfort in areas of being and life that concern them, that they want to have better control of. I thing the restorative yoga was a wise choice, as there are no demands from others, and no one else to be accountable to than oneself.

    Best wishes,

    Mary McConnell
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  11. Thanks Mary!!!!!
  12. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    So what is the Scientology history of Gary Douglas, the guy that started Access?

    He was a Scientologist.....from what I’ve read.

    Geez...another cult group! WTF
  13. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Well, the above article is pretty clear on the fact that he 'flitted', I guess meaning he was never a serious member, just moved around ( and seems to have found some knowledgeable member wives along the way )

    verb (used without object), flit·ted, flit·ting.
    to move lightly and swiftly; fly, dart, or skim along: bees flitting from flower to flower.
    to flutter, as a bird.
    to pass quickly, as time:

    Here is a link to another ESMB thread about Douglas and ACCESS. It may better answer your questions
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  14. BigD

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    Hello, im concerned about my wife, weve been married for almost 2 1/2 years. We were inseparable till she was introduced to this Access Consciousness. I went to a few session myself but i was able to call bullshit right away. She still wanted to try it so i supported her. It was helping her with her anxities at first, but then she became obsess with it. going to seminars in Costa Rica and other places. I tried even tried to "run bars" with her a few tikes but got frustrated and went to her other friends and had them run them. I guess im what they consider a humanoid cause i didnt fall for that okle doke nonsense. But fast forward to this year right in our anniversary she all of a sudden doesnt what to be married anymore do to the fact she said she fell formthe falsehood of marriage. Now we are separated and im afraid im losing the love of my life. How can i get her back. I want to sue Access, please help!

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  15. Enthetan

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    Just like Scientology, if you are not supportive (in the sense of being willing to let her spend huge amounts of money on it), the group will try to get rid of you.

    The absolute worst thing you can do at this point is be weak. Consider this group as though it was a drug your wife has become addicted to. If your wife became dependent on cocaine, would you buy her more just to keep her happy? Or would you tell her that she is free to destroy herself, but not to drag you down too?

    Just understand that you may not be able to save her. But you may be able to save yourself.

    One thing you CAN and SHOULD do immediately, is to make sure she cannot grab any of your financial assets. See a lawyer and shield yourself as your first action.
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  16. strativarius

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    I haven't done any research on this cult so I don't know how closely they model themselves on scientology and it's disconnection strategy. One thing I do know is that I'm in the Leonard Cohen school of how to deal with having your heart ripped out, because I know how that feels.

    "Ah but a man never got a woman back, not by begging on his knees."

    You may think I'm being flippant, but I'm serious. If you want her back the last thing I'd do is chase after her. If she 'comes to her senses' she'll come looking for you if she wants you, if she doesn't, well, you know where you stand and maybe you should go and look for somebody else. Sorry if this seems harsh, but if she prefers being in this cult to being with you, all you can do is hope she changes her mind.
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  17. Thierry

    Thierry New Member

    Just found this forum found my story similar as yours. Is your brother still menber of it?
    Actually i am.getting separated with my ex and my worries is that we have a kid and not sure its a great environement for kid to live in as my ex is working and live with it, she give treatment and teach too.
    Since she get into it she has change do much and that one of the reason did not want to staying this relachionship anymore. Really hard time as we have kid and to be she is completly disconnected . She can sll day long be online with the group listening video/audio from menberand to me is just look weird.
    If perhaps we can talk about it to know. More about your eperience since your last post.
    Thank you
  18. Clay Pigeon

    Clay Pigeon Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hi Thierry!!!

    Welcome and thanx for pulling up this thread I haven't seen.

    Hubbard's work has spawned incredible numbers of "squirrel" groups. Some of them, like CADA (California Association of Dianetic Auditors) founded by Ron's friend and fellow sci-fi author A.E. Van are quite reputable. CADA, headed by Ron's personal friend was off limits to G.O./OSA until Van Vogt's death in the 90's and then Co$ sent in 125 infiltrators who failed to destroy it and it thrives and expands today. Then there are weirdos like the DeGrimsteads who came up with "The Process". Several of Ron's most gifted auditors have started their own derivative philosophy/practices such as John Galusha (by all reports a truly fine human being) with "Idenics", Jack Horner (reputably something of a womanizer) with "Dianology" and Alan Walter (mostly good but somewhat spotty reputation) with "Knowledgism. Werner Erhard was a lightweight as far as his study of Hubbard's work but his derivative "Erhard Seminar Therapy" was popular and well known in the Seventies and Eighties. Werner made his fortune and sold his "tech" to underlings who are still making a buck under the trademark "Landmark". "Gestalt Therapy" is not regarded as a squirrel group but Fritz Perls was surely to some degree inspired by his study of Scientology.

    "Access" sounds more or less like it should be grouped with "The Process" et al. One must remember free men and women have AN INALIENABLE RIGHT TO BE DEVOUT PASTAFARIANS OR MINIONS OF THE CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS IF THEY SO CHOOSE. But, if ya love 'em you should be there for them when (and if) they want to put it behind them.


    Are you any relation to Chateau-Thierry?
  19. phenomanon

    phenomanon Canyon

    I am Rastafarian, and I don't appreciate your mockery of my religion by using a P instead of an R.
  20. Clay Pigeon

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    Well don't blame me!

    I love spliff and I've been highly Selassie ever since he rallied the Abyssinians to resist Mussolini.

    It's the Pastafarians who formed that squirrel group!