Help for a way out of a cult.

Discussion in 'Cults in General' started by punxy, Aug 30, 2017.

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  1. punxy

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    I was wondering if there are any organisations, or help groups, that try to help people leave cults, and at the same time give them a sort of life-long help line (or whatever you could call it), for anything in life that they might need help for.
    An example could be needing help with finding a job, or general feelings with either having been in a cult, or some of the troubling feelings I'm sure comes with leaving one. That also maybe house people who have nowhere else to go, and helps them find a place in life sort of?

    I tried googling for it, but I'm not very good at it apparently.
    And I hope I have asked in the right section of the forum. :)
  2. Veda

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    That's odd. I just did a search on the exact words in your title, and there appeared an abundance of information.

    Try again. :)


  3. Miss Ellie

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    The Salvation Army can help. Contact them for help. They will contact family or friends you need help from. Can help with job search and transportation back home. Goodwill can help with job search.

    PM me and I will help you get a civilian resume together. Also help with contacting temp companies for work. Will help avoid some job transition issues.

    Local Christian churches will also help with transition.

    It will be easier than spending the rest of your life with sciobots.