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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Emmanuel Goldstein, Aug 4, 2017.

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  1. Hi guys,
    My name is Emmanuel and I don't know much about $cientology, but my mother was a Communist and I grew up in Communist Communes where I was sexually abused.
    Anyway, I listened to what people who grew up in Scientology were saying and I could kinda relate.
    Also I am big Scifi nerd so, I read some of Hubbard's Science-Fiction stories, including his early article about Dianetics published in "Astounding Science Fiction".
    I don't think it should be called a cult, because that seems to be a derogatory term for a religion, but it doesn't sound like a religion to me, rather it sounds identical to (an outdated form of) Freudian psychotherapy, beefed up with Sci-Fi terminology.
    Oh and the whole thing with "The Hole" and RPF-Camps sounds more like a Communist Gulag to me and the Sea Org reminds me more the People's Liberation Army than of "clergies".
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    Well, yeah, it's a cult. There are many reasons why it fits that description but I'll leave you with one:

    Scientologists believe everything Hubbard said or wrote with respect to scientology is true and error free. He did not make any mistakes and ALL of scientology is based ONLY on Hubbard's writings.
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    Hello :wave: Emmanuel :wave: :welcome2:
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    Hi, Emmanuel. Have you ever read 1984? You have a namesake in that book. 1984 is probably the best description I know of what scientology is like.
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    Welcome Emmanuel!

    Whether or not it is a cult is (IMHO) irrelevant. It's about the ABUSES.

    See my sig for more info. :yes:
  6. Well, 1984 is about the methods a Socialist Party would use, but it also one of the best descriptions of how brainwashing works and when I talk about brainwashing I mean the Stockholm Syndrome. 1984 described the Stockholm Syndrome before there was even that term. I guess this is what might be going on at "the Hole" that some people have described. I can relate to that, because I experienced it myself when I was a child (although not in Scientology).
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    The Sea Org was originally set up as LRH's "enforcement" unit. When I was doing missionaire training, one issue in the course pack had said that SO people were supposed to get judo and weapons training (this had dropped out when I was in during the 1980's)

    Both Scientology and Communism are cults, and have many similarities to each other, including claims to being based on "scientific" principles.
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    Now you have us really curious about your experiences!

    An important part of Scientology's hold over people, is convincing them that Scientology can repair the world, and make it a much better place, and can create Paradise on Earth, provided that we all succeed in making Scientology dominant over the whole planet, and that society is doomed to utter degradation and misery if we fail.

    Similarly, Communism has the viewpoint that the world is doomed to descend into misery, unless Communism succeeds in overthrowing capitalism. Did you get that sort of indoctrination when you were in?

    One book you may find interesting is The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements (1951).
  10. You pretty much nailed it. But what was the strongest, was the mentality of "we" or "us" versus "them". Whereas "them" was anyone on the outside world, particularly those with different opinions. They were painted as extremely evil and sinister. Actually the whole world was pretty much regarded as being evil.
    I have read Gustave Le Bon's books on mass Psychology and can highly recommend it, as he has exposed all those tactics over a hundred years ago. What many people don't know is that he also wrote a book on the psychology of Socialism where he explains the methods behind that and why it has had so many fanatic followers over the years and why the same tactics never seem to get old - and what struck me the most, but I guess he has point - he views Socialism as a religion.

    As for my experiences in my childhood - I talk bout it in this video - even though this is a movie review I did - but my childhood was pretty much like the childhood of the kids in this movie. And while this makes for an entertaining movie, if you actually grow up this way it isn't much fun at all:
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    Hi Emmanuel,

    :welcome2: to ESMB! I didn't see your thread earlier.

    Your posts and experiences are interesting. I'd love to hear more about your life and views. :yes:

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