How can "mental mass" change depending on sex or race?

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Francois Tremblay, Sep 12, 2015.

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  1. catarina

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    On a tangent, I'm reminded of the IQ test (we had two in our org, but they were pretty much the same). Since I scored them for a while, I knew that if you got every question right - I don't remember how many, let's say 20, it wasn't a long test - you would get a 145 IQ score if you were a man and a 140 IQ score if you were a woman. I found it odd that a guy would have to be smarter than a girl to get the same number of correct answers. :p
  2. AngeloV

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    I wonder if anyone has tried this experiment: Have the PC sit across from the auditor. The auditor then simply reads from a random fictional book. The PC says nothing but only listens.
    I'll bet money that the e-meter will make all sorts of motions and 'reads'. You can audit the action scenes from any fictional account and get the same 'results' as OT III...itself a completely fictional account.

    Hey lurkers - want to get feelings of grief, fear, 'heavy breathing', or happiness? Pick up a good novel and read it. It's better (and way cheaper) than any scio 'process'.
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    I think the needle would tend to be pretty quiet beyond a constant rise as the out-of-session pc silently protests more and more.

    That is theoretically possible, provided that the person does the important bits of the procedure, mainly addressing the wispy bits of life-force (whatever they are) one by one and staying with each until the disharmony evaporates (Scios refer to this as "the BT has blown" but I'm being more general). Part of "staying with each" would be not disagreeing so much with the account in question that it prevents the ongoing communication.

    "Free Solo Processing" (ESMB thread: is a non-Scn procedure that addresses these wispy things without as much baggage as Hubbard describes, but it still tries to be too specific as to what's really going on. However, I haven't seen a better description/technique yet. I would write one – and add it to PaulsRobot! – but I don't know enough of what's really happening to do it justice.

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  4. Gib

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    I think you are missing the point of AngeloV post.

    Take somebody off the street who has not been indoctrinated into scientology and ask him about Xenu or body thetans on the emeter. Does it read or not? Go thru thru your MU stuff. Does it read it or not.

    Compare it to asking some random question about lets say superman.

    You get it?

    Maybe the emeter reads on imagination? As well.
  5. Panda Termint

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    I think Terril is talking about a very specific type of meter phenomena (rocket reads) on running OT2, not your run-of-the-mill meter reads. That's why Hubbard made the comment about (paraphrase) "if they don't believe in it (Clearing Course/OT2), let them run it and see what happens".
  6. Gib

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    sounds hypnotic to me. :confused2:

    or do as I say :confused2:

    And if you don't follow what I say, you are a squirrel or PTS and even SP. LOL
  7. Panda Termint

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    Not really. OT2 has very specific meter phenomena. The pre-OT may disbelieve the data and/or text of the OT2 platens but how can he deny what he sees happening right in front of him with his own eyes?
    Veda is fond of using that Hubbard quote to dissuade people and a well-known C/S here on ESMB has actually said that "people just fake/make up those reads" (I never did) but none of that invalidates the very real meter reactions you may see on OT2. There's something to it, IMO, I'm just unconvinced that Hubbard knew what it actually was.
  8. Anonycat

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    You aren't down with breathing issues and undefined "wins"?? It sounds like they should see a doctor, right?

    Cultie: I am in a cult, and sometimes I breathe hard.

    Doctor: I can refer you to a psychologist who is very good.

    Cultie: No, it's not that, I think it's good, although I don't understand it.

    Doctor: I know a psychoanalyst who is excellent. Can I give you her number?

    Cultie: No, you don't understand. I'm getting wins!

    Doctor: Let me write that down for you.
  9. Free Being Me

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    The kult e-meter is a skin galvanometer commonly known as a lie detector measuring physiological electrodermal activity. This is another of Elcon's ploys wherein a vast kultist significance is indoctrinated upon $cio's over a trivial common electronic device that's an amusing parlor room toy sold by the kult at ridiculous prices.

    The "reads" are normal responses to electrodermal activity which have nothing to do with klear & oatee reactive mind mental mass phenomenon because they don't exist. The only "case" a person has is the one Elcon invented to manipulate others for money and control. The slickest part of Elcon's hoax was he invented subjective intangibles with bait and switch "proofs" like using a lie detector as a path to "Eternity."

    Google is your friend:

    The History Corner: The Galvanometer


    Electrodermal activity

    Emil du Bois-Reymond
  10. Francois Tremblay

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    Yes yes, I know Scientology is for dumbshits, Hubbard was high on pinks and greys, and the whole thing makes no sense. I was talking about the paradox from within the teachings. That's why I posted it in "Evaluating/criticising Scientology" and not in the general section.
  11. Terril park

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    Some were rocket reads, but most were common or garden reads. I did the CBR thing
    of going over the clearing course platens while on OT2. This is why I did OT2&3 twice.
    On the CC platemns lots of reads but only for 2or 3 days.
  12. Gizmo

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    Terril, thank you so much for this : I would get 20 or so reads on one command on OT 2.

    As many of your posts as I've read of yours I've just never been able to grasp why you are such a believer of Hubbard.

    Now, I get it. It is simple. You just don't at all grasp the most basic parts of the ( so called ) technology of scientology !

    Carry on !
  13. Gizmo

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    If you can " hold the cans " & say " Here is an FN" . . . . and the meter shows an FN.


    You say " Here is a fall " . . . . . . . and the meter shows an fall.

    Who controls the meter - you or the person looking at the dial to see what you made it do ?

    At best the meter is a via, at worse a distraction. But, hey, it really perfectly fits in scientology.
  14. Terril park

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    Thems the facts Mack.
  15. archetypes

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    Finally! The simple, logical answer, and I had to swim through posts dramatizing evil con-man, but hey, that's what ESMB is here for. Peace out.
  16. archetypes

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    You almost got it right and if you had said "importances" instead of "imagination" you would have been talking about a broader subject which includes imaginings.

    What if all beings' minds contain the while history of the universe, or at least access to it, but their current mental state holds onto nly oa thread of importances from that accessible past, bringing it up beside the "here". This is why Ron's failed attempt to uncover the being's prime postulates - or "GPM's" - was crucial to forming a complete scientology bridge to native state: a lot of mental mass is hanging on the bones of those postulate sets.
  17. pineapple

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    Note that this is what I assumed when I was in scn. It was a hypothesis that worked well enough at the time. I never made any attempt to test it. I am no longer convinced that "mental mass" really exists.
  18. clamicide

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    There was something mentioned in one of the tech films about the 2.0 and 3.0 on female vs. male, but it wasn't on clear reads IIRC--something about normal TA? These were the newer films, and definitely remember hearing/seeing it.

    My best hypothesis? He was a misogynist and a racist, so obviously he could not have the same TA as a woman or a Bantu.
  19. Helena Handbasket

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    In the '60's, it was common practice for women to apply hand cream several times a day to keep their hands "soft". This is probably where the idea of a different clear read TA for women came from. I don't know about anyone else, but it's been a long time since I touched the stuff.

    As far as Bantus go -- I really don't know, but Hubbard was probably referring to Bantus in a tribal environment, where there were lots of threats to deal with on a daily basis -- from control freak tribal leaders to the possibility of being eaten by a lion. I think that would make my TA go up.

    My understanding was that yes, the BTs are being audited on OT 2, but groupwise. The idea is that R6 (the process) is to say/think of something restimulative, let whomever/whatever go "arrgh", and repeat until there are no more "arrghs". (If you're afraid of dogs you could run "dogs" on yourself the same way.) 20 or more reads on one item is not too much, and with all the restimulation going on, I'm not too surprised at heavy breathing.

    Any good fiction book will engage the readers' (or in this case listeners') emotions. Talking about things which the reader (listener) himself (herself) has experienced will undoubtedly cause a reaction.

    Helena, darn it, she's being certain again
  20. Mimsey Borogrove

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    Say wha? The items in the cc and the OT 2 are RI's from implants, and the theory is that you are discharging them, not BT's The reads are the charge coming off the RI's not BTs The BT would have the whole implant and perhaps he could be stuck in an RI, but nowhere in the tech I have studied have I seen what you are alluding to.

    RI - reliable items are big black balls of charge that are in opposition and are parts of a GPM - goals problem mass - example - to create energy vs to not create energy, etc. You could have a BT being a RI, but that's not the same thing or the target of what you are running on those levels. it's much the same with R6 EW - you are pulling the locks off the GPMs you are dramatizing so they drop out of permanent restim so you can audit the implant gpms CC and OT 2

    It's one of those moving target deals: on grd 4 you audit the ser facs that generate the person's pt GPM, on power you key gpms out and more of the same with r6ew - then you are off the person's own GPMs and into implant GPMs on CC and OT 2 which he said were only a small part of the GPM bank, then you are off on to BTs stuck in implant GPMs on OT3, then you are off onto "dead" bts on ot 5, 6, 7, and BT's are just GE's (genetic entities) from the late 50's which were the demon circuits of the early 50's. So maybe it will go full circle on OT 9 & 10 and be back onto the pc's own GPMs

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