How can "mental mass" change depending on sex or race?

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Francois Tremblay, Sep 12, 2015.

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  1. RogerB

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    Your whole post is good, Mims . . . particularly the part above.

    He did unceremoniously abandon own goal GPMs, as I have posted on before.

    And he never did return to them.

    Alan posited that Hubbard never really did want to produce OTs and on a number of occasions sabotaged tech that was relatively on target.

    But, as to why and on what the meter reads on :biggrin: . . . it happens I posted on this subject over on just a few days ago. This also parallels stuff I am currently studying/using in he realm of the "Body electric."

    This below is an excerpt from a reference to an advanced medical tech conference I am part of later this year.

    I was recently surprised when reading the book "Current Medicine" by Drs. John Hache & Lottaine Hache, that the fascia of the body (it's the connective tissue and collagen based) is piezoelectric, and when stressed produces electrical charge and electrons.

    In fact, I know a number here are interested in these aspects of the human body, and I've had it on my mind when I get more info, to scan the relevant pages of the book to post them as attachments.

    Getting this info in the last month has given me a whole new understanding of what is going on vis-a-vis the body . . . and as a result of some further research I wrote this piece below on the Knowledgism forum site. This is the first part/half (the forum limits posts to 20,000 characters including spaces).

    Err, also to be noted is that Hubbard (and his predecessors) did screw up on the notion of the "mind."

  2. JustSheila

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    Neurotransmitters of neurons give signals between them and back and forth to the brain by chemical or electric means. This has been known for quite some time:
  3. TomKat

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    As an FESer I noticed the opposite. Women tended to F/N closer to 3.0 and men closer to 2.0.
  4. pineapple

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    It's possible I noticed the TA readings more that agreed with what was "supposed to" happen, and discounted others. I believe this is called confirmation bias: you assign more weight to observations that agree with preconceived ideas. (I wasn't familiar with this term before I started hanging around here.) I knew the ideal read for women was 2.0 and males was 3.0, so when I saw those I went "aha!" and remembered those times more than others.

    The Mark V meter actually has the 2.0 position labelled with "F" and the 3.0 with "M." (I just looked to check this out. After all this time I wasn't sure. I have a meter but don't use it.)
  5. DagwoodGum

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    I found that giving any mass an energized acknowledgment with intention "GOOD" blew it instantly and the meter read accordingly.
    Based on the realization that mass is left overs from incomplete cycles of action, acknowledgment is all it takes and you end cycle on them.
    You've probably done it and already have experienced that.
    Treat mass like you did that ashtray with as strong of a "good" as necessary and puff it's gone.
    The Comm Course is what really works best in Scientology I've found.
    I never race during sex but wouldn't think it would change the EP.
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  6. programmer_guy

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    Does anyone remember if you noticed a T/A difference if you used foot plates instead of cans?
    Just curious.
  7. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Where's Shelly?

    duplicate post
  8. screamer2

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    There is no such thing as "mental mass" and that such a non-existing thing could be measured by the fraudlent artifact known as an "emeter" is a lie.
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  9. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Where's Shelly?

    That lingering feeling of a head full of clouds and dulled thoughts is what I've called mental mass since my indoctrination and no one sees the fraud in the emeter more than me but it does seem to show a smooth back and forth nature to the needle that corresponds with what I've felt as happiness. I guess what's true for you is true for you though.
  10. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist

    There is no such thing as "as-ising" so-called "mental mass".
    However there are such things as pleasant effects caused by increasing serotonin and dopamine in the brain.
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  11. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Where's Shelly?

    Whatever it is or isn't it's always worked for me, lingering concerns or worries that haven't been thought through till completion respond to the self programing of being brought fully to completion or to their terminus by the simple singular means of an acknowledgment. Nothing too deep about it. Self hypnosis possibly but it gets me by in a pinch.
  12. TomKat

    TomKat Patron Meritorious

    I agree that mental mass does not exist for you.

    Some people say that reincarnation does not exist either, and I agree that for them it probably doesn't. In fact, Ed Dames remote viewed life after death and concluded that some people just fade away, cease to exist after death. Others reincarnate.

    It is amazing what people reveal about themselves when describing the world.
  13. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Where's Shelly?

    It's occurred to me that when God created this universe that it's possible he created "fake thetans" merely to animate his various life forms as perhaps there would be times where there would be a shortage of "real thetans" to animate the forms mainly for the sake of keeping the game going and giving players or "real thetans" playmates.
    I look into my dogs eyes and can't help but wonder if he falls into the category of an animating "fake thetan". I'll likely never know.
    But on the subject of what's the truth versus what Scientology claims is the truth I find those matters entirely separable and am no longer inclined to throw the babies out with the bathwater.
    I once felt I had to throw out everything that Scientology claimed was true or otherwise I would be still a Scientologist if I believed these things.
    I later found that to be a trap as Hubbard said about everything that could be said about all matters, both yay and nay on whether something was true or not, of which he claimed to be "source" or the final expert in all things.
    The problem with that was that I couldn't embrace anything at all of being true or it would remake me in Ron's image - and I very much didn't want that.
    But after seeing that he first said there were such things as reactive minds, body thetans, engrams etc. only to later state that we merely mocked these things up I came to realize that he has no license on truth and I can hold beliefs whether he said they were true or not and that he was no longer to be a factor in any of my future considerations.
    I hold the truth in either hand and it has nothing to do with his contradictory agreements.
    He was the fraud, the truth never was fraudulent and he had no more right to state a case for what was true than any other man or woman.
  14. TomKat

    TomKat Patron Meritorious

    It's possible that when anybody (of any species) is born there is a collection of life force that may or may not congeal into what could be called a thetan that could survive death and reincarnate, rather than dissolve. It's also possible that the first congealing requires a huge trauma and confusion that grows with every lifetime, and is what Hubbard called the reactive mind. My cat reincarnated and provided definitive proof -- something not many humans could do.
  15. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Where's Shelly?

    And to whatever degree any of this is true or false is attributable to God and NOT L Ron Hubbard therefore it does NOT replant one into the throes of Scientology to contemplate the deeper realities to which we are bound.
  16. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Where's Shelly?

    "It's possible that when anybody (of any species) is born there is a collection of life force that may or may not congeal into what could be called a thetan that could survive death and reincarnate, rather than dissolve.
    And it seems likely that this collection of prior life force that one becomes married to at birth has an incredible amount of prior memories to both enhance and yet hinder ones new life with this accompanist. Not particularly interesting or relevant but yet worth mentioning that Science of Survival touched on some of this without giving it adequate explanation or clarity. I find the amount of memories and emotive content a bit overwhelming and gives me pause to realize that it's for the best that we don't
    have automatic recall of an of this content as it would hinder the chance of being in present time without longing for people and places long gone. It would be with crushing sadness to recollect this content. Better to let a sleeping dog lie and NOT open it all up per Dianetic therapy theory.
  17. programmer_guy

    programmer_guy True Ex-Scientologist


    Yesterday a real estate agent came to my front door.
    She told me how her son could detect spiritual presence in a house. (But he wasn't with her at my front door.)
    So, I invited her to go to my backyard to meet the invisible leprechaun that lives there.
    The leprechaun told her about how the god Zeus creates lightening and thunder.
    He told her if she prays to Zeus then the lightening and thunder would reduce.
    (My invisible pet unicorn disagreed with the leprechaun but didn't talk to the real estate agent. This unicorn is probably an SP.)
    As this was happening, my pet cat was acting very disturbed.
    So, I put my cat on an e-meter and verified that the cat could see the leprechaun.
    (BTW, first, I did a e-meter "pinch test" on the cat so she was convinced about e-meter reads always being valid. She was purring.)
    Then I put the real estate agent on an e-meter.
    I asked the real estate agent if she felt better after all this happened.
    She said, "YES!" with a cog, VGIs, F/N.
    Then I told her "What is true for you is true for you!
    And as long as you feel good about this then nothing else matters".
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  18. TomKat

    TomKat Patron Meritorious

    Better to dissolve whatever is in your body that is foreign and an impediment to you being you, be it an identity, effort, emotion, or a memory. I don't think I've ever found a past life memory to be very relevant to the clearing process but I'm not ruling it out.
  19. George Layton

    George Layton Silver Meritorious Patron

    Ummm... Do actions, like deleting and identity, stopping an effort, blocking an emotion or erasing a memory, themselves create masses of their own?
  20. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Where's Shelly?

    It would certainly seem to be so, wouldn't it? Interesting point to make. I never did the clearing course or any of that, never got past grade IV release except natural clear ha! but don't you do a lot of things on the clearing course that would seem to do nothing but generate mass (internal strife, conflict)?