How can "mental mass" change depending on sex or race?

Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by Francois Tremblay, Sep 12, 2015.

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  1. DagwoodGum

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    Which was why I brought up the simplistic technique of acknowledgement with intention technique I began using when I was otherwise stalled out on Ron's bridge to nowhere. Squirreled entirely out of necessity, the mother of all invention.
  2. strativarius

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    I'm not sure that there's anything called 'mental mass', but your description of it rings a bell with me. I used to get a cloudy fuzzy sensation in my head after session occasionally.

    In his book 'Inside Scientology' Robert Kaufman says we are actually implanting ourselves with the Clearing Course materials, and while the OT III narrative is laughable, what with DC 8-like aircraft travelling at superluminal speeds between star systems and then dropping stuff into volcanoes on Earth that didn't exist at the time, the CC is much more plausible if you are prepared to accept the idea of thetans and implant stations.

    I found the R6 stuff compelling at the time and in some ways I still do, although I realise it is totally fake.
  3. DagwoodGum

    DagwoodGum Nada Da Doo Ron Jon

    We lived entirely, in many cases, inside the imagination of one fucked up dude. Quite an overdeveloped imagination that sprang from years of sitting at a little typewriter with a large pot of java among other elixirs spinning out those bizarre Sci fi novels which morphed into the most intricately spun dragnet of "self help" styled books that ensnared and destroyed his prey - us.
  4. TomKat

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    Deleting, no. Stopping or blocking, yes.
  5. DagwoodGum

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    "I'm not sure that there's anything called 'mental mass', but your description of it rings a bell with me. I used to get a cloudy fuzzy sensation in my head after session occasionally."

    I believe it exists, not physically in any way, but psychically. Perhaps I'll re-think it eventually but it's still what's real to me, not to over utilize the excuse.;)
  6. TomKat

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    People who really get "massed up" are those who were highly sensitive, psychic or empathetic as kids, feeling the emotions of those around them. As adults, they complain of sinus or "out-int" (ear, nose, throat) problems. This is mostly incurable because the Scn Int R/D just rehabs the ability to ignore the condition rather than dissolve the mass that is hemming in the head center of consciousness. And OT3/NOTs usually only gets rid of the attachments to that mass. It's difficult to dissolve the mass because it consists largely of the energies of others that one has bought as their own and is using as a buffer to tolerate life from a more oblivious/less sensitive, state.
  7. DagwoodGum

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    ALL part of my history. Add to that finding out your mother was married once before and your "dad" isn't your real father at all and that you've been his red headed stepchild.
  8. NoIdea

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    I feel like all of this is kind of like arguing about whether red light sabers or blue light sabers are better. It might be amusing and all, but you do all realize this is fiction, right?
  9. DagwoodGum

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    Not all truths are any less truths just because Hubbard laid claim to their discovery. What's untrue is his sole claim on these and any truths, you can still have all the Truth you want once you get out. Don't get caught up in showing out "out" you are by showing how "free from "belief" you are because for fear it might lead to falling for more lies. Many of his claimed discoveries or "truths" were pilfered from other people, religions or philosophy. If I experienced mental "mass at times as a child, it doens't make that realization less true just because he built a religion around his claimed discovery of mental mass, just being one of a vast array of truths pilfered.
    If mental mass is real, you'll never know it because you only encountered it in Scientology and will drop the very thought of it like a hot potato. So the this could be seen to be the "how it is" that Scientology has lead you farther in the long run away from knowing more truth and growing as a person, Is say it's no coincidence that this what they actually caused irregardless of what they promissed. Just saying.
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  10. TomKat

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    Sorry, I'm a red pill kind of guy, whereas you're a blue pill. Can't we all just get along :)

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