How to Stay "Under the Radar"

Discussion in 'Leaving Scientology' started by Bill, Jan 6, 2018.

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  1. Lurker5

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    People need to do what they think is best. For them selves ONLY. Period. Each has a unique circumstance. And fuck that greater good shit.
  2. HelluvaHoax!

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    Possibly the subject of a new thread!


    OT VIII #1
    Hey can you believe we both got in Scientology
    together 40 years ago and here we are -- now
    at the top of Ron's Bridge! OT VIII !!!

    OT VIII #2
    LOL Wow! It's blowing my mind!

    OT VIII #1
    We always dreamed of being OT and being
    able to do miracles, now here we are--
    able to exteriorize and everything!!

    OT VIII #2

    OT VIII #1
    Can you believe it?! We can both
    exteriorize now, I mean go to other
    planets and distant galaxies!

    OT VIII #1

    OT VIII #2
    It's the biggest win we've ever had, even
    on the wholetrack, right? LOL

    OT VIII #1
    Um...I don't think we should be talking
    about this.

    OT VIII #1
    What? It's our wins! You're joking right?

    OT VIII #2
    No, really. Ron states that a Pre-Ot should
    not talk about their case outside of session.

    OT VIII #1
    Whattttttt? But we don't have any case, we're
    OT VIII! I mean we're just talking about our
    ability to do miracles, like exteriorize! You
    are now able to exteriorize like me, right?

    OT VIII #2
    You have to swear you will never write me up for
    talking about my case out of session! Okay?
    The answer is, um, no. I can't exteriorize.

    OT VIII #1
    You swear what I'm about to tell you is totally
    confidential and that you'll never write me
    up either?

    OT VIII #2
    Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

    OT VIII #1

    OT VIII #2
    So, what are we waiting for. It's a total scam!
    A con game! A hoax! Let's blow this cult and
    try to get a life where everyone isn't terrified
    into lying all the time about bullshit powers
    they don't have.

    OT VIII #1
    OMG, this is the first time in 40 years I didn't
    have to lie and pretend. Yeah, let's blow. By
    the way, what do WOGs even do all day?

    OT VIII #2
    I have no idea. All I know is that they have
    incredibly greater amounts more time and
    money to do it!

    OT VIII #1
    Yeah, and wogs don't get written up, sent to
    ethics and assigned lower conditions for
    talking to each other, LOL.


  3. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor

    Good point.


    There never really was any "greater good" in Scientology.

    In reality, it never had anything to do with any "dynamics". LOL

    It only meant the "greater good" of people above you on the command channel.

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  4. Enthetan

    Enthetan Mutant

    When I was in the SO, the most often referenced policy was HCOPL "The Responsibility of Leaders", alias the "Bolivar Policy". This was the true Senior Policy in the Sea Org.

    Mike Rinder talks about it

    One excerpt, where LRH talks about six maxims for dealing with power. Here's the sixth and concluding point:

    Six: When you’re close to power get some delegated to you, enough to do your job and protect yourself and your interests, for you can be shot, fellow, shot, as the position near power is delicious but dangerous, dangerous always, open to the taunts of any enemy of the power who dare not boot the power but can boot you. So to live at all in the shadow or employ of a power, you must yourself gather and USE enough power to hold your own – without just nattering (carpingly criticize) to the power to “kill Pete,” in straightforward or more suppressive veiled ways to him, as these wreck the power that supports yours. He doesn’t have to know all the bad news, and if he’s a power really, he won’t ask all the time, “What are all those dead bodies doing at the door?” And if you are clever, you never let it be thought HE killed them – that weakens you and also hurts the power source. “Well, boss, about those dead bodies, nobody will suppose you did it. She over there, those pink legs sticking out, didn’t like me.” “Well,” he’ll say if he really is a power, “why are you bothering me with it if it’s done and you did it. Where’s my blue ink?” Or “Skipper, three shore patrolmen will be along soon with your cook, Dober, and they’ll want to tell you he beat up Simson?” “Who’s Simson?” “He’s a clerk in the enemy office downtown.” “Good. When they’ve done it, take Dober down to the dispensary for any treatment he needs. Oh yes. Raise his pay.” Or “Sir, could I have the power to sign divisional orders?” “Sure.”

    In this policy letter, the real LRH peeks through. Total ruthlessness, support the senior above you while protecting him from any actual criminal liability.
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  5. HelluvaHoax!

    HelluvaHoax! Gold Meritorious Sponsor

    Hell-yeah, that "policy".

    Or was it "philosophy"?

    Or was it "science"?

    Or was it "scripture"?

    It was none of those things.

    It was, in fact, the omni-present cult operating system! To wit, to carry out any order by the cult's guru without questioning it ("Q&A"); or discussing it ("flashback"); or finding a saner way to do things with a better result ("other intention"); or disagreeing with it ("counter-intention"); or trying to prevent the destruction caused by it ("high crime").

    The cult operating system is hard-wired in by the cult's "Founder", who meticulously set all the defaults and algorithms to "flow power to power" (himself). That's the 1% (hidden part) running Scientology and Scientologists---and the other 99% is software and "APPS". Here are just a few examples:

    The Way To Happiness (although Bankrupt)APP

    Engram vanquishing APP

    BT hunting & Eradication APP

    Status by Completion Certificates APP

    Status by Donations APP

    Postulating Miracles APP

    Total Certainty by Reciting LRH Quotes APP

    Mastery of Life by Attacking Enemies APP

    Obliteration of all Disagreement with Ron on this planet APP

    Genius Steve Jobs invented the iPhone, a device which also had innumerable APPS.

    Super-Genius, L. Ron Hubbard was way ahead of his time, inventing the iFaux.

    That was the device called Scientology, used by people who were just not satisfied with being a human being and believed they could super-impose a new, fake identity called Homo Novi over that humiliating & degrading label, Homo Sapiens.

    From iDB to iFAUX! The full transformation from meat-body schlub to OT has an introductory low, low, low basic price of only $499,999.

    100% satisfaction unconditionally guaranteed for all those who sign up!

    ps: When you sign up, read the small print. The unconditional guarantee is only given to those individuals who are able to make their own ideas and hopes more real than the physical world of low toned and enturbulating facts.

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  6. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    "The Responsibility of Leaders" is David Miscaviges favorite LRH essay. Here's an excerpt from Jefferson Hawkins epic series on Scientology Ethics:

    For anyone who hasn't already read the series I excerpted above, it is one of a series of 14 posts Jefferson Hawkins wrote on Scientology ethics. Definitely a must-read for anyone who truly wishes to understand the mind of a Scientologist. Here are the links for each of the posts:
  7. cakemaker

    cakemaker Patron Meritorious

    I dunno about a full uniform these days.
    A car park valet vest may be all you need - and the right, in your face, attitude.
  8. NoIdea

    NoIdea Patron

    may not be a popular opinion, but... F that S. Do it at your own pace and handle things as responsible as possible, but get the F out.
  9. Bill

    Bill Silver Meritorious Patron

    And lose your marriage, your family, your friends, your work. Yeah. Good advice.
  10. Enthetan

    Enthetan Mutant

    If you are "under the radar", one thing you should do is reduce the number of ways they can screw you, because you will never know when they may finally decide to do something about you.

    This especially includes ensuring your work is immune to Scientology. If you work for a Scientology company, find work elsewhere. Use the excuse of wanting to make more money.

    The less leverage they have on you, the more likely they will leave you alone.
  11. The_Fixer

    The_Fixer Class Clown

    My god, that dude could talk some shit, couldn't he?
  12. Mimsey Borogrove

    Mimsey Borogrove Crusader

    It especially revolves around not telling others of your disaffection who are still on lines. They can:

    A) KR you ( and in violation of the policies, not send you a copy of the KR = Knowledge Report - a scientology version of the soviet concept of spying on ones friends and family)

    B) have it come up in that friend's session as a withhold, which will be told to ethics, and end up in your ethic's officers hands and your ethics file, possibly triggering some action.

    C) come up in an O/W write up ordered by the MAA / EO or others (an O/W writeup is a sort of list you make telling all of your crimes or things you don't want known, in a certain part of your life) and it eventually gets in the hands of the MAA / EO / your ethics file.

    D) The friend you told, gossips to his friend, and A) B) or C) occurs

    Scientology has this nasty bit of business called: Pulling the string. It is a witch hunt sort of thing where the MAA or EO asks a person whom else he has knowledge of who has signs of disaffection. They are very crafty and exhibit "swinish" suspicion (like a pig digging for tasty roots under the surface) and are very persistent in trying to pry secrets from the unwary.

    Some, mislead by Hubbard's concept of clearing the planet, believe that they are doing the best thing for the person by exposing his/her out ethics so he will be repaired, and not be a "flat ball bearing". Others do it out of fear or want to cleanse themselves. Little do they know one of Hubbard's definitions of intelligence is "the ability to withhold"; something Hubbard did all his life.

    So just be in WW2 mode: "loose lips sink ships" is the mentality the under the radar flier should adopt.

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  13. NoIdea

    NoIdea Patron

    I said do it at your own pace and do it responsibly. But yeah, I'll stand by my statement.

    To recommend otherwise is like taking someone in a physically abusive relationship and counseling them on how to better appease their spouse so they don't get beat up quite as bad. Because losing their marriage would be horrible.
  14. NoIdea

    NoIdea Patron

    As Enthetan said, if you work for a Scio, find another job. Might not be immediate, but don't mess around. If all your friends are Scios and they would disconnect from you if they found out you had different religious views, are they really friends worth having? That's one you'll have to answer for yourself.

    Marriage and family are a harder sell, but what are you saying? You're married to a Scientologist and you have decided that you are no longer a Scientologist and think it's BS and want to leave, but you are going to go on pretending to be a Scientologist to save your marriage? If you ask me, that marriage is a ticking time bomb anyway. It's not going to end well no matter how much you want to pretend it will.

    The real tough part is if you have kids. But those kids are going to grow up and they'll either stay in Scientology or most likely they will leave. Maybe your leaving will plant a seed for them. Then again, maybe they'll just label you an SP and disconnect from you.

    All of the above is spoken from hard-won experience. I went through it all. Flew under the radar for too long. Finally came out as out and things blew up. And eventually it all got better. I do not regret coming out as out. I do not regret not lying for longer to try to keep things in the status quo. I do regret not doing it even sooner than I did. Things would have worked out better and faster.
  15. NoIdea

    NoIdea Patron

    Also, when I say not flying under the radar, I simply mean that if a Scientologist asks you when you're coming back in, you say, "never, stop calling me." I don't mean that you have to start going to protests and join Anonymous and publicly attacking the church in every spare moment. All that drama is not for me at all. Just being honest about your status as an ex.
  16. Bill

    Bill Silver Meritorious Patron

    Well, I simply don't have the vast store of knowledge to say "This will work, that won't work." All I presented was tips to help a person stay under the radar if that's what they are doing.

    It's tough to distance oneself from Scientology once one has been in. Because of the isolation pushed by Scientology, one's life is often quite tangled up with other Scientologists. Scientology is designed to ruin a person's life if they leave. Why go along with that agenda when you don't have to?

    My tips, and similar techniques, allow the soon-to-be-ex-Scientologist to defang and disable the ongoing abuse while, at least for the time being, also avoid the further abuse of "disconnection". These tips allow the person to stop the regular abuse, not "appease the abuser" as you claim. How could that be an incorrect step?

    Sure, one could imagine that the person must also, publicly, immediately, disavow Scientology and abandon any friends and family still in. But, as I said, each person has different problems and needs. Staying "under the radar" might be the best course of action for now.
  17. Bill

    Bill Silver Meritorious Patron

    Let me address this a bit more. My recommendation to people leaving Scientology is to stop playing their game. You don't have to stop associating with Scientologists, you don't have to become an enemy, you don't have to change your life. That's Scientology's game.

    Being forced to disconnect from Scientologists is Scientology's game. With a small amount of attention, one can simply avoid that.

    Perhaps "flying under the radar" puts the wrong slant on it. I prefer to think of it as disassociating oneself from Scientology without triggering "disconnection". The proper end result of staying under the radar (and ceasing to give them any money) is that you end up living a normal life, associating with ANYONE you choose -- including Scientology friends and family -- period.

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