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Discussion in 'Evaluating and Criticising Scientology' started by lightweight, Jan 2, 2019.

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  1. Type4_PTS

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    In this case the author writes things concerning ethyl mercury (the type in multi-dose flu vaccines) vs methyl mercury (the type in some seafood) which are extremely misleading and are not backed up by actual scientific research.

    I'll add links in later which address this should anyone actually express interest. But this author has an unexpressed underlying agenda besides just educating people on basic chemistry concepts.
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    So sorry if i am still confused. Is there actually nicotinic acid in cigarrettes then? And nicotine as in a different compound?
  3. Wilbur

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    No, there is no nicotinic acid in cigarettes. There is nicotine. Nicotine can be converted into nicotinic acid by a chemist who knows what they are doing. But it won't be converted into nicotinic acid in your lungs. A simple indication of that is that nicotine is addictive, whereas nicotinic acid isn't. So the nicotine isn't being converted into nicotinic acid in the body (at least, not to any noticeable degree, anyway)
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    A bit of a digression, but while I'm on my soap box about big corporations...I picked up a parcel delivered by Amazon today, and came home to find an email from them asking me to take a survey. Every time I buy something nowadays I get an email about it, and then reminders when I don't take the customer satisfaction survey. Here's what I wrote in the Amazon survey:

    "Thanks for thanking me for picking up my parcel. I'd love to hear from you. Additionally, I'd like to hear your feedback on whether you enjoyed delivering it. Please go to to fill in a short survey."

    A complete waste of my time, but it felt good....

    Still, let's look on the bright side. Now that I've told you about this in an internet forum, Amazon can determine, from the cookie that they have placed on my computer, triangulated against the survey that I filled in, that I am an ex Scientologist. The next time I log into amazon, they will be able to offer me books by ex Scientologists criticising the cult.
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  5. guanoloco

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    That's better than Scientology attaching a BT to report on your next case action.
  6. lightweight

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    This argument has raised its ugly head again with a scientologist. This person went and listened to the whole lecture about it. Says that the lecture is about radiation and if i remember correctly says that hubbard was talking about niacin causing sunburns to come up and that there were people exposed to radiation and when they smoked it caused the same flushes to come up so smoking therefore can run out radiation etc etc. something like that.

    So 1-zero to them so far ive lost the argument - i would have to listen to the whole lecture. Im still pretty sure that cigarettes dont contain niacin and his idea of niacin running out radiation is not 100% accurate. I believe the whole sunburn thing is a trauma to the body and the body can retrace these traumas because niacin speeds the body up somewhat ...
  7. phenomanon

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    The fooking Niacin is a 'trauma to the body'.
    5000 Units.
    Fortunately for me, the people I did it with were all OT, so we had C/S OK to do stuff for exercise like roller skate at Venice Beach, dance at Carmine Terra's Dance Studio, swim at the Ambassador Hotel Pool, and run in Griffith Park. We Sauna'd at my Apartment's Sauna. Not like doing it at the Org, eh?
    Still, at 600 Units of Niacin, my left ear just gave it up. It was an explosion in my eardrum that almost sent me unconscious. Yet I continued until the required 5000 Units was attained.
    Go figure.
  8. F.Bullbait

    F.Bullbait Oh, a wise guy,eh?

    I thought smoking was all about volcanoes.


    ...say...isn't that Ron in the smoke?...far out...
  9. guanoloco

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    The stupidest thing about volcanoes is the whole OTIII Xenu deal of detonating H-bombs around...get ready for the drama...volcanoes!!!

    The damage from h-bombs would make anything no matter how significant irrelevant. The volcanoes would have zero impact after h-bombs. Might as well be poppy fields.
  10. PirateAndBum

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    No, no NO GL!

    Dr Hubbard, a nuclear phyicist, knows much more than you about this sir. I asked him about this very thing and he explained it quite clearly:

    To wit:
    The H-bombs caused volcanic eruptions, spewing lava into the upper atmosphere, carrying all the poor little thetans along with it up to the electronic ribbons that were waiting for them to be lava express delivered. The alcohol/glycol residue magnified the explosions by a factor of 5.4X. Booming the bitty beings wooosh, snapppppp, snagglefrakkk, right into the net. (hahahaha manical laughing for 10 seconds... takes a long drag on his Kool non-filter....) Messenger! Messenger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where the fuck is my ashtray!